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Avatar f tn we gotta take the bad with the good. I'm pretty sure the sneezing is very normal for our stage. I've read it here many times. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight!
Avatar f tn I've used OTC ear mite medication - even though she shows no other signs. The medication had no effect on the sneezing or the recurrence of dirt. 2 years ago she ate a decorative dried grain top (think of an ear of wheat) which became lodged in her throat, abscessed and had to be surgically removed/repaired. Is it possible that this could have created a polyp which has become infected and is affecting her sinuses? What would need to be done to check this? (Not another surgery I hope!
518117 tn?1429279873 And I love her dearly like I did my Hiss. I want to help Paradise with this sneezing. And I know my friends here on the cat forum, just may have some good suggestions for me. Thank God for this forum, those that devote such time and caring into this forum and God love all the little kitties on here that are having problems. When God made cats, he sure knew what he was doing didn't he? Such special little furry friends. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have sore boobs, sneezing, stuffed nose, and head aches at such an early stage? Im not even sure I'm pregnant yet, it just seems like I am.
Avatar n tn (non chemical) cleaning products and guess what? no sneezing on a monday. Just back to random sneezing - oh, it's SO not funny! I just want to go and sleep and wake up when it's all over.....
Avatar n tn She has sneezing fits (always like 7 sneezes in a row). Coughs alot. She has atrial fibrillation continuously. No one has been able to get it controlled. She has a medtronic pacer, has had multiple ablations, cannot tolerate amiodarone or other drugs, norpace stopped working. She is short of breath and has no energy. I take care of her and my step father (both are 80 ) It has gotten to the point now that I run the house.
Avatar f tn 450mg of Welbutrin daily and on a sliding scale for insulin. I was involved in 2 minor rear end collisions, one in April of 2008 and another about 3 weeks ago. I have experienced no pain from the recent collision. On October 12, 2010 I noticed that anytime I sneeze or cough I feel an acute stabbing pain starting in my neck where it meets my shoulder blades and my spine directly between my shoulder blades. The pain will then travel through my abdomen over my entire body mostly through my joints.
Avatar f tn I should check that from my gynaec and in internet,,,this is my 9dpo and 9dpiui,,,from yesterday i kept sneezing for more times,,,i dont know what happens,,,iam not on proge`e this time,,instead i took hcg injections,,,i dont have any positive hope,,,Iam cramping from 7dpo,,,little bit nauseac here and there,,and bloating and Sore BB's,,all these things i normally get,,what is unsual is i week delay,,that has never happened,,,it comes in 2 days delay atleast,,,My iui was painful,,how was urs,,i
Avatar n tn The all had eyes matted up and sneezing. we cleaned the eyes out and gave them some antibotics but nothing help, they all have died but one.
Avatar m tn If I stop this medicine I will go back to intial stage. tried with homeopathy not helped. I dont want to always rely on medicines, Is there anything which cures my problem permanantly? Thanks in advance This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284374'>running nose, mucus and sneezing</a>.
Avatar f tn But mine was more on the right side. When I went to lay on my left side, I guess gravity pulled on it and made it worse. The funny thing is, is that I hadnt really experienced much discomfort in my abdomen at all.. that is until now. What helped last night was to gather some blanket and stuff it under my belly (while laying on the side) so that the strain was off my pulled ligament. As far as the swelling goes.. I didnt expect that I would swell.
Avatar n tn They often causes partial or complete paralysis below the spinal defect and generally have noticable malformed brains at least on an MRI. Type 3 causes severe neurological defects. Type 4 involves a failure of brain development I've also heard of Chiari "0", which is a form that doesn't have a tonsillar herniation, but can still cause symptoms. There, that may be a lot more info than you were asking for or need, but...I sorta got on a roll :).
Avatar f tn My baby has started moving around on my bladder lately so I have to go a lot more often. Once, while at work, I didn't even feel like I had to go but suddenly tinkled a bit in my pants. My friends who already have kids told me to get ready for the "peeing on yourself" stage. I hear hard laughter & sneezing can really trigger it.
Avatar n tn This is on a 10 year old cat, scc of a nare, prestage or stage 1. You advised getting a MRI or CT scan prior to surgery as it would tell if the tumor could be removed successfully;by what margins. I cannot afford such a scan. This cat has has serous nasal discharge with sneezing for at least 6-7 years. Tests negative for calci, herpes and chlamydia; negative for HIV and the other killer virus.
401095 tn?1351395370 Just remember that the wds from sub could last over a year if you stay on it for too long. A quick (less than 21 day stay on sub) always seems like the best/easiest option. Once you begin treatment with sub its best to get a sobriety plan in place right away. A plan can be any type of support that will help you stay away from the drugs that got you on the sub to begin with.
382218 tn?1341185087 The swelling and discolouration is only right around the cut, right on the knuckle; it hasn't spread outside of that small area. To press on it, it feels mildly tender, I wouldn't call it painful. However I am mildly paranoid about skin infections spreading and would hate to regret not doing something about it before it worsens. Just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this and at what point you consulted a physician, if you did so.
Avatar n tn For about 2 weeks now i have had something going on with the palms of my hands. They are loaded with little red spots, and when looked close upon have hundreds of little bumps. Any ideas? i havent changed anything, soaps , detergents... or anything else. The spots are always their and are uncomfortable when touched, and having a burning sensation whenever i touch anything warm. PLEASE help i have enclosed a picture:[IMG]
Avatar n tn hi, i have a similar lip skin patch, have had it for about a week. did you ever find out what was going on with yours? did it resolve on its own?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a girl on August 22 -About wednesday (15) of last week I was sneezing sometimes when on the air conditioner, nothing too special. -Friday (17)I was feeling good, went to a party. -Saturday (18) was feeling good too, went to another party. - Sunday (19) wasnt feeling very good, maybe hangover, maybe sickness, maybe both. - Monday (20) wasnt feeling very good, slight headache - Tuesday (21) had a slight sore throat and a slight headache.
Avatar f tn I found one reference that indicated it might reduce sneezing, but Squeaky has never been much of a sneezer. Since sneezing helps clear out mucus and allergens from nasal passages, I don't want to give him something that will cause him to sneeze even less. He isn't on benadryl. He is taking chlorpheniramine.
1656009 tn?1329326163 The first thing that came to my mind was, DID I JUST PEE ON MYSELF! No, my big adult self did not pee on myself is what kept running through my head. Then I said OMG, MY WATER HAS BROKE. So in panic mode, I ran to the bathroom to check and see, but what do I look for? What color is amniotic fluid? How does it smell? Do I suppose to hurt? After checking for amniotic fluid or pee, I called my doctor's office.
7734321 tn?1393763564 I have had extremely out of wack blood pressure 234/125 ( around there ), Blood sugar levels that swing from on the low side, to so high my monitor just reads high. This has been going on for two years. My GP just kept changing meds, upping doses but nothing worked. I even had a Lupus type reaction to one of the Meds. So with nothing working i asked for a referal to see an endocrinologist to see if we could sort these issues out. After a full medical assessment, ?
Avatar n tn They aren't red or contain pus, but are just raised clear bumps on the skin. They usually form on my arms, legs, and stomach. I visited the doctor and he said I am probably having an allergic reaction to something. I do have seasonal allergies, and am currently experiencing nasal drip, have woken to my eyes being very goopy and closed shut, and have had coughing and sneezing episodes.
Avatar n tn This just started with me a few days ago. When I get up and start walking, it feels like there is a wet spot on the skin on the back of my knee. It is just a little area. It feels like a drop of water is there. Very wierd. Glad I'm not the only one in the world who has experienced this. Anything new on this??
1415174 tn?1453246703 I wondering if it is a drug thing making me tired or has anyone had anything like this or am I getting dementia? What is going on? I am a microbiologist and have been unemployed for 10 years due to a back problem then tendonitis etc. and I still keep up my continuing education etc. Read a lot on the internet. Just noticed this odd thing going. I will tell my doctor but wanted to hear what you all think.
Avatar f tn Anyone out there take ultram/tramadol? This drug has turned me into a tramadol prisoner. I am having a hard time stopping and I know I need to . I have taken this for a long time. First, I was prescribed this med and then I found other ways to get it. Knowbody knows I take it as much as I do. Anyone....have some advice?
Avatar f tn hi Kim and welcome, I can't find any info on long term use of prozac on cats...but for your information prozac use in people can cause an upper GI bleed/hemorrhage. If I were you I'd take this very seriously.....kitty really needs to see a Vet asap. as far as the Lysine treatment goes, that is perfectly fine to use long term...but does depend on the dosage and the brand you are using...must be free of all soy, salt, sugar,preservatives among other icky ingredients to be safe for cats.
Avatar n tn I have been on Methadone for the last 6 years, all starting with 5mg dose all the way up to 120mg per day. I was put on methadone to get me off of percocet that had been perscribed to treat my Migraine headaches. Finally I had enouugh of the Methadone and asked to be taken off of it. I had already tapered myself down to about 60-80mg perday, then went cold, on the third day I hurt so bad I finally went to the hospital and they treated me with Suboxone for 3 days.