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Avatar f tn I sneeze a lot since I've been pregnant I am (20 weeks tomorrow)I usually sneeze 3 times in a row really hard and I got to be careful not to pee myself :(
425312 tn?1279969779 i know what has to happen but i am getting my ducks in a row first. i have a six month plan. i think that is enough time to plan my escape.
Avatar f tn HI the sneezing will drive you nuts I woyuld sneeze like 6 to 8 tims in a row only to do it again in 10min its all part of detoxing and with time it will pass congrats on 5 days clean your off to a good start hang in there this is more of a minor anoice then anything else good luck and God bless.......
214255 tn?1205639236 yes,,,the sneeze thing....that's messed up...i did 14 in a row 2 days ago...the wife was looking at me like i should have died....i to wonder how long that goes on for...everyday a few major sneeze fests hit me...sometimes i'm not in the best location to have these sneeze attacks....a little embarrassing..especially if it is a messy one,,,lol.....i now carry a tissue with me just in case...lotsatrout is is relieving....
Avatar n tn I NEVER sneezed unless I had a bad cold. With W/D I had sneezing fits at least 5-6 times a day. The W/D sneezing stopped about day 6 for me.
Avatar f tn My husband is a good sport thankfully becuase that was not one of my best moments hahaha
495284 tn?1333897642 I have always wondered why that is. I will sneeze 7 or 8 times in a row.
Avatar f tn [ Yesterday while my kids and I were trying to watch a movie, I sneezed, on one session 18 times in a row. I've also had a stuffy nose and cannot breathe out of at least one nostril during the nights.
4341997 tn?1514592288 It's more annoying than anything. I was eating skittles while driving my son home from soccer practice a few weeks ago. I had to sneeze with a mouthful. As I let it rip, I spit my gob of half chewed skittles on the dash of day old truck, then as I inhaled for sneeze #2 half a skittle went up my nasal passage and burned like lava. I honestly think it's still there. (and it smells like a yellow one, the ones that taste like a$$) My son will never look at me the same again.
4202953 tn?1377187106 Hi Happy. The sneezing was a very big thing for me as well (and the sweating). I used to post about it all of the time. It took about a month before my sneezing somewhat subsided. At around 70 days I'm still sneezing more than average. It definitely has gotten better though. Using opiates wreaks all kinds of havoc on your body including messing with your histamines/ anti-histamines. You may not have noticed but while u were using you probably didn't sneeze much at all...
Avatar f tn Is excessive sneezing part of withdrawal? I sneeze 8-9 times in a row still and I'm at day 15. If this is from the withdrawal, when might it go away. It must be part of the withdrawal since it started about 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn 10 sneezes in a row sounds like something getting up her nose (a tiny particle perhaps) and it irritates her until she blows it out (Thar she blows!). You may want to keep trying different things, trial and error till you find the cause. Or if they don't seem terribly bothered by it just as we sneeze without problems then let it go.
Avatar f tn Calif. She will sometimes sneeze multiple times in a row sitting still. If she goes outside, before doing anything else she immediately starts sneezing. Now the last few months she has suddenly developed reverse sneezing. The reverse sneezing seems to be getting worse as well. She RS if she gets excited, runs around, plays, or even just doing nothing. We have her on Hydroxyzine two times a day (I think 10mg.), but it doesn't seem to be doing too much.
6725113 tn?1392851126 I do! But not no 14 in a row. I used to never sneeze. Now I sneeze at least 3x a day and its not because of allergies or the weather. Its definitely because of the pregnancy!
611067 tn?1458595083 She's done it the whole time we've had her (a little over 4 years). But, lately, she will sneeze and sneeze like 5 times in a row. The poor little girl! We tease and say "she's allergic to cats!" But, seriously, is their medication for cats with allergies?
211940 tn?1267884866 Daytime), also Unfortunately, I still have multiple lapses of sneezing 2-4 times in succession, several times per day. I do not have a cold, nor sinus infection, etc, and yes, I know I have several airborne allergies. I just wish I could figure out, why, if I'm taking allergy medication daily (along with Daytime), am I having multiple bouts of sneezing fits on a daily basis. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Avatar m tn OK so im currently suffering from a cold - think its moved to my lungs as im coughing up green plegm.. In the day ive been sneezing quite a bit to the point where after a several sneezes my left arm gets this nasty pain in it, is this something to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn Sneezing as many as 12 times in a row was my experience with detox. ALong with the other harsh symptoms. Yes, your cold is gone. The withdrawals will be gone soon too. Hang in there. You have just a day or two left of the withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn Just now I sneezed and had a sharp pain in my pelvis. I was hunched a bit as it happened. Last night I sneezed 8 times in a row and this morning in bed like 5 in a row. From all these sneezes do you think I've overworked or strained the muscles or something? The pain goes away right away too.
Avatar n tn Took me to the floor, thought I tore something in my groin, so I took my time getting up. These episodes of sneezing up to a dozen times in a row have happened before, so I really didn't think too much of it. Then I came back to the computer, and hit the back button, and it flashed again. Instantly, sneezing, half dozen times. It's not just a sneeze, it's a loud, forceful, painfully violent sneeze. The only thing I can figure, is it happens when I see really bright yellow.
Avatar f tn I'm only 10 weeks and have been sneezing, usually 4 times in a row, all throughout the day and night no matter where I am. I have never had any allergies in my life. Anyone else have this annoying problem?
Avatar m tn Since a year i am sneezing about 6-7 times in a row and the stuff do come out of the nose as well. A lot of the time of the day i can't breath by nose. please suggest what should i take.
1017452 tn?1254908598 My record for consecutive sneezes was 13 in a row. Ouch.
Avatar m tn Sometimes when he sneezes its almost 20 times in a row. We have taken him to the vet and have received a medication that did not work after completing the full bottle. I don't recall the name of this medicine. We have a fairly clean apartment IMO. We vacuum at least twice a week, clean the litter box every other day, and keep all air filters up to spec. We feed him Purina Kitten Chow Nurturing Formula. He has been immunized and had all its shots, and also tested negative for various diseases.
1392428 tn?1280281328 I sneeze all day long 5to 6 times in a row. I have always had this happen when detoxing off opiates. I just dont know why. Does this happen to anybody else? This is the least of my symptoms but I was just curious.
Avatar f tn When I have to blow my nose and air is forced into that area it really hurts! If I have several sneezes in a row it hurts for a long time after. If I go for a few days with no sneezing or coughing, or blowing my nose then it subsides a little...but it comes back. I feel like there might also be a lump in there too, but can't really tell. The pain is mostly at the base and to the right of my neck. It is not raw or anything like my throat is sore..
2200368 tn?1345852112 I have allergies and asthma,but this sneezing is morbid,wherever I go in public I start sneezing like 20 times in the row,and at first people are like:Heeey,bless you,then they are like:What the heell,are you going to stop?! It doesn't matter if I am at my bedroom,at living room,in classroom,in the bar,every now and then I get a crazy sneezing attack,and it mostly happens early in the morning when I wake up,or late at night.It doesn't matter is it sunny,hot,cold,sneeze,sneeze,sneeeezeee!!
Avatar m tn It went away on its own although I did give him antibiotics (a waste of money since the kitten gave URI to my older cat, I didn’t give my older cat ANYTHING and now they’re both fine) So, it may go away on its own. How long has the cat been sneezing? I know it’s sad to see them sneeze so many times in a row. Seeing that in my kitten made me pretty sad. But you definitely want to let the vet know that treatment didn’t work. Do you remember if the vet told you what type of URI your cat has?