Sneezing kitten purring

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Avatar m tn We recently got a call from the same people saying they had another kitten available and felt bad about the other kitten and offered us a free kitten. They also now mentioned that all but one of the previous littler were sick and had died. I think they didn`t mention it before in fear of us asking for our money back. Anyway on to the new kitten. He seemed fine the first few days but now is not eating or drinking much and has diarrhea.
405614 tn?1329147714 He even started letting me sleep for several hours in a row. He's noticeably thinner. He's been sneezing more, and sticking his nose/face in the food on my finger then licking it off instead of sniffing it and licking it off. When he licks the food, he twitches one or both of his legs. Yesterday I walked into the kitchen while he was drinking water. He took his first drink, both feet twitched out, and he landed on his face on the side of the dish before getting his feet back under himself.
Avatar f tn She's probably lonely and has developed this nervous habit of licking her fur off. Have you considered adopting a kitten? Then at least she'd have a "buddy" while you're away. We have 3 cats and they are just like human siblings - they fight and then end up sleeping nose-to-nose on the sofa! They always have each other when we're away.