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Avatar f tn Now the last few months she has suddenly developed reverse sneezing. The reverse sneezing seems to be getting worse as well. She RS if she gets excited, runs around, plays, or even just doing nothing. We have her on Hydroxyzine two times a day (I think 10mg.), but it doesn't seem to be doing too much. We have tried her on Benadryl (dose recommended by vet), but that did nothing. I have suspected candida, from all the meds she has taken in her young life.
Avatar f tn Im 5w3d now and have some sneezing and coughing! Feeling concerned.. how will it affect bb growth?
1149636 tn?1278253923 I sneezed a lot today. For about 3-4 hrs. It was exhausting. I felt really tired after a while, weak. I went to lie down and slept for about 6 hrs. I also ate a handful of honey roasted nuts. It had wheat and lactose in the ingredients.
1149636 tn?1278253923 I was sneezing a lot today. I felt weak and tired. I slept for most of the day.
Avatar n tn lots of sneezing today. finally took zyrtec 20 mg at about 8 pm.
461993 tn?1245693352 this sneezing is driving me insane!!! got some real good sleep last night, w/out any meds...whew!!! let's keep it up...
1965902 tn?1328199193 Started with itchy nose in the morning. Sneezing all day long. Decided against cleaning which only aggravates condition and is very annoying having to stop every second to blow nose and having nose dripping over everything.
Avatar n tn bothering me at work and at home, had make-up done at Sears - worse
Avatar n tn allergy?
Avatar n tn appear to have reaction to moldy paper in bedroom
Avatar f tn sneezing and nose blocked quite alot today.
928257 tn?1296673492 Sneezed a bit this evening. Nose runny.
1479078 tn?1329363783 feels like i have a headcold now sneezing itchy scratchy throat hard to breath. Whats going on? is this another part of withdrawl?
Avatar n tn She ate a few treats, but not enough. On top of that, she has reverse sneezing, sounds like she has a cold, drools when she sleeps. I told the vet that she doesnt eat and about the reverse sneezing. She said not much I can do about the sneezing and to try wet food. I did and still nothing. She seems to be getting worst. Help me or tell me how I can pay for the vet.
8339276 tn?1400262023 I'm constantly sneezing and sniffing all over the place , allergy-like symptoms. I sneeze so much I feel like I'm hurting the baby. I swear I want to get checked just in case?? Or should I be fine?? My next apt is next Friday.
Avatar m tn You get the chicken pox by the person coughing or sneezing or you touching or breathing the area near the blisters. so it is possible. It takes 10-21 days after exposure to get the symptoms. It is hard to know if you breathed in the virus or not for sure.
Avatar f tn I have eaten minimal food of a small piece of chicken, 2 tomatoes and some lettuce, greek yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries, my evening meal has been salmon with prawns, green beens baby tomatoes and small potatoes. My neck has now started to ache. I am afraid to bend down. Should I stay home and rest in bed for a day? I have never had this before and am 67 years of age. Should I visit the doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi my son is 5 years old and he has a blocked nose it just comes and goes he couldnt get rid of phlegm i had yried everything nothing is workiing im 36 weeks pregnant and im worried how im gona tak care of us i had been to doctor tried nasal spray , chicken stock garlic water honey lemon green yea etc but he is not getting better now he is also tired of (blowing , cleaning his nose ) does any idea how i can help him to get better and breath properly or any best home remedy :(
1014371 tn?1251047658 m a 23year old female have a rash along my forehead/hairline down my neck back and chest, looks alot like chicken pox spos but have already had them in my junior years. its very itchy the spots are slightly raised. have experienced itching of other body parts (feet hands and thighs) but no rash on those parts. any ideas as to what this could be? i do suffer from hayfever but take anti histamines. i also suffer from some animal and foodallergies. but have not been around any of these allergens.
Avatar n tn I have a really bad cold, i have a stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing up stuff, tired ALOT, my chest hurts when i cough and sneeze. I have been taking tylonel, i was wondering if there is anything else that i can take, that won't harm my baby?
Avatar f tn Ive been home taking care of my 5yr old for the 3rd day forhigh fevers, body aches, watery eyes, sneezing and cough. Now i caught the virus. I know i should talk to my obgyn but im curious if any of you ladies have a tip or know what the dr might prescribe? Im feeling terrible. .body aches and i have mild shivers, runny nose,sneezing and temp is at 99.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was born with one kidney. I recently moved. I have a new doctor and she informed me not to take any other meds. except regular tylenol. My question is am I able to take a cold and flu medicine? I generally don't get sick very often but, I am down with sneezing and coughing constently both day and night.Its been three years that I had a cold like this one. I need to get back to work. Can you please help with a little advice?
1149636 tn?1278253923 5:25 am - when I woke up, I was a bit groggy 5:30 am - sneezing, runny nose 6:00 am - sneezing, runny nose 6:20 am - sneezing, runny nose 6:15 am - gf rolled oats, rice milk around 9:00 am - 10:00 am - breakout along hairline, eyebrows 10:55 am - hungry, stomach grumbling, didn't eat a snack 11:00 am - itchy bumps on chest, painful/sore, acne 12:15 pm - lunch - rice, chicken, carrots 1:00 pm - itchy ears, inside, the left 1:20 pm - extremely itchy ears
Avatar n tn Green phlegm is usually a virus. With the flu, there is usually more body ache and a fever up to 102 degrees F. Colds often have more runny nose and sneezing. There can be a little body ache, but it's not so much you desperately want to stay in bed or return there if you forced yourself to get up. For a cold take zinc gluconate (it has to be gluconate) tablets, 50 to 75 mg. I don't recommend the lozenges because there is sugar and you don't want sugar when you're sick).
Avatar m tn Hi, Just wondering if anyone's doggy has suffered from allergies with sneezing and somewhat of a cough. . . Told to give him Benadryl. . . Are we able to give him Claritin or something similar???? Any other remedy for him avail, I know, no chicken soup for him . . . .