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Avatar f tn Last fall I noticed many of them sneezing,and they have leaky eyes and now that winter is here they are really coughing and sneezing with eyes and noses that are leaking. I feel so sorry for them and I don't know what they have? I have been giving them lots of warm meals and cleaning their eyes and noses. Thank you.
1605619 tn?1301635451 Everyday when I wake up, I have a sneezing fit. I work third shift and this occurs in the afternoon when I wake up but it also occurs when I am off and waking up in the morning. 7-10 sneezes, like clockwork. My eyes are watery, my nose is stuffed up and I feel like I have a fever. Most days I feel better after being up for about an hour, some days I have to take some Tylenol or ibuprofen. What the heck is this all about??
Avatar n tn Does anyone know why i get very sick with Body Aches, Running nose, sneezing cough, cold like symptoms , inflammed sinuses, afteri take a shower during winters. Everytime i take a shower, i get really really sick. Does anyone know what could be the problem ?
Avatar f tn Has anyone in the UK (or anywhere really) experienced these symtoms as well: runny nose & sneezing, recurring aches and pains, difficulty breathing, chesty cough, a temperature that keeps going up and down, slight delerium/disorientation, fatigue, sore throat, periodical headache, nausea? I went to the doctor a couple of days ago, and he said I had a virus that has been affecting many other people - so much that they had to open on a Sunday and a bank holiday.
Avatar n tn I still think your doctor needs her walking papers out of your medical care, and seriously, I think this winter is just about the same as every other winter..........but then again, that rodent in PA. did see it's shadow, so lets not give up the stats just yet!
Avatar n tn I was sneezing so many times per day for weeks, but now its ok :D i was sneezing everytime i moved somewhere in apartment, or mornings.
Avatar n tn Whenever I go for a run, when I get home I start sneezing and then sneeze all day until I feel quite poorly. This used to happen only in the winter when the air was cold, but now happens in summer too. I take lofepramine anti depressant and wonder if this exacibates the problem as its since taking this that I'm affected in summer as well as winter. Lofepramine can cause a dry mouth so must have some effect on mucus?
Avatar n tn It seems in winter when everybody's furnace is on, and air is very dry, a very large group of people come onto the neurology website and are concerned about what amounts to a sinus infection. There is a forum here under "S" that says "Sinus Infection," and I think you should post your question over there.
Avatar m tn We have a 14 year old female cat that is sneezing a lot last year during the winter and this winter. Last winter the vet put her on predisone and it helped. It seems like there is a lot of mucus behind her nose in her sinuses. The vet last year thought it was allergies or asthma. Thinking about getting her sinus x-ray.
Avatar n tn lately, I have developed what you all seem to have, chronic sneezing in winter! This is not the sort of sneezing I get from allergies, just a small breeze or my own breath sets me off! From the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I fall asleep I sneeze uncontrollably and my nose is constantly tingling. It's draining trying not to sneeze, otherwise I would sneeze none stop - It's so embarressing and I can no longer function.
20787488 tn?1517917849 Cold and flu are both in season now. Both are transferred in the same way. Usually droplets. This means that if you see someone coughing or sneezing, stay away from them as what is spewing out of their mouth or nose could and probably does contain cold or flu virus. They should try to stay home for other's protection as you are contagious for about a week. But if out, they should cough into elbow and same for sneezes or cover with something when sneezing or coughing.
Avatar f tn I am once again in the dead of winter and in the midst of a really bad event...I sneeze hundreds of time a day, go through boxes of Kleenex and to the point of wetting myself...I sneeze so hard.....Allergy pills do not work nor do I want to take them the rest of my life and they mess with the quality of your sleep..It is in the last year or two that had finally decided that it was probably the CPAP that was causing it. I have a new machine.
Avatar m tn can cause the precipitation of these symptoms. These symptoms are exaggerated esp. in winter or cold environment. Sneezing is a protective reflex which occurs secondary to exposure to the irritant or allergen, which helps to blow out the irritant. In some indviduals there will be Airway hyperresponsiveness due which there can be either allergic rhinitis (mild to severe form) or asthma. There is particular neuronal mechanism exists.
Avatar n tn As the season changes from summer to fall, I began to experience sinus issues, which turn into repeated week-long (sometimes more) illnesses. At least one week each month in fall and winter, I am sick. In spring and summer, my symptoms disappear. Typically, there are a few really bad days, then a gradual lessening of symptoms as the illness progresses.
Avatar f tn But my son had some eczema on his pinky toe during his first month which only went away after I stopped washing his socks in a certain laundry detergent. Breathing perfectly while asleep and then waking up sneezing sounds like allergies to me despite statistics. I remember my days with hayfever as such...It is almost as if the substance that irritates accumulates during one day and then drives the immune system over the edge by the next day.
Avatar f tn It seems like the sneezing episodes are touched off by a sudden drop in the temperature. (Mostly, this is a winter season problem.) If I leave the windows down while I sleep at night, it will definitely cause this problem. Recently, though, it has been staying up at night working on something or who knows what else! After this day or two of sneezing, I seem to be hyper sensitive to all my other allergies for about 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn This is a very common problem, particularly in the dry winter months. It is usually from drying of the lining of the nose and sinuses. With blowing your nose or sneezing, there is a small amount of irritation and bleeding. If the ENT found nothing, this is probably not a problem to worry about. If it increases, you should have it checked again.
Avatar n tn Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that attaches the ribs to the breastbone (costo = rib, chond = cartilage, itis = inflammation). Costochondritis causes mild to severe pain in the lower rib area or upper breastbone. Some patients fear they are having a heart attack. The most severe pain is usually in the lower rib area between the breast and upper abdomen. The pain may be more noticeable in sitting or reclining positions, and stress is known to aggravate this condition.
5628321 tn?1376277193 When my go to favourite jeans became my, save in the closet in hopes they will one day fit me again jeans. When my DDs became a whole new alphabet. When I no longer felt it appropriate to wooo! outthe window when I drove past hot construction workers. When drinks on the patio, became icewater with a shot of Gaviscon. When I could have a bigger bowl of icecream, guilt free.
Avatar n tn I had no problems in breathing till my son was born. After which one of the years when winter was approaching in the morning as I woke up or my nose got in touch with air I would start sneezing and a terrible cold with headache and difficulty in breathing would follow till the sun came after which I was almost normal.This happened for almost a month. I live in India where winters come around nov-dec.
Avatar m tn I think one of the biggest things is the fact that the symptoms are not always present, that they have to be set off---as in sneezing, or something like that. My husband is 27...I'm not sure how old you are, or if age even has anything to do with it... If you've come across any new information since your post...please let us know!
Avatar n tn I have dust mite allergies, which can cause the drip in winter, and I've also heard that antibiotics can cause the drip for weeks after you stop taking them, which is my case right now. What makes me nuts is the choking feeling. Sometimes it's accompanied by what feels like a "thump" in the upper chest, or an extra strong/paused heartbeat. That scares me even though it usually passes in a few seconds, but it's not pleasant to feel like your heart is trying to jump out of your neck!
Avatar m tn Simply take a regular HIV test sometime in July, it will be accurate.
572651 tn?1333939396 I drove a big service van and carried hundreds of pounds of equipment up ladders sometimes three stories high all day long. I worked on 135 degree roofs in summer and below freezing in winter. I still love mechanical things. Oh and I did this after dropping out of Grad School for Art History.
Avatar m tn My symtons include excessive thin mucus in upper sinus, sometimes I can blow it our clear; in the middle way, I have crust accumulated in my nostril and sometimes I can pick and get it out (quiet a bit); and in my lower breath path or deep in my throat, I have thickened mucus and gel like tiny balls and hard to get them out. I have tried different things to reduce the mucus secreation. However none of them has been proven effective or without side effect. Lately I started to us SinusWars2.
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
4333925 tn?1359106042 I also worked as a waitress for many years and I know that is a demanding job. Oh, by the way, I had people coughing or sneezing in my face all the time. Wash your hands, hydrate, get a little exercise each day and rest. This is how I made it through.