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Avatar f tn its my weirdest symptom I've been having. I just keep sneezing !!!! Is anyone else getting this weird symptom!?
4378548 tn?1358558379 Snap! I have been sneezing so much the past few weeks. Probably about ten times today at school. I am a teacher and the kids laugh at me constantly, because I am always sneezing and saying "bless me"!!! lol I am 7 weeks.
Avatar f tn All the extra blood can swell your sinuses and make you sneeze! Sneezing constantly has been my only prego symptom, thankfully, but yes it is kind of crazy. My office says I'm allergic to work now. Ha!
Avatar f tn I woke up several times during the night covered in sweat and shaking. But now I cannot stop sneezing. My head feels like it got run over by a truck but I DO feel better!!
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm on 14 days clean from norco,feeling good I did not sleep to good last night, but my problem is I've been sneezing so much these last couple days, did anyone else have this problem after 14 days?
495284 tn?1333897642 I have no clue why people sneeze during w.d, I know that is one of my bigger I constantly sneeze. Not sure why...but it happens to most people.
Avatar m tn i sneezed a few times everyday for at least the first 3 1/2 to 4 months i was clean
645800 tn?1466864555 I'll have fits where I'll constantly sneeze for 15 - 20 minutes at a time. The sneezing fits happen for no apparent reason and throughout the year and almost daily. Nothing that I have tried seems to help at all. My doctors have also tried various things to help with this (Nasal sprays, allergy medications, etc.).So last night I decided to do some research on sneezing on the Internet and found some, what I think, very interesting things.
Avatar n tn The omnipresence of excessive mucus that is either sitting on the tongue (bad breath), trapped in the tonsils like little smelly white pebbles, and makes you constantly feel the urge to sniff because it feels like something is in the back of your throat ... likely have the same problem, but it mostly goes unnoticed. If those same people drooled more... or drooled onto light colored pillowcases, they'd probably have the same brown-yellowish staining.
Avatar n tn I have a very sneezy cat. She was extremely sneezy when we first got her from the shelter and upon taking to her to the vet for her first shots and check up he gave her a round of antobotic for a "cold". Went through that, still sneezing so they put her through another round. Basically to this day she's still very sneezy, and mucus is present. Also, every couple weeks she'll be even more sneezy than normal and her left eye will get runny with a brown substance.
211940 tn?1267884866 Oh how I would love to only sneeze 2-4 times in succession! When I have my sneezing attacks I will sneeze for 5-10 minutes constantly to the point I am gasping for breath. This usually happens evry few days and several times each of those days. Right now I am confused about allergies as in the past when tested I was allergic to almost everything under the sun. But the last time I was tested they said I was not allergic to anything. But yet I still have the sneezing attacks.
Avatar f tn I don't know why, but my sneezing is getting worse! The last few days it has been crazy. Luckily it's not one of the w/d symptoms I mind so that is good. It's just strange how it is getting worse when it's been 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I m 13 weeks pregnant n this is ma first pregnancy after 4 years of ma marriage.. I hv been sneezing constantly since last night n nw I m having a little pain in ma lower tummy cz of d sneezing pressure..
1454858 tn?1306787978 have been sneezing A LOT! I am about 14 weeks + pregnant & sneezing constantly. anyway, when I sneeze & blow my nose I have a lot of groin (really low) pressure & pain. Is this normal at 14-15 weeks? I thought I wouldn't feel pressure there until closer to the end of my pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal yesterday. As I was getting in my car to drive home I began sneezing and my nose on the side of the root canal (tooth #12) began to run profusely. I feel the contant need to sneeze which is miserable. I can't do anything but hold a tissue to my nose. I do not have allergies and I do not have a cold. This has been going on for more that 24 hours. I called my dentist and he had his assistant tell me that this had nothing to do with my root canal .
8075190 tn?1401039075 Ever since i got pregnant iv'e been sneezing and pee would come out at the same time. Why is that? It really annoying.
369592 tn?1198515304 Over the last few weeks, our dog, JC, has been sneezing upon getting up from a lying position, and has clear discharge coming from both nostrils. He also has had lots of eye discharge. I have started giving him benadryl every 12 hours. He had a vet appointment two weeks ago and was then coughing quite a bit, so was prescribed a cough suppressant. The cough has stopped but now the sneezing has gotten worse.
Avatar f tn Since 2005 sore throat, feel hot and sweat a lot, lump in throat feeling, swollen stomach/whole body, pains, stabbing pain in shoulder blade and right side towards front stomach area, constantly tired , constipated 4 days or so but then visiting bathroom up to 10 times a day for a day then back to not going...pains in sides of neck towards front and occasionally swollen.
Avatar m tn Im constantly sneezing, when i sneeze they are short and quick with no mucus. It happens so much that even my partner gets annoyed with it. Its been happening for two years now. Any ideas on how to stop it or what it is causing? Ive tried allergy pills, all types of antihistamines but nothings working. Any ideas? Thanks.
Avatar f tn My 4 year old indoor cat is sneezing constantly. She won't stop and I can't figure out if it is something I need to take her to the vet for or not. Her eyes are not watering, she does not have any mucus coming out of her nose and she otherwise seems like her normal self (although a bit needier and clingy). She's been sneezing for three days straight.
Avatar f tn Hello All Question: I am 6wks preg ( 3rd after 2 mc ). I am constantly sneezing and my nose is so stuffy i need to invest in a tissue company, i am blowing my nose like every 5 min. I know it's not a cold because i have no aches and no cough or sore throuhgt. I looked on line, but nothing to say these were signs of pregnancy. Also, my boobs are killing me, like i can't wait to take off the bra after all day. When should i notice a change in size.
Avatar f tn She was tired, as expected, when we got home for a day or so, but then started to develop this nasty reverse sneezing. We treated her for Kennel Cough, which went away, but then the sneezing came back and we knew it wasn't the case. At the time we were taking her to a different vet than where we are now, who really had no idea what was going on.
Avatar n tn A few years after I quit smoking, I began sneezing a lot. Most of the physicians I saw treated me for allergies. During the Guillain-Barre' illness, I was treated with massive doses of Hemagamagobulin and heavy doses of Prednisone. The sneezing ceased for almost 1 year. In the past 4 years the heaviness of sneezing has become detrimental to any quality of life due to the muscle pulling and spraining in the neck, back and arms.
Avatar m tn I sometimes think he get things stuck in the hole where his tooth came out, tho this morning was the first time he has actually pawed at his mouth. This morning he is was incredibly snuffly, sneezing almost constantly, but eventually ate some dry food and some smooth wet food. He simply will not eat wet food with any particles in it.. And broths make him sneeze a lot.
Avatar n tn I have had allergies and asthma all my life. When I have a sneezing/hay fever reaction, it's accompanied by the usual itching of palate and eyes, and my medications take care of it. But once or twice a month, I sneeze uncontrollably, hundreds of times, all day long, and nothing, not Allegra-D, not Claritin, not Benadryl, will stop it. And the weird thing is, this sneezing is NOT accompanied by the usual itching. When I have a "sneezing day," I am nonfunctional.
Avatar n tn In the past 4 years the heaviness of sneezing has become detrimental to any quality of life due to the muscle pulling and spraining in the neck, back and arms. My eyes also tear constantly prior to and during the sneezing attacks. The attacks can last for 5 minutes or 2 hours. Sneezes are non stop and are produced as many as 10 to 12 times per session. Extreme fatigue follows.
Avatar f tn For about 2 and half years now every night and morning i have a blocked up nose and im constantly sneezing, I am sniffing through out the day and it is just clear mucus. i have been recently waking up in the middle of the night with sneezing fits and my face puffs up and i can hardly breathe. ive been to the doctors and all they say is its a cold or a viral infection but i have never known of one last nearly 3 years!