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Avatar f tn Lol thank god i havent really had this problem yet. it actually happend the other day for the first time but good thing i was in the shower already lol!
Avatar m tn In an entity called allergic rhinitis, the symptoms are similar to a common cold, but they are usually more persistent and show seasonal variation with episodes of sneezing. The individual responds to an allergen, which can be in many forms like dust and household mites. It appears that you are suffering from such a phenomenon. But the tightness in the chest could indicate Asthma, which is also triggered by allergens.
211940 tn?1267884866 But the last time I was tested they said I was not allergic to anything. But yet I still have the sneezing attacks. The only thing I have found to releive this is taking a hot steaming shower. I also have a nasal spray but that does not work, nor do any allergy medications. I have been thinking of trying a pot of steaming water instead of the shower, but have not tryed it yet.
Avatar f tn Yeah it's always when he's jumping up to greet us in the morning, or just generally getting in contact with us. i thought he was allergic to us cos he does it a dozen times! Glad to hear it's not just my dog, phew! =-] i will try that jaybay..but he is a large boisterous dog who wont keep still when hes in full husky mode! He seems okay, just his eyes have started to screw up when he does it heehee. Is cute..just hope he doesnt blow his little brain or eyes out!
Avatar f tn I hate sneezing right out of the shower! I now where panty liners everyday. They save my life (well my underwear anyway). And what pelvic floor exercises?
796506 tn?1370191905 I called the OB office first thing and they told me to come in for a urine analysis to make sure I had one... OK HOP in the shower, get dressed, off I go. Go to the base, pee and go to the commissary. Grocery shopping hoping that they call me with the results so I can pick up my script. NOPE... I didn't get a call until 330 pm TODAY saying that I have a UTI and they called in my script... OK take a shower, get dressed and I am off to the base again...
Avatar f tn I began noticing that it always started after he got out of the shower and started combing his hair (it's very long - to his waist for career purposes), and this would be when he had his head bent over and was combing out the hair. The hair was very close to his face and his nose was surrounded, so to speak. I suggested the scent of the shampoo and conditioner was irritating his system. The lack of fresh air was just making it worse.
Avatar m tn His other symptoms are gone such as red eyes, however the sneezing remains. I also believe the medicine was in fact Clavamox. I don't recall the vet telling us what type of respiratory infection he has, sorry. However, I'll definitely be taking him to the vet this week knowing theres nothing OTC I can get. Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn Saturday night we received a small dusting of snow in Montreal, (yes very early even by our standards) and when I awoke Sunday AM the sneezing started. In the past though sparingly in the past year, I would have small sneeze attacks after stepping out of the shower in the morning and it would go away after getting dressed, these "shower attacks" don't happen as often anymore.
Avatar n tn Chlorine in water can cause tickling of the nose, tickling of the throat, itching of the nose, coughing, drying of the throat and eyes, burning of the conjunctiva, and running nose. Sometimes, people go for a shower instantly after waking up. This should be avoided and some time should be given to the body to adjust to the environmental temperature.
Avatar m tn The steroid in the spray is very low and acts only locally. Two puffs in each nostril two times a days for about a month. The effect starts only after 2weeks of therapy. Once an attack has occurred, the antihistamines like chlopheneramine, lovatidine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Do you have a mold problem in your shower? It's just a reach, but I really can't think of anything else that would make someone feel that horrible in such short periods of time. I would talk to your doctor about all of this, when you have symptoms and what they are see what he or she might have to offer.
377493 tn?1356505749 If feeding becomes challenging because of the stuffiness, then you can try feeding him in the bathroom with the steam from the shower. Some babies are just stuffier than others. My first was always stuffy and this little one not so much. It should fade in the next few months.
Avatar n tn It's a plug in thing (light socket) that you use for babies that emits menthol. We put a few in the bathroom (has to be a small room), ran the shower on hot, and left it plugged in. They actually seemed relieved, breathed better, and got some rest. I hope your last cat makes it through this. It's a good sign he's still alive, as it means he's probably in good health (before this, that is). If he hasn't gotten his shots yet, after this do so. Have him wormed and the whole deal.
Avatar m tn Once I start taking shower or brushing my teeth my nose starts running and I start sneezing too. I sneeze 20 times at least back to back with my nose running. Every morning I use at least 40 napkins to blow my nose. Towards the afternoon I am ok, but it sort of kicks back in and my nose starts running again. Now it sort of affecting my left eye, which i can barely open when i wake up.
Avatar f tn I hate it when that happens I thought I was the only one.
5628321 tn?1376277193 Ouch! I got stuck in the shower the other night b/c it has a tall side to the tub and I couldn't see to take the step. I was terrified I'd fall and my hubby couldn't hear me yell for help. Lol I thought that was bad. You win!
Avatar n tn And I went 4 days of having a headache and then the next morning my eye was fine and then I got in the shower and while brushing my teeth I notice red in my eye, to my shock it was bloody and at the bottom of my right eye, I've never had this before and didn't know why it happened. As the day went on my eye started to hurt and I started to get another headache. Could my eye and headache to related??
Avatar m tn The best thing you could do is probably bathe often. It's coming from every pore in your body and your breath.There is really nothing you can do but wait it out. I just thought of something though. You know how when people get sprayed by a skunk they use tomato juice to neutralize the smell? Maybe that will neutralize the meth smell. It's just a suggestion. I'm sorry if it is silly.
Avatar n tn Basically for the past several months I will wake up in the morning not feeling so great. This happens four to five times a week, but it has only been like that for the past few months. Before then it would still occur but only once or twice a week at the most. I wake up with a mildly sore throat, that "achy" feeling associated with cold and flu, head pressure, and chills/hotheadedness and slightly burning eyes (but no fever).
Avatar n tn Your body is gonna put you through a bit of punishment. Grit your teeth and hang in there. You WILL make it through to the other side, the good side. I'm there. And I'm loving every second of it... You can do a little homework and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible, that's what I did. Still out of everything I read, (and copied and pasted to my 151 page word document!) did I expect what I was getting in to. It is diiferent for each person.
310397 tn?1193971582 You known dang well I'm still sneezing. I sneeze when I wake up, I sneeze in the shower, I sneeze in the hot tub, I sneeze in the massage chair, I sneeze on the way to the store, and I sneeze sneeze sneeze! Enough Already! TMTC Ahhhh-Cho!
Avatar f tn So I went to er. I have the lovely flu nd my shower is two days away at my house... anyone else gotten the flu nd been pregnant..?
1375148 tn?1323170521 Hey all just having a little rant been 'head pressure free for a few days now' feeling pretty good then I get the sniffles last night, thought great this ain't going to bad today hasnt floored me like it normally does then wam bam thank you man .... In the past hour I've developed a full blown cold and now my head feels like it's gonna explode with pressure, see!!?? Not even the strongest of medication can combat the common cold. Lol.
Avatar m tn or about 140 milliliters. Fill it up from the gallon of saline solution. Keep the small bottle in your shower, but store the gallon bottle somewhere else. 4. WARNINGS: DON'T DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU READ THESE The same pustulence that causes your sinuses to be infected can also get into other places in your head. Heed these warnings and it won’t. WHENEVER YOU BLOW SNOT AND PHLEGM AND PUS OUT OF YOUR NOSE, ALWAYS BLOW IT OUT ONE NOSTRIL ONLY.
Avatar f tn Sneezing and runny nose is very normal.You should just tell them you are under the weather so you don't have to act so chipper.Great job.
Avatar f tn after the episode with the Brasso - it was actuiall procured for the pole, you know.....And I have no idea how someone used it all up in the shower. And whats with the feathers? We dont let birds use the facilities...............Anyway - good chance that I can get them to clean properly!! Then we can be back in action for real.........Have an Airborne Day!!!!
Avatar m tn Thanks for the response! Fortunately, the symptoms have been limited exclusively to the sneezing. My nose tends to run, but only during the periods of heavy sneezing. Upon blowing a couple of times, the runny nose is no longer an issue. Aside from that, I haven't had any other noticeable problems Very little (if any) watery eyes, not congestion, and no sore throat.
333612 tn?1302886990 hmmmm-just like WD's but without the guilt! I'm bummed out. I had a baby shower to go to today but I don't want to be the guy that gives the pregnant lady the plague, so I'm not going. Oh, what did I do to deserve the flu? I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I hate throwing up!