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Avatar f tn Newborns breathe so weird. Its not steady like us yet. They will skip a breath sometimes or breathe really slow, then really fast and sometimes it sounds gurgly. One minute you hear them snoring then it sounds like they stop but they are just breathing really quiet. I was told it's normal. They are learning how to use their lungs and regulate their breathing. But she or he may be congested too, try a nose plunger if he or she has a hard time breathing while feeding.
Avatar f tn I have a newborn puppy and his mother won't have anything to do with him. He was born yesterday and we have to hold is mom down for him to eat. Unfortunately we don't know how long to let him eat. He over ate yesterday and it came back up his nose. Now he can't stop sneezing. Is there anything we can do to help him?
3184929 tn?1344701126 Ok so my daughternis a week n a day old is it normal for her to want to eat alot i mean alot lik il breast feed her n she wil stil b hungry n she wil eat 2oz of formula bt she goes poop n pee good so idk is it ok?
Avatar f tn I need some advice or someone to comment who has had experience with a newborn in the nicu for NAS from subutex. Its a very long story of course of how it started but ill get to the point instead. Ive been on subutex after i found out i was pregnant. I just had my baby on monday by csection. After 24 hrs he began showing signs of w/d. Tremors and sneezing... he was put in the nicu yesterday morning. He is now on morphine and supposed to wean down.
Avatar m tn She has heavy breathing while sleeping. 5. Sometimes when she breaths, we hear sounds. 6. Chronic sneezing. Her pedia said that her vitals are all normal. She advised us to have our baby burped every after her feeding. She also mentioned that we must replace the nipple of her feeding bottles because the nipples' drops do not suit a newborn. After that, she urged us to have a our baby's CBC and platelet be examined and here are the result: Hemoglobin ---------------- 163.
Avatar m tn How long would a newborn have needed to be exposed to percocet during a pregnancy to cause withdrawals after birth? I have a family member who swears up and down she only took the small amount that was prescribed to her for back pain in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. There has been a lot of suspicion about what was really going on with her throughout the pregnancy and she was known to take opiods before getting pregnant. Now the baby has been born and is experiencing withdrawals.
Avatar n tn 50% of babies go through the withdrawal (which has nothing to do with the amount of dose that the mother is taking) and it is sweating, gastrointestonal irritation, more crying, less sleep, sneezing, etc. (Not the big bad Withdrawal people think it will be) - and the babies will not be cold turkey. My question was simply if I could stay with the baby for as long as I wanted- sleeping there and all. Thanks a lot though, spread the word.
377493 tn?1356505749 I have a 2 week old infant that has some light nasal congestion and is also sneezing a bit. Twice when he sneezed a bit of mucus came was clear. He is not running a fever nor does he seem to be ill. A little background...he was a full term baby, but low birthweight (4lbs, 14oz). He was born via c-section (I mention that because someone told me c-section babies often have mucus issues). He is not having trouble breathing, and the mucus comes and goes.
Avatar n tn We tried VERY hard to avoid her getting it, but it was inevitable. So now i've got a newborn with a cold. She's very congested, but it's not in her nose yet...more in her sinuses, so the booger sucker isn't working. She gurgles when she breathes. It's scary. Also, she doesn't seem to be able to clear the mucus in her throat. I use the sucker in her mouth every now and again to help, but it it's enough.
362119 tn?1223141536 it just so happened that the 5 year old little boy had a really nasty cold and was sneezing and coughing along with his runny noise. they left like as soon as they got their because i addressed the problem. a few days later my throat started hurting, i was sneezing, and coughing and my noise was runny. i had the cold.....dominic never got the cold. i dont know why i was still breastfeeding and all so eh.
Avatar f tn I'm assuming that it is allergies until I can take her in to the pedi. They told me 2 weeks ago to begin saline drops to releive her stuffiness, and I have been doing that 2 times a day. Now she's not stuffy anymore, her nose is running with clear mucous, it is not green or yellow... she is sneezing alot, especially since our dog has begun to shed, and her right eye is red.
Avatar f tn It was intense but only lasted like 5 seconds. Next, I woke up in the am with a sneezing fit. After I was done, my whole lower abdomen was sore and I couldn't sleep to my left because that pain I had while walking the dog came back. Went back to sleep on my back and when I woke up, it was gone. Maybe just a little sore. Think I'm ok? I'm a little worried. Thanks and sorry this post was long winded.
Avatar n tn My 6 week old newborn was put into the hospital. She had Bronchialitis. She had some wheezing, coughing and sneezing. She also had a low temperature of 99.3, at times. They gave her breathing treatments, along with the use of a bedside cool-mist humidifier. They did a chest x-ray, a nostril culture, and a cbc differential on her foot. Now her pediatrician says that she has to have some test done to rule out blood disorders.
Avatar f tn All parents and caretakers of newborn babies who would come in close contact with the newborn should receive pertussis vaccination to prevent spread of infection to the newborn. Therefore it is advisable that all such adults should be given Tdap at least two weeks before they come in contact with the newborn.Instaead of your usual shot of tetanus booster (Td )you can take Tdap.Hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
Avatar f tn Hey mommas im a bit worried my newborn have been sneezing alot idk if he alergic to a vanilla candle he has like a runny nose what should i do or it could b the weather
9131648 tn?1406568916 what if I still have a cold when I go into labor? It could be any day now and today I have been having false labor pains all day. Do the doctors keep you away from the baby for awhile? Or how do they handle that? I don't want to risk getting my newborn sick right when she comes out. Anyone else dealt with a cold during labor and delivery?
Avatar f tn I heard always keep a pillow on your stomach when feel like sneezing. But I would definitely ask for some help at least the first 2 weeks, family, neighbor. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Other than these she is a perfectly happy and healthy little one and her eyes do not seem to bother her. (no sneezing coughing, runny nose, sleeping fine, eating fine). What could this be?
Avatar f tn My newborn is 6 days old and has been havin really bad gas. and everytime she farts she poops. like explosive poop but its not like diaherria. its just soft poop. it happens when she sneezes too. im concerned she has a digestive issue. any ideas? btw shes usin breastmilk and formula.
Avatar f tn My newborn is sick. He won't stop crying... he's stuffy, sneezing, coughing. Everyone in my house has it. What can I do for him? I've tried saline drops. He's been to doctor. It's not in his chest. Any tips???
Avatar m tn My head feels a bit fuzzy, minor head discomfort, normal breathing, slightly tired, clear mucous, full appetite, congestion, no coughs or sneezing to note. I have been taking Allegra since Tuesday and using Astepro. Symptoms started last Sunday/Monday. Should I see another doctor, ride out the possible cold/flu, or just dive into the NICU like my wife and family want me to. Please help!
94902 tn?1330483267 Breathing: All newborn babies make strange sounds when they breathe. Breathing may sound somewhat irregular, fast, or noisy. It is normal for a newborn to alternate periods of harsh, deep breaths with periods of shallow, quiet breaths. All newborns are nose-breathers, so it is important to keep the nose clean of mucus. Sometimes your baby may sound stuffy or have a "rattling" sound to their breathing. This only represents air trying to get through the baby's narrow nasal passages.
Avatar n tn Some newborn behaviors that concern parents are not signs of illness. They are usually due to an immature nervous system and will disappear in 3 or 4 months. Some common reflexes and behaviors include: trembling chin quivering lower lip having hiccups passing gas (this is not a temporary behavior) making noises when sleeping (from breathing and moving). Also during light sleep, babies can normally whimper, cry, groan, or make other strange noises.
127529 tn?1331844380 I am only 4ft 11in so I can tell you I was getting very uncomfortable and was quite grateful when they said they were able to do the c sect at 37 weeks! Must go now got a newborn to see too! (Thank goodness my inlaws are here to look after my toddler!
Avatar n tn You can also ask, if they have a separate waiting room for the sick kids. You don't want your newborn hanging around a waiting room with a kid next to you that is coughing/sneezing, etc. You might also want to check the nurses and receptionist. The receptioist at my ped is not all that nice and the nurses can use a bit of help from the charm school. But ultimately, the dr is the one that you want with the good beside manner.
Avatar f tn They take RSV very seriously. My newborn niece had RSV. She had a rattly cough in her lungs and had to have breathing treatments. Remember, colds and coughs are normal for babies and young children because their immune system is building up immunities to those types of viruses and bacterias. Not every sniffle, cough, or sneeze warrants a rush to the hospital. If your DD is just coughing every now and then and has a runny nose, she probably just has the common cold.
Avatar n tn In mothers who are taking narcotics shortly before delivery, there may be a degree of respiratory depression in the newborn baby, especially if higher doses are taken. http://www.thelaboroflove.
Avatar m tn Direct contact with blood or infected bodily fluids Unprotected sex with an infected partner Shared or re-used needles (for example, sharing needles for illegal drugs or re-using needles that are not properly sterilized for acupuncture, tattoos, or ear/body piercing) From an infected mother to her newborn baby during delivery Is hepatitis B transmitted casually? No, hepatitis B is not spread through casual contact.