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Avatar f tn My baby boy is 4 days old today and is sneezing quite often. I am not sure if its a reaction to the medicine I was given during labor or if hes allergic to something in our home? He was sneezing in the hospital too, but its more often now! We're taking him to the dr today to get blood taken but I am wondering if any of your little ones experienced this!?
Avatar f tn I need some advice or someone to comment who has had experience with a newborn in the nicu for NAS from subutex. Its a very long story of course of how it started but ill get to the point instead. Ive been on subutex after i found out i was pregnant. I just had my baby on monday by csection. After 24 hrs he began showing signs of w/d. Tremors and sneezing... he was put in the nicu yesterday morning. He is now on morphine and supposed to wean down.
Avatar f tn Newborns breathe so weird. Its not steady like us yet. They will skip a breath sometimes or breathe really slow, then really fast and sometimes it sounds gurgly. One minute you hear them snoring then it sounds like they stop but they are just breathing really quiet. I was told it's normal. They are learning how to use their lungs and regulate their breathing. But she or he may be congested too, try a nose plunger if he or she has a hard time breathing while feeding.
3184929 tn?1344701126 Ok so my daughternis a week n a day old is it normal for her to want to eat alot i mean alot lik il breast feed her n she wil stil b hungry n she wil eat 2oz of formula bt she goes poop n pee good so idk is it ok?
Avatar m tn How long would a newborn have needed to be exposed to percocet during a pregnancy to cause withdrawals after birth? I have a family member who swears up and down she only took the small amount that was prescribed to her for back pain in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. There has been a lot of suspicion about what was really going on with her throughout the pregnancy and she was known to take opiods before getting pregnant. Now the baby has been born and is experiencing withdrawals.
Avatar m tn She also mentioned that we must replace the nipple of her feeding bottles because the nipples' drops do not suit a newborn. After that, she urged us to have a our baby's CBC and platelet be examined and here are the result: Hemoglobin ---------------- 163.2 RBC Count ---------------- 5.44 Hemafocrit ---------------- 48 WBC Count ---------------- 8.
Avatar n tn We tried VERY hard to avoid her getting it, but it was inevitable. So now i've got a newborn with a cold. She's very congested, but it's not in her nose yet...more in her sinuses, so the booger sucker isn't working. She gurgles when she breathes. It's scary. Also, she doesn't seem to be able to clear the mucus in her throat. I use the sucker in her mouth every now and again to help, but it it's enough.
Avatar n tn im friends with a neo/natal nurse that works the ICU for baby's....with the opiet epidemic here in the America at a all time high she has to detox more and more babys then ever b/4...normally they get the baby stable then drop dose at a rate of 10% every 36 sounds simple enough but math dont solve this problem...some times you just need to slow down or stop dropping dose until your body adjusts.....
377493 tn?1356505749 I have a 2 week old infant that has some light nasal congestion and is also sneezing a bit. Twice when he sneezed a bit of mucus came was clear. He is not running a fever nor does he seem to be ill. A little background...he was a full term baby, but low birthweight (4lbs, 14oz). He was born via c-section (I mention that because someone told me c-section babies often have mucus issues). He is not having trouble breathing, and the mucus comes and goes.
Avatar f tn I'm assuming that it is allergies until I can take her in to the pedi. They told me 2 weeks ago to begin saline drops to releive her stuffiness, and I have been doing that 2 times a day. Now she's not stuffy anymore, her nose is running with clear mucous, it is not green or yellow... she is sneezing alot, especially since our dog has begun to shed, and her right eye is red.
Avatar f tn It was intense but only lasted like 5 seconds. Next, I woke up in the am with a sneezing fit. After I was done, my whole lower abdomen was sore and I couldn't sleep to my left because that pain I had while walking the dog came back. Went back to sleep on my back and when I woke up, it was gone. Maybe just a little sore. Think I'm ok? I'm a little worried. Thanks and sorry this post was long winded.
325224 tn?1342799514 She started leaking at 7 months and her doctor told her that it's a good sign that she will be able to breastfeed... I hope that's the same in my case as well. I'm not leaking a lot but I do have the clear syrup-type coming out if I gently squeeze my nipples...
Avatar n tn If you use a nursery monitor don't over-react to these normal variations in sleep sounds. sneezing yawning spitting up or burping stiffening of the body after a noise or sudden movement (also called the startle reflex) straining with bowel movements clearing the throat (or gurgling sounds in the throat) breathing irregularly (This is normal if your baby is content, the rate is less than 60 breaths per minute, any pauses are less than 10 seconds long, and your baby isn't turning blue.
Avatar n tn The excess phlegm got a bit worse at first, but in time it was totally gone. I have not heard him clear his throat in that manner (it drove me absolutely crazy) for almost a year. Turns out, Tom had a systemic candida overgrowth that was causing the phlegm. When he got the candida overgrowth under control, the excess phlegm was gone!!
Avatar f tn Then when u get a good cry you can dust yourself off and move forward. Your in for a bumpy ride for a few days but as a wise person on here told me (wolfmedicine) distraction, distraction! That saying will become your moto for the next little bit. Call a friend and talk about anything but your wd's That helped pass sine time for me. Sit outside if the weather permits. Take a short walk or until your able.. A short drive. Play music, read your bible. Anything to keep your mind busy.
Avatar f tn All parents and caretakers of newborn babies who would come in close contact with the newborn should receive pertussis vaccination to prevent spread of infection to the newborn. Therefore it is advisable that all such adults should be given Tdap at least two weeks before they come in contact with the newborn.Instaead of your usual shot of tetanus booster (Td )you can take Tdap.Hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
Avatar f tn Not being able to pick up a newborn would be hard in my opinion. All this being said, I am no expert but wanted to share my fresh feelings on recovery with you. Best wishes and Merry Christmas. Will be praying for you.
2079081 tn?1332013295 The circumstances are different this time and I've never been more scared in my life. I guess ill give a little back story.. I went on Suboxone in 2008 after hearing their cvommercials every day on the radio. My mom passed in 2007 and I spiraled downhill. She had 2 priscriptions for 250qt of 750mg/7.5 of vicodin. I went through them in 2 weeks. I was trying so hard to escape my loss that I didnt relize I was becoming addicted.
Avatar f tn They numb you with a needle in your back, if you take the pain meds every few hours before you start hurting it does not really feel any different when walking. I did not have staples so I can't answer that. I had dissolvable stitch tape stuff that pealed off on its own after a week. I as told to just run warm water over it to keep it clean while it was healing. The healing process is different for everyone.
Avatar n tn but the doctor told her that they would check the amniotic fluid. Does it make a difference if she hasn't used in a long time or can they still detect it?
168006 tn?1241016561 My baby carrier - It's a two-man job to get him in and put it on. Fancy newborn outfits, especially with elastic around the belly - you want them to be comfy! I highly recommend the full piece (head to toe) onesies with the zipper from the ankle to the collar. Simple, comfy, and you don't need to bother as much with blankets. Baby towels - Who says a baby can't use a regular towel? ALSO --- You might be a first time mom if you give up on breastfeeding too soon!
Avatar f tn Hey mommas im a bit worried my newborn have been sneezing alot idk if he alergic to a vanilla candle he has like a runny nose what should i do or it could b the weather
Avatar n tn who could see me that day was a podiatrist who worked within a large group of ortho Dr's in the area - my primary assured me that a podiatrist was just as good to address the break so I made the appt. I found out once I was there that the break was actually seen on the xray from 2 weeks prior - apparently whoever read the xray and did the report overlooked it so in essence, I had been walking around with a broken foot for 2 weeks. The MRI simply confirmed everything.
Avatar n tn If anyone found a solution, please post it here!! Thanks in advance! Wishing you all a healthy holiday season!
Avatar f tn Or buy frozen meals or sandwich ingredients. It is very difficult to take care of yourself after a csection let alone a newborn and 2 boys. Have everything ready and prepared so that you do the minimal until you regain your strength and heal. I personally had a panic attack when my husband and mom left me alone with my newborn to go buy groceries. I was under strong medication and my mind and body was just not all there yet those first weeks. I don't think i couldve done it alone.
Avatar f tn If your baby scores 8 or greater for 3 assessments in a row, or 12 or greater for 2 assessments in a row the nurses may give your baby medication to help lessen the withdrawal symptoms. Your baby may seem distressed, but medication may help reduce feelings of discomfort. Your baby will be tapered off the medication, which may happen before you leave the hospital or you may be given medication to give the baby at home. Some hospitals use phenobarbital and diluted tincture of opium (DTO).
Avatar f tn My newborn is sick. He won't stop crying... he's stuffy, sneezing, coughing. Everyone in my house has it. What can I do for him? I've tried saline drops. He's been to doctor. It's not in his chest. Any tips???
Avatar n tn Other than these she is a perfectly happy and healthy little one and her eyes do not seem to bother her. (no sneezing coughing, runny nose, sleeping fine, eating fine). What could this be?
Avatar f tn Babies have liquid poops that have breast milk! It's probably just the force if sneezing and farting making it come out. Does baby seem in pain? If so, try Oval or Infacol or even Gripe Water!
Avatar m tn When I am at the medical offices I have had a normal temp. My head feels a bit fuzzy, minor head discomfort, normal breathing, slightly tired, clear mucous, full appetite, congestion, no coughs or sneezing to note. I have been taking Allegra since Tuesday and using Astepro. Symptoms started last Sunday/Monday. Should I see another doctor, ride out the possible cold/flu, or just dive into the NICU like my wife and family want me to. Please help!