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Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks every morning I wake up sneezing and it hurts my lower belly. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Ok, does anyone else sneeze ALL the time?? I sneezed so hard this morning I have actually hurt my tummy!! Should I be worried??
Avatar n tn Every time I sneeze I get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.. Is this cause for concern?? Sometimes it almost feels like a pop and the pain lasts a few seconds then fades away.. Is this just stretching or what?
Avatar f tn I wonder what causes the sneezing. It's so annoying! But I'll take it over those stupid pills!! Congrats on day 23!!!
Avatar f tn I woke up several times during the night covered in sweat and shaking. But now I cannot stop sneezing. My head feels like it got run over by a truck but I DO feel better!!
Avatar f tn I particuraly hate sneezing now cause i pee myself a lil with her being on my bladder. Im sure im not the only one. And oh buddy is it awkward. I feel like a five year old who got tickled too much or cried too hard. Its aweful!!! My fiance thinks its funny.
Avatar f tn since i have found out im pregnant i have been sneezing so much! With the sneezing i dont see how this baby stays in me lol! Anyone else with constant sneezing?
Avatar f tn I get the same cramps when I sneeze or do my morning stretch. I was the same way in the beginning.I'm now approaching 12 weeks so I'm used to all the weird things that happen now lol.
Avatar f tn No. I've been having the same problem but it's mainly in the morning for me though. I'm 11 weeks and 5 days.It may help if u take benadryl. It dose with me but they say everyone is different lol.
Avatar n tn yes, I find if I dont take my Vicodin soon enough in the morning I get real sneezing fits, not pain or body agony like a W/D...but super sneezy... then it stops completely This usually happend when I sleep really late, then get up & take the Vic, and maybe my body wanted it SOONER, expected it sooner.. reminds me of how the cat wants fed on a schedule. Her schedule, not mine! hahaha So your body is slowly getting used to it and 'crying for it" less?
Avatar f tn Yes my friend sneezing is part of withdrawal and it doesn't help that allergy season is in full swing either but it IS the WD. I would say my sneezing stopped about day 20 or 25. Hang in there, it DOES get better!
Avatar f tn I sneeze now in marathon sneezing sessions. I actually feel like I'm having other w/d s/s too right now... : [ Yesterday while my kids and I were trying to watch a movie, I sneezed, on one session 18 times in a row. I've also had a stuffy nose and cannot breathe out of at least one nostril during the nights.
1965902 tn?1328202793 Started with itchy nose in the morning. Sneezing all day long. Decided against cleaning which only aggravates condition and is very annoying having to stop every second to blow nose and having nose dripping over everything.
Avatar m tn My wife had a problem with sneezing. In morning when she wake up she became to sneezing foe next 5 minutes. may be the 15 times. She had taken some precaution for her neck and chest and leg but not much effective. Kindly suggest me.
Avatar n tn Every morning when I wake up I start sneezing. I have to clear my sinuses and it stops after about an hour. Recently it started happening when I get ready for bed. When I'm sleeping I have no problems. If allergies then why doesn't it happen while i'm sleeping?
Avatar m tn What causes sneezing attacks in the morning. I sneeze 10 or more times in succession when getting up in the morning. Also have had dull headaches with the sneezing.
Avatar n tn I've smelled the same thing too -- from MYSELF -- when I've sneezed into the air (in the morning before I've even had a chance to rinse my mouth. i know, gross). The omnipresence of excessive mucus that is either sitting on the tongue (bad breath), trapped in the tonsils like little smelly white pebbles, and makes you constantly feel the urge to sniff because it feels like something is in the back of your throat ... likely have the same problem, but it mostly goes unnoticed.
Avatar f tn I was VERY interested in the vet saying he could hear congestion in his nose... which goes with reverse sneezing. I was also interested in the report that the dog licks a lot. Well, our dog is blowing his coat at an unexpected time because we had balmy weather when normal is very cold this time of year. He licks his coat, of course, all the time, and we do our best to keep up with the big white clumps of fur coming off him.
1605619 tn?1301635451 Everyday when I wake up, I have a sneezing fit. I work third shift and this occurs in the afternoon when I wake up but it also occurs when I am off and waking up in the morning. 7-10 sneezes, like clockwork. My eyes are watery, my nose is stuffed up and I feel like I have a fever. Most days I feel better after being up for about an hour, some days I have to take some Tylenol or ibuprofen. What the heck is this all about??
Avatar m tn I have noticed that they have started to get more regular. i notice they are more when i get up in the morning than anything. i have a dog, she is a short haired jack Russell and i spend a lot of time with her so i don't think that its her because surely i would be sneezing all the time? i don't have any rashes or itchiness.
Avatar m tn After even one sneeze i get to feel heaviness in breathing and start getting a pain in my upper back and neck. Also when i get up in the morning there is always a heaviness in breathing and neck pain.
Avatar n tn i do not have any known allergies and i am also not under kind of medication what so ever.i do take vitamins in the morning " one-a-day" but other than that ,none .
Avatar n tn hey all, on day 12 of no methadone. doing ok, but sneezing still. i remember this when i was ever outta pills as part of WD. u think im still on acute part of methadone WDs?? thot i kinda rounded the bend on this one. but im on Clonidine so maybe i don't really know. worse part of day is in the morning, still get weird body temp. but no sweats. lil better on sleep (4hrs). Lemme know what u think..
Avatar f tn Yeah it's always when he's jumping up to greet us in the morning, or just generally getting in contact with us. i thought he was allergic to us cos he does it a dozen times! Glad to hear it's not just my dog, phew! =-] i will try that jaybay..but he is a large boisterous dog who wont keep still when hes in full husky mode! He seems okay, just his eyes have started to screw up when he does it heehee. Is cute..just hope he doesnt blow his little brain or eyes out!
211940 tn?1267884866 Daytime), also Unfortunately, I still have multiple lapses of sneezing 2-4 times in succession, several times per day. I do not have a cold, nor sinus infection, etc, and yes, I know I have several airborne allergies. I just wish I could figure out, why, if I'm taking allergy medication daily (along with Daytime), am I having multiple bouts of sneezing fits on a daily basis. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Avatar f tn My allergies have been bad too. My Dr said I can take Clartin. It helps alot.
Avatar n tn I have had a cough (with plegm) every morning for about 3 months. I get blocked nose in the morning and lots of sneezing. the blocked nose disappears during the morning and the sneezing levels drop, although don't disappear through my day at work (in an office, non air conditioned) Similarly, the coughing levels drop, until around 7 in the evening, when the sneezing and coughing starts again, regardless of where I am. I went to the GP who gave me anitbiotics.