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Avatar f tn I get the same thing so n I think is normal, since u have it too, so now before sneezing I hold on to the area to prevent pain, but dont think you have to worry .. by the way im 14 w so maybe you are around the same week.
Avatar n tn If you had an abdominal hernia, you could probably see the area protrude during sneezing for instance, or any times those muscles get used strenuously. What makes a hernia problematic is if a loop of bowel gets caught in that weak muscle area and strangulates - then you got some real problems to worry about.
Avatar n tn Some times my left testicle tends to hurt at times when im running or walking somewhere but not always. Am i showing signs of a hernia? Thank you very much for your time and i await your response.
Avatar n tn I am to have an umbilical hernia repair with stiches. i have been told no exercise for 6 weeks. this is soul distroying as i love weight training is ther any exercise i can do?
Avatar f tn My grandfather had surgery to repair a hiatal hernia in March and since then, he's had episodes almost daily of sneezing about three times and then dry heaving. He never throws up but he dry heaves daily now and at times two times a day. It happens when he eats anything whether he eats solids or liquids. We went to a gastric doctor and they said it was acid reflex but no matter what we do, no medicine is helping. It also happens even if he is just sitting there not eating or drinking.
Avatar n tn But today I've been sneezing and the base of my skull has hurt. Just now I sneezed and had a sharp pain in my pelvis. I was hunched a bit as it happened. Last night I sneezed 8 times in a row and this morning in bed like 5 in a row. From all these sneezes do you think I've overworked or strained the muscles or something? The pain goes away right away too.
Avatar m tn I would go see your doctor. I had lower abdominal pain for years while in college. I would end up in the ER and they would try to tell me I had an STD. Always tested negative for those and then they would give me a shot of something and send me on my way. When I was out of college the same thing started again and I ended up with some other problems. It may just be your fibroids though. I had those when I was pregnant (not saying you are pregnant) but the pain was very much like yours.
Avatar m tn It has been this way for a couple months now and everytime I think its going to get better I end up sneezing or coughing and irritating it again. I originally thought the small bulge was a lipoma because I have several of them in different areas on my body. Could I possibly have a hernia and is it dangerous to have one in this area? It's on the right side and I would estimate at the top of my colon.
Avatar f tn I have copied and pasted info on a hiatial hernia and the link if u need more info. A hiatial hernia can cause acid reflux/gerd to build up in the stomach and can cause many of the symptoms u described.Ur dr should be able to rx an OTC med for u to use to help relieve the symptoms. ****************************************************************************************************** http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Hey so I found out I have an umbilical hernia and it's killing me. I'm 35 weeks and 3 days today. Baby is fine but I'm in so much pain. Doctor says they can't do anything till after my baby is out. I don't know what I'm gonna do for these next 5 weeks. I don't want her to come early but I don't know how long I can take the pain.
Avatar f tn Yes! Sometimes it really hurts too! It's fine, just becasue everything is stretched, sneezing causes like a spasm effect. When I feel one coming I bring my legs up towards my chest, it really helps.
Avatar f tn Hard to say without seeing it but it sounds consistent with an epigastric hernia
Avatar n tn Ever since I have been experiencing that cramping pain, giving it 3/10 score in the pain scale, and it is aggravated by coughing, laughing, sneezing. This morning I experienced vague generalized pain in my abdomen right after a bowel movement and was experiencing slight nausea and vomiting. what could this be?my docotr said that the pain in the right lower quadrant beneath the incision site is normal and that I should not lift heavy objects in order for it not to develop into a hernia.
Avatar n tn 072832 - you can get a hernia from coughing, that's how my husband got his. The weakness in the tissue might be there from the get go, but anything like coughing or sneezing or lifting can cause the actual tear. Have you tried seeing an allergist?
Avatar n tn Hello, I hope you can help me.In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin.
Avatar m tn No you can still get a hernia!!! You can get a hernia from even sneezing!
1007532 tn?1332771526 But i also had a visible lump and it turns out it is a hernia. But my guess (if its not unbarable pain) would be that it is a cyst. Another thing is, if you are having any constipation, your colon curves around and is on your left side.
Avatar f tn I had inguinal hernia surgery May14 so it's been 9 days and for the most part all seems well. However there is a sometimes burning sensastion on the upper left side of scrotum. Had the Doc check it out today and said that's normal. First day without pain killers. After reading some of the posts in the health topics forum I must say I'm a little nervous about what to expect for a long term outcome. I had a hydrocele operated on when I was 20 on right side.
Avatar m tn Since this originally occurred at work, I went to our designated work clinic. First guess by the doctor was either a pulled groin or a hernia. I was put on restricted duty for a total of three months and received an ultrasound to confirm a hernia.
Avatar n tn my right testicle aI had a bilateral inguinal hernia repair along with a hydrocele operation at the same time. The hernia repair was much more complicated than the doctor predicted and the surgery lasted nearly twice as long as he predicted. The doctor did not cath me during the surgery and apparently my blad fder was torn causing severe pain outside of the normal expected discomfort.
Avatar n tn Inguinal hernia can cause right sided pain that is worse with standing,walking, sneezing, or coughing. Bloating of the stomach may indicate a condition called gastroparesis or delayed gastric emptying when accompanied by problems breathing after eating. If no respiratory difficulty, then you may have IBS. The hernia and IBS are two separate problems that can occur together to give you the symptoms you are experiencing.
Avatar m tn There's no pain when I press on the area that hurts, only if I sneeze, cough, or anything that requires using the muscles in my side. It's not a hernia either, as far as I can tell. Any ideas what it might be?
Avatar f tn As of yet there are no other symptoms of anything I am 15 and kind of shy so please tell me it might be something other then a hernia(that's what all my internet research led to) because I don't know if I could go to my parents with this.
1415514 tn?1283155666 or sprained neck but 1000 times more painful. Sneezing hurts like Hell, can't walk without a wall or someone to hold on to. I cry 2-3 times a day from the pain, Also My testicular area is hurting a lot as well as my abdominals. The pain is so bad i'm taking 2 pills of dilaudid 2mg (hydromorphone hydrochloride). The pain still is there I am running out of ideas.
Avatar f tn I also get this pain after a bowl movement , when I sneeze / cough at that time the pain is sudden and sharp with sneezing. I dont see or feel any growth in the area of pain and when I rest a bit the pain goes away if I press my tummy at the area of pain I dont feel pain. Please let me know what it could be??? Hernia or some stich got lose in there.  Thanks !
849270 tn?1287195972 You should try to avoid increasing your abdominal pressure by coughing, sneezing and other activities till you get your hernia repaired. You can plan an elective surgery with consultation of your surgeon with respect to size and any other complications of your hernia. Take care!
1561352 tn?1294906189 I had surgery for a hernia on July 3rd of 2000 while on active duty in the Marine Corps. It caused me to be discharged because the pain would not go away. Today is Jan 13th 2011 and the pain is still here. It is tender to the touch,numbness,burning sensations,sharp pain feels like a 1000 wasps stinging u at one time. Its close to my groin and its so severe I cant eat or sleep cant walk run climb stairs sit bend push anything or lift anything without living in chronic pain everyday of my life.
Avatar m tn Being that I play soccer, a friend told me to go see a specialist because I had symptoms of having a hernia (lower ab/groin pain, intensified pain when sitting up from a laying down position, coughing and sneezing). After seeing the specialist, he ruled out both a traditional and sports hernia, but I've heard you can't know for sure unless you get an MRI or CAT scan? Any suggestions on what this is and healing time?
Avatar m tn It can be anything in your body. Hernia symptoms vary, however most of the hernia symptoms all affect the brain and immune system to correspond and ruin the heart and crystal system. Do a specific test if you are worried.
Avatar f tn I have a ventral hernia, right above my navel. It hasn't really bothered me but now at 14 weeks, I notice it's tender. I have read that it really doesn't hinder the growth and development of my lil peanut. But I'm a lil worried if I have to have a c-section bc of it. I will have to remind myself to mention this to my doctor my next vist. Has anyone else have a hernia or currently have one.