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1397254 tn?1298677530 So I split them up into 5's from 10's. I've been sneezing, unable to sleep long, diarrhea,body aches, my injury seems to hurt 3x worse. But this is for the best. I'm not making excuses anymore. It's so easy to wrap up addiction into a pretty little package...and yet so hard to see it for what it *really* is. I wish I was strong...on Thursday, at 12pm I will take my last dose of Vicodin, hopefully ever. I see this substance doctor on Friday at 3:30pm -well- into withdrawals. I'm scared..
Avatar n tn Exercise, Extra sleep, Learn to manage stress, no alcohol, no smoking, a COMPLETE change in diet (Fresh, DARK leafy vegetables, brown rice, whole wheat products, a regular asian diet (No, not Panda Express), NO carbonated drinks. no margarine, no fried food etc... All the common sense things we too easily ignore if it is already a part of our lifestyle. By the way, I've always hated the way sodas would make me feel.
Avatar n tn It's all more difficult than practically everyone else we know who seems to get pregnant by sneezing. In fact, my husband and I joke that we both just need to become drug addicts and - voila! Problem solved!!! As for pregnancy symptoms, I seem to get them all anyway with the progesterone (daily 1cc shots). I am weirdly proud of myself because I have become completely self-sufficient on the shots. In fact, I think it hurts less when I do the IM shots myself.