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Avatar n tn I'm a 62 year old male who's recently developed allergies. I too have fits of uncontrollable sneezing. I went to an allergist and he identified dust mold and grass as the culprits. Just after visiting the doctor I spent 6 weeks in Mexico and was relatively free from misery. I'm now back in Toronto for a few weeks and the sneezing seems to be returning . The sneezing I can live with---it's 10 hours a day with a running nose that's a killer.
Avatar f tn Hi guys, a family member has been diagnosed. Forgive me if I am being uneducated about the situation but this is all new. My family member has been playing games with my little girl and hid her dummy in her mouth then put back in my girls mouth, is that a way of transmission?
Avatar f tn BH - are you sure she's suffering from allergies and not an infection?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 22 year old male (with two children) and have just gotten diagnosed with hepatitis C. I just have some questions about hepatitis and getting through life with it. Here's my current situation: I have two beautiful little girls - I just got out of a 5 year relationship with their mother (in September).
Avatar n tn Even though i asked her prior to this if she had anything i needed to worry about, she later felt guilty and told me she was diagnosed with High risk HPV two years ago, and had Leep done in January. I performed oral sex on her on Oct 16 and then again maybe a week or two into November. In the middle of this, she had a Pap Smear done, that revealed everything was still abnormal and she's most likely going to need a second round of LEEP.
2193335 tn?1339370806 Her blood pressure was fine, all her organs were fine. The X-rays showed some stain on her lungs. Lucy was not sneezing, coughing or having trouble breathing. (as her brother did, when his lungs where affected with Cancer). The vet recommended to give her antibiotics, to try, even after the radiologist communicated to us of the spreading of the cancer in her lungs. We couldn't believe it would be Cancer as Lucy was not showing any symptoms. She was tired, but still talking.
148691 tn?1260198503 is this something to be concerned about? she has been sneezing a little bit... not so much tho, and coughing... but i thought it was part of the virus leaving her system..??? Now she's got another diahrea spell! =( My poor baby girl.... One thing i've been thinking, is that about a week or so.. (coincidence maybe??) I mixed a can of regular milk based formula with her lactose free one... she was never really diagnosed with lactose intolerance but since I am...
Avatar n tn I just got a new kitten (10 weeks old) on Monday. The girl who has been caring for her since she was born told me her eyes were a little "goopy." They have gotten worse since then and she has also been sneezing. Tonight when I picked her up, I noticed a thick gel-like slimy substance on one of her eye-balls. Could this mean she has an infection? She has been meowing alot but I don't know if it's because of her eyes or because she's trying to get acclimated to our house.
94902 tn?1330483267 He also does it when he is awake and in a laying down position or a reclined position. My dr. diagnosed this as reflux, but he doesn't spit up he just kind of has this gurgly, rattly, almost like a snoreing noise. Anyone else experience this with their baby? He sleeps best in a car seat or on an incline, but still he makes the noise. I'm just wondering if it could be something else - I've been to the dr. twice about it.
Avatar f tn I am so thankful that I haven't experienced anything else..
Avatar m tn At night I drunk to much and was still under the influence of sleeping pills for the long flight. No excuses but I took a girl to my room. I fingered the girl and she gave me a handjob (handjob very shortly i did not wanted it). Then i put on a condom and had vaginal intercourse for about 5 min. During intercourse i even checked if it was still intact, because my foreskin was not all the way back underneath the condom but it looked ok.
Avatar f tn I am a fifteen year old girl and I am very active. For the past two years I have been diagnosed with Costochodritis on and off, so when I started having pain of the rib cage I assumed I had it again. When the pain flared up I realized that the chest pain wasn't the source of the pain. The pain seems to be coming from my right side and the mid right side of my back, which radiates to the chest on occasions.
Avatar m tn I really don't know which one I have, I was diagnosed in 1989 a young girl in college and I am pretty sure that it was some type of swap test. Yes I am on daily Valtrex. I really appreciate you clarifying that for me. We were both hoping that it was just the common cold and like I said it has been such a long time that I went through it, I simply did not know.
Avatar m tn I had protected vaginal sex (no problem with condom), but gave the viet girl oral sex and she also performed oral sex on me. I gave her oral sex twice, which I know is pretty stupid, since its been said that one in two vietnamese sex workers are HIV positive... The next day, saturday around 14:00 pm, I noticed a severe inflammation of my lower left gum, the skin of my gum was very red and almost covered my entire teeth.
Avatar m tn I take my dog (Newfoundland lab and blue healer) for a walk every morning - I don't even make it a half a block and my eyes are watering and my nose is stuffy and I start sneezing. Is this from the snow molds (weather changing) - because it happens even when there is just snow on the ground and/or when there is just grass.
Avatar m tn Went to Strip Club, girl took out penis and placed a few kisses on penis shaft and head, placed head in mouth for 2 seconds. Risks? 5: 2 weeks ago visited prostitute and had both protected vaginal and oral sex, same condom used for both. Condom did not appear to slip or break. After pulling condom off noticed she had begun her period, tiny bit of blood on outside of condom. Risks? I was recently diagnosed with a genital wart, does this change any other risk factors? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have had brief unprotected vaginal sex two days in a row with a massage girl on 8th and 9th of Feb, a loads of oil was involved while during the time of intercourse (kissing was involved). I was feeling absolutely normal but started sneezing on 10th of Feb after a long road trip after which I has nasal congestion on 11th of Feb. I then developed bad sore throat on 14th of Feb and had fever 100.6 degree Fahrenheit, chills with muscle pain and also vomited once.
468717 tn?1207155775 Headaches are often accentuated by coughing, sneezing or straining. Patients may complain of dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, muscle weakness or balance problems. Often fine motor skills and hand coordination will be affected. Vision problems can also occur. Some patients experience blurred or double vision, difficulty in tracking objects or a hypersensitivity to bright lights. Physical examination may reveal nystagmus (involuntary eye movements).
Avatar m tn After two years of tongue problems I was finally was diagnosed two weeks ago with a salivary gland disorder through a gammagraphy (a CT scan). My salivary glands are not working properly and this is what explain why my tongue is always dry or with thick/sticky saliva (xerostomia). Now this Friday I am having a lip biopsy to rule out Sjogren Syndrome (SS).
Avatar f tn Days 1-3: Male: coughing and sneezing Day 4: Male: Difficulty breathing - congestion, not eating, drinking, sleeping, or pooping. Taken to vet. Prescribed oral-antibiotics, and diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Day 5: Male: No improvement, breathing difficulties worsen, and no longer concerned with attempting the litter box. Taken to vet. Given injectable antibiotics, x-rays show lungs are clear, and given liquids under the skin.
14631020 tn?1436549076 Peeing because of sneezing or laughing, etc., is stress incontinence, which happens to many women, especially those who have borne children. It's not a part of MS, and is sort of 'normal,' considering the wear and tear our bodies go through. Having to pee suddenly and desperately and then losing it is urge incontinence. This and having no signal at all, just losing it, can well be an MS thing.
Avatar m tn // Girl said that she had bad odor and people cough and sneeze around her. Her doctors said that she had giardiasis, erosive bulb. Man said that people cough and sneeze around him and these reactions increase if he sweats. Several person descibed PATM symptoms (people cough and sneeze) and said they had bad smell.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone. 4 months ago i ended up having unprotected sex with a girl ( dumb decision on my part). Nothing out of the ordinary happened from that situation. October 6th i received unprotected oral from a different girl, in which I didnt ejaculate whatsoever. 10 days later i started to get a cold, but it was nothing more then sneezing for around 3 days. After that 3 days I was better for a while October 23rd I developed a sore throat on the left side of my throat, which got pretty bad.
Avatar f tn 9 days after surgery I'm 27, no problems with cysts until last month. Went to ER with persistent sharp pelvic pain and swelling. Diagnosed with crooked and out of place IUD. Copper IUD was removed the next day, ultrasound later in the week found a 9 cm septated ovarian cyst. Pain was mysteriously gone the following day (had lasted 5 days). 4 weeks later I had an appointment with a specialist, who told me I'd need to get the cyst removed.
Avatar m tn Hi! I am a 16 years old girl. Ever since I was around 10 I have been experiencing heart palpitations. One moment I will be fine, and the next my heart will start racing and beating very hard. It is sometimes triggered by physical activity, but is often triggered by simple things like standing up, bending over and picking something up, moving to fast,or even sneezing. These episodes last anywhere from a couple seconds to hours.
Avatar f tn Hi about 6 weeks ago i had recvieed a blowjob from a girl of unknown status, it lasted only about a minute or so, soon after I stared stressing out super bad and I started looking up hiv symptoms and everything anyway about 4 days after I started to get a very dry mouth possibly caused by stress but at the time I didn't think stress could cause anything.
Avatar f tn I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex with massage girl in Delhi 48 days ago. This was my first time, I have never done sex in my 30 years of life. And now I am worried about HIV and other STD diseases. I know I have made a mistake and I am regretting why I have done it. I should control my feelings. I'll explain you my situation.
541150 tn?1306037443 If Dillan has ringworm they might report that and take him away from me. Ringworm is extremely contagious. His UTI symptoms are only sneezing. The vet said she would not give me any meds to give Dillan because the cold is very mild. I am terrified my older cat will get infested. Keeping Dillan isolated is no use as Abby has already been exposed to it although he isn't showing signs of UTI (perhaps his immune system is strong enough?
Avatar m tn This all took a turn during my freshman year in college, when I met this girl that I began talking to. I've dated girls before, but this was different and everything I ever wanted, if I could even know what I truly want at the age of 19. Long story short, things went south and we stopped our relationship. I can honestly say that I have thought about her, one way or another, every single day since we broke up 9 months ago.
Avatar n tn Holding a small pillow helps when sneezing, coughing and laughing. Like you, I was scared too. I knew this thing growing inside of me had to come out out and surgery was the only way to know if it was cancerous or not. Stay positive and take care, you will get through this.