Sneezing kills brain cells

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Avatar f tn It doesn't matter what season it is i still sneeze multiple times in a roll. I was just curious about if sneezing effect the brain since i have heard if you hold in a sneeze it can kill brain cells.
Avatar n tn I have had allergies and asthma all my life. When I have a sneezing/hay fever reaction, it's accompanied by the usual itching of palate and eyes, and my medications take care of it. But once or twice a month, I sneeze uncontrollably, hundreds of times, all day long, and nothing, not Allegra-D, not Claritin, not Benadryl, will stop it. And the weird thing is, this sneezing is NOT accompanied by the usual itching. When I have a "sneezing day," I am nonfunctional.
544292 tn?1268886268 My eyes hurt, my brain hurts. The anxiety is lessening. I think I now understand why people bang their own heads against a wall.
Avatar n tn I also have the same problem. People start sneezing and caughing when they are arouind me. I appear to have dust and lint leaving my clothes and becoming airborne, why I do not know.
Avatar m tn hi what if patm is to much serotonin? not emergancy high but to high, maybe in brain, maybe in blood or elsewhere symtoms fits me pretty well anyone know stuff about this?
Avatar n tn Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing and/or sneezing.(By the way, it's always 2 coughs in a row.) I am not sick at all but everyone around me becomes sick upon meeting me. Doctors have told me that it's just allergy season, but this has been going on for a couple years! Besides the endless coughing and sneezing, other symptoms that people develop include: itching around the eyes and nose, acne (on face and neck), sores on the outer lips, and fatigue.
544292 tn?1268886268 Sound distortion has been really common thru the withdrawal. I told her that it felt like someone had been doing brain surgery on me for the last two hours. Which was true. It's not electrical zaps, like I got when I withdrew from Benzos.It is more like I felt my brain was being reattached to itself. Painful! Very, very painful! Add to this the constant sensitivity to light, Two steps forward. One step back. Sometimes three steps forward, one step back. Sometimes (like today) One step back.
Avatar m tn It seems to have gotten worse as I have now even seen people around me when I am not in a closed room outside start rubbing their noses,eyes, sneezing and sniffling but no one really coughs. My friend that never seemed to react to me now gets really itchy eyes and nose and sneezes every time we get together.
Avatar n tn I am also under a doctor, and have done everything possible in my home to prevent allegens, but still I wake up every morning - after spending most of the night sneezing - still congested and feeling down and depressed, because I just want to have one day, where I can breath, smell and taste like a normal human being. I was wondering if anyone has contemplated have sugery ???
Avatar m tn Sorry, atypical cells are cells that "look' different than normal. They are seen with leukemia, anemia, lead poisoning, some genetic diseases etc. Neutrophils usually go high with bacterial infections, viral infections can lower the neutrophils. Best not to speculate. I would ask a doctor. I still think you should see a hematologist and get this worked out.
Avatar m tn I can explain that with our brain which associate it with times when people had lived in tribes of 50. If you are not accepted to the tribe, there would be something wrong for sure. But in modern world It is not the same. Let's say you walk on the street and someone doesn't like you. He/she can only think of It and that will make him/her miserable because of all the hatred and bad energy. The person won't attack you or start insulting you. Even If this happens, which the chance is 0.
Avatar m tn There is a rare microbe that can get in your brain from some water systems. Saline solution is salt water. You can buy a bottle of saline solution in a drugstore, and it works just fine. However, the store-bought saline solution will contain a preservative, to keep things from growing in the water, and some people will find the preservative to be irritating to their mucus membranes. Store-bought saline is also expensive, and the quantities required will make you hesitant.
Avatar n tn did not read everyones comments in total so do not know if someone has suggested this or not yet but constant presssure and headaches could be a pseudotumor which is where your brain basically thinks it has a brain tumor but there is no tumor so mris and cts would be normal. a spinal tap is the way to diagnos it along with a good eye exam., for an unknown reason the brain prodeces too much fluid and causes pressure to build up.
Avatar m tn I still think some kind of mite, and allergy to the mites, we are sneezing more, since this started. I also just got 2 mysterious parallel 3" scratches a few days ago, just appeared out of nowhere, while doing the dishes, I freaked out until I went online and saw that other people have gotten these mystery scratches. Something made those deep scratches and it wasn't my dish soap or the devil! Daughters are getting small scratch marks as well.
948349 tn?1294383837 A person never gets it from casual contact or sneezing. A person CAN be bitten by a nymph tick and not know it. They're the size of a speck of pepper and won't be seen if in the hair, on the back etc. If you DO have Lyme that is 99% sure the way you got it. A person who never walks outside can get Lyme. Mice in the walls/basements of the best of houses can bring ticks in. Your garden or patio can have ticks. Your neighbors cat can visit your yard or patio and have a few ticks drop off.
Avatar m tn When a new virus emerges, deaths may occur in healthy adults who mount the strongest immune reactions. Their own defenses — inflammation and leaking fluid in lung cells — can essentially drown them from inside. A second hypothesis, Dr. Cetron said, is that there is some other factor in Mexico that increased the lethality of the virus, such as co-infection with another microbe or an unwittingly dangerous form of treatment.
Avatar m tn Also-whey protein shakes have all the amino acids that your body/brain needs to rebuild. You can buy a 2lb bottle at walmart-add 2 scoops, milk, banana in blender and drink 2 a day...I really noticed a difference when I started these (around day 5) You are very brave and strong...Be proud of yourself and keep on moving forward...It gets a little better every day.....Sending support...
544292 tn?1268886268 Tramadol is more complex than other opiate and opiate-like medications because it also appears to have actions on the GABAergic, noradrenergic, and serotonergic systems in the brain. This may cause some people feel additional withdrawal symptoms or intensified psychological withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing tramadol. It is always advised to talk with your doctor before and while discontinuing this medication. _______________________________________________________________ Yeah.
Avatar m tn We are just not able to produce white blood cells to kill off the yeast because what produces white blood cells is our lymphatic system. In order for the lymphatic system to produce and work as designed it needs nutrients and enzymes from the liver. Well the liver cannot produce what's required because it has become compromised by this yeast that has embedded itself deep inside this organ.
2122443 tn?1335785718 Unfortunately, it doesn't matter whether you do a little or a lot of these meds that change our brain chemistry, there is no easy way to get off. However, I found that just ACCEPTING that I felt like crap really helped me. KNOWING from what others who had been through it had said about 4-5 days being the worst then things start looking up...all that really helped.
Avatar f tn well as soon as you see a slower decrease of hbsag add on of interferon is indicated because it means that killing of infected cells by immune system has been alted or new infected cells are balancing those killed please post hbsag decrease by start of etv to now.