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611067 tn?1458595083 My cat does the same thing. I've had her looked at and they kept saying it was probably allergies. She also gets a weepy eye from time to time and I have to get an ointment to put in her eye. This last time we decided to try antibiotics in case it was some sort of viral bacteria or something. I've heard herpes in cats can cause these type symptoms too. You might want to get that checked out. Otherwise, it's probably just allergies.
Avatar m tn If the kitty sneezes a lot, it does not necessarily mean he is sick. Sometimes sneezing is a perfectly normal function of the respiratory system. Of course, we cannot always assume this is the case. Might be he is allergic to some fabric or cleaning product. A lot of cats are also allergic to Febreeze and other scents.
Avatar f tn Also, will be listed the Modalities that each one specializes in....If you don't understand what they mean, get back with me and I'll help you.... One of the greatest FINDS of my life was my Holistic Vet!! I drive 60 miles (One way) to see him...It's that important to me for my dogs! Good luck & let me know what you find out......
Avatar n tn Oh yeah one last thing I find that I don't sneeze much when I lie down- infact come to think of it especially when I'm in the bath??? What does that mean?
Avatar n tn I assumed it was jealousy, however, late in my pregancy, he started doing what I have never see a cat do! He started sneezing excessively . These sneezes are also followed up with what seems to be an excess of saliva/mucous. He always seems startled when this happens and runs around trying to get it out! @ weeks ago I came home and noticed blood on his nose (which is from what I assume him to be scratching it...maybe it was bothering him?
Avatar f tn That is what I figured. So it is going to be the cat who is sneezing. I think that should be the one who has the problem. Chances are this one may have an upper respiratory infection and is sneezing blood tinged mucus--which may mean they have a bacterial infection . This will need some antibiotics. Keep us posted, K?
Avatar n tn Can you tell a tumor just with xray? If so, what type of tumor would grow THAT fast? Could it be something else? abcessed tooth or something else??
Avatar f tn As they get older they do lose weight, sometimes it is due to hyperthyroidism, so have her thyroid checked also. I think she will be fine once the pren kicks in. It has a lot of side effects, put it does great work when it is called for.
365714 tn?1292202708 they go with it. It must be a heady feeling of power for a cat to know it can get a five foot+tall/ 100 + pound creature to do what it wants every time!
Avatar n tn in Dari (Language spoken in Afghanistan). I just wonder what does this illness call in English ? Is it a type of hernia ? The terms mean: Naf = Navel and Baramadan = rising. Your help is appreaciated.
Avatar f tn Cat litter &/or cat waste does not have pneumonia in it. It is "AMMONIA" which has absolutely nothing to do with pneumonia. And no, you cannot "catch" pneumonia from cat boxes.
Avatar n tn You can also ask your vet about prednisone, which will decrease the inflammation in his airways helping him to breathe easier. Have you had a chest x-ray? If so, what did it show? Does he have a fever? Was the white blood cell count elevated? Another idea to help loosen the phlegm-run a very hot shower with the door shut so your cat can inhale the steam-for about 10 minutes. That may help, too! Best of luck!
6456238 tn?1384753680 Of significant note, one researcher stresses that it is important to realize that this data does not mean that FIV can infect humans, but rather that the similarity in the viruses is close enough that they can observe the cross-reaction. So, your next question might be ‘What does this all mean for vaccination efforts?’ The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires testing in two different animal species before testing in humans is allowed to commence.
Avatar n tn The very first one I had the report said one small sentence that I had a Stage I Malformation, but that was never repeated again. Since I didn't know what that mean, and my reg dr didn't know, we didn't think it meant anything. That was 8 years ago and since then I have not even heard the word Chiari at all. That is why I am praying this will be a positive diagonosis for me. I just had another MRI with contrast on Tues, so hopefully it will show up this time.
Avatar f tn trust me bro after a few days you will realize you can do it..Whats more important?Pills or your family? Thats what it comes down to..Good luck bro you can do it!
Avatar f tn The virus isn't doing the damage it normally does but the loss of her littermate and then Gus' arrival was too much for her system. At this point she only has eye symptoms and no sneezing so I am taking the lack of progression in symptoms as a sign that she is getting used to him. She only hisses at Gus now when he tries to steal her food or trying to get her to play when she'd rather be resting.
Avatar m tn My cat developed Horner's Syndrome after a recent dental cleaning, and if it weren't for this post I never would have known what it was my called. My vet denies it was the result of the cleaning and we're also paying for various tests and visits. While I understand there are risks with any procedure, I would respect my vet more for admitting the possibility. He didn't even mention Horner's Syndrome and seemed surprised when I brought it up. He's thinking toxoplasmosis.
Avatar f tn I had a cat that lost some hair at the top of her head. I don't know if she was licking it off, or if it was some kind of irritation. The vet didn't notice anything abnormal, and the skin itself didn't look irritated. But I took her home and started treating it myself with neosporin. The hair grew back and we never had another problem. Is she by chance a siamese? They tend to be more emotional than other cats. So if she is it could definitely be a stress-related thing. My cat is half siamese..
Avatar n tn Anyway, my grandpa used it and that is how I knew about it. Have tried it and it does give relief and does give you a funny taste in your mouth when you rub it in. Although it is not recommended for Human use, alot of older people use it and know of it. Just some input on MSM that I'm aware of and not intended for advice.
1666434 tn?1325265950 There are times when my body has had enough coffee, so I have no pleasure in the coffee aisle--just a lot of sneezing. I don't drink it all the time, but it does actually help with migraines if I don't drink too much of it. That's a good resource for dog owners to know about. I don't personally have a dog, but so many people do, so it's greatly appreciated that you posted that information.
Avatar m tn That would tell you the real result and whatever she told you was obviously wrong. It doesn't matter now. But what does matter is that you get the right diagnosis. You lab work doesn't show that you have it anyway. It is good you are going to a hematologist. But why the heptatologist? Just curious. Do you have hepatitis? Maybe I forgot if you said you did. So you still have some of the folliculitis? You still need to get rid of it.
Avatar f tn If I even consider asking why she is being mean to me it gets worse. She says that it is my own fault because I brought the dog into the house and she doesn't like the dog. I get that I am not a perfect dog parent, but yelling at me and being angry at me because of the dog? I try to point out that I respect her and her needs and that she loves cats and so we have cats, but I don't understand why I am not afforded the same respect when it comes to my dog.
Avatar f tn As for vics or perc causing permanent damage - the hydrocodone, I don't believe, does. If you've taken more than the ceiling dose of the tylenol in it, it CAN affect your liver. The limit is 4 Grams in 24 hours. If you have a doc and get regular lab tests for a physical, it should pick up if there are any problems. So, here we go. I'll check back often - it's so helpful to read what each of you has to say and for the encouragement. I appreciate all of you.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I find it much more rewarding reading what you all have to say than it is doing the mom/wife thing. I guess it does go in spurts though. Other times, when I see one of my kids do something for the first time, grinning with pride while making sure mommys watching or when they score a goal in soccer, etc. it is those moments that make me feel like being a mom is the greatesst thing in the world.
Avatar n tn U do have exertion HA's so I wonder if u do not realize what is meant by the pain associated with coughing, sneezing,...I would liken it more to of a ice pick jabbing...for a few minutes.... with laughing tho I was diff too, I would gag, and then choke and almost vomit and end with a HA....we r all diff so it doesn't really matter what type of HA's u have, u have them as well as a few other symptoms going on.
Avatar n tn For the last couple of months ive felt dizzie and tired and sick and cramping and moody (crying)at anything does all this mean im pg and this is implantaion bleeding or is it somthing eles wud really appretiate some comments as this is really annoying not knowing.
1160836 tn?1332333769 I want to make sure I dont miss.. and yes it does help much so that your doc can know what to do with you and help make things come alone... I will start my municex tom and I am so happy I am done with the clomid.. time for some BD lol... the municex help with the CM since I am on clomid 150mg the CM become more thick and that is not good for the lil swimmers so what ever I can do to help I will.. it works wonders n better then lube... My DH LOVE it too.
Avatar n tn The nurse explained that it is like 'teaching an old dog new tricks' WHAT?!? Does this mean I have to have the procedure again? Or is this normal to feel the heart going 'crazy' after it's been poked at?
746399 tn?1233073672 What does it mean when your cat has watery eyes or gugcky eyes, an eye discharge? When is it necessary to go to the doc, and when it is just like a cold? Assuming Cats get colds.
168348 tn?1379360675 Someone recently commented to me that endocrinology does not involve many procedures; what it really involves is hard, careful thinking. It is too bad that there are not more endos who are good at the thinking part than what there seem to be. I can understand what you mean about saying that you would call yourself a funny looking sight if it wasn't so depressing. We have to laugh at everything we possibly can, but we all have our limits.