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771990 tn?1341782976 Yes it did help. That is what the problem was in fact! The dryness was because the humidity was not on! Now the sneezing and the runny nose today may be a cold. Thank you for your help.
1637908 tn?1333998624 the cravings, The only thing that is really bothering me at this point is the sneezing I am begining to wonder if it will ever stop. I can be driving down the rd and have to pull over b/c I sneeze like 10 times in a row and I cant see of course so that makes it worse.
Avatar f tn Hi Quix, Hi Jenn Had my 3rd and final app with the Neuro guy which was rather disappointing for such a lot of money.
Avatar m tn However my whole life the only way I've been able to make my runny nose, itching sensations, and sneezing and watery eyes go away is to sleep for a bit. Can anyone make a suggestion?
Avatar n tn However when I cough (which is productive at the moment) I am in extreme pain, this is also the same with sneezing and laughing. I have a good pain threshold as I’m a hockey player and I’m always getting battered about, however this is so painful. This pain got even worse about 3 days ago when I started coughing quite badly and heard a crack by the right side by my breast I don’t know if I did something to my rib?
Avatar f tn I get that too jenn...
Avatar f tn Id report any out of body feelings to my doctor at the earliest convience..
1375148 tn?1323170521 Oh yes Honey I can sympathise how you feel, I dread getting the common cold have had a few since my probs started, and they floor me, hazzard of our jobs I think, working with adults and kids that have severe learning difficulties, they cough and sneeze all over us, I hate the winter im constantly covered in somebody elses germs!!!!! My head feels like its going to explode my ears just cant cope with the smallest amount of noise, my balance is all over the place and it takes weeks to shift!!!!
Avatar n tn i really do not think it came from the epidural....pushing (anything with force, such as with sneezing, force when constipated, things of that nature) can do damage to your back.
Avatar n tn Since it will probably take a month or two to get an appointment with my GI, what do you suggest I do about this cough? I wake up all hours of the night and am getting to be a real grouch. Should I see a GP until my GI appointment? Is there something wrong with taking codiclear for a few months? It's the only thing that stops the nighttime hacking. How can a Uri. help with the wetting when it is caused by the severe coughing. I am 52 years old and so very tired.
Avatar f tn I dont know what to take and I'm getting upset and discouraged. I'm not w/d like no sneezing or runny nose but I do have stomach cramps and headache and no energy and just severe back pain.
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1448748 tn?1312959808 I never noticed any kind of worsening or headaches from sneezing coughing, ect., but then again i was not paying attention to that. I felt pretty normal besides suffering from depression most of my life since my teenage years, but that could have just been due to my family circumstances and the death of most of my family.
Avatar n tn Hi again! DGL is de-glycyrrhizinated licorice, beneficial to "support the lining of the stomach and intestinal tract". This type of licorice will NOT elevate blood pressure levels. It comes in tablet form and is chewed slowly to mix with your saliva. I use the Enzymatic Therapy brand. If you have a "Vitamin World" store near you, they carry it. Also, find other stores that carry it near you by looking on website.
20391860 tn?1497234141 Flushed face, shotgun sneezing , watering eyes, Zero Energy and an overall sense of great malaise. From my perspective this feels like a devastating blow especially after yesterday's fantastic results. The haphazard and randomized way in which the withdrawal is presenting itself makes it difficult for me to draw a bead on what any particular plan of action should be. It just keeps morphing around my best laid plans. At any rate I'll find something positive to focus on today.
Avatar n tn Jenn, I've wondered what had become of you. I'm sorry about your xanax misery. You haven't been around to hear the saga of my enrollment in a buprenorphine detox program, but it started yesterday (I thought I was dying as a dry heaved myself silly only to find that I had used hydro to close to the bup dosage. As the nurse told me today (I just got back from the clinic), "Burprenorphine doesn't like other opiates clinging to the receptors that it is intent on dominating".
Avatar n tn And i havnt got any cold or flu or sneezing. I can read and concentrate also, not getting problem or daily headaches. Please help me i am v.... wrroied and cant share this to anyone at home...
Avatar n tn I've had the same problem for 2 years and I'm 38. I first noticed it while walking were it fealt like someone was pushing me down and I would lose balance and have to stop. Driving was worse as I would feel like I was going to pass out and my eyes couldn't focus on the road but kept darting to the left. I went in as they thought I was having a stroke. EKG and MRI showed no problems. All my blood work and pressure are normal.