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Avatar n tn I had the white area under my eyes a couple of years ago. I called it the "racoon" look. I would get comments when I took my glasses off. I changed my eye cream and it seemed to get better. What I use now is an Avon product & there is a yellowish color....a trade off I guess. I also have had dark circles around my eyes since child hood that show up more off & on, and that I believe is from allergies but it would be nice to get feedback from others who deal with both.
Avatar n tn It's all more difficult than practically everyone else we know who seems to get pregnant by sneezing. In fact, my husband and I joke that we both just need to become drug addicts and - voila! Problem solved!!! As for pregnancy symptoms, I seem to get them all anyway with the progesterone (daily 1cc shots). I am weirdly proud of myself because I have become completely self-sufficient on the shots. In fact, I think it hurts less when I do the IM shots myself.