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Avatar f tn Hello, I'm a breeder of persian cats. I am very health conscious and I test my cats regularly for cat flu and other viruses. Every test I've ever had has come back negative for these viruses. I have a litter of kittens at the moment. They have not been to shows, and I have not had any new cat into my cattery in over a year (all new cats are isolated and tested, too, before mixing them). I recently had my litter of kittens to the vet to receive their second vaccination.
Avatar f tn I found a stray kitten and I have noticed he is very playful eats and drinks normally but he seems to be sneezing quite often,watery eyes and nose (the water is not green or anything its just clear) can I go to a petstore and get him something for the sneezing,is that a cold?
Avatar n tn s nose so it may be causing the problem or it may just be there and not be the true cause. It was a good course of action for your veterinarian to place your cat on Doxycycline. Since there are still symptoms, it may be persistent Mycoplasma or there could be contributing bacteria or viruses. Herpes virus is very common in cats and a cat at a shelter has a very good chance of having been exposed to it. Even though the PCR was negative for Herpes, I don't know that I would rule it out.
Avatar n tn My cat has been sneezing alot lately. I am on dialysis and not working right now and cant afford to take her to the vet. I bought some L Lysine for her and have been giving it to her in her food. Will this help her get better without taking her to the vet?
Avatar m tn Vaccination of a particular cat is something that should be discussed and decided on between a cat owner and their veterinarian. It is my understanding that the URI (herpes and calicivirus) vaccine does not completely prevent the cat from getting the virus but it usually greatly reduces the severity of the symptoms. These two viruses are very contagious stable viruses that are very widespread among cat. Most cats are exposed when they are young and have developed some immunity to them.
Avatar n tn Bring a fecal sample to your veterinarian for testing and talk with your veterinarian about treating your cat for worms regularly seen in your area. Always feed a very high quality cat food, your veterinarian should be able to recommend a few. Keep his litter box and environment very clean. Provide lots of toys and climbing and hiding spots. Bring him in to your veterinarian regularly for thorough exams.
Avatar n tn My rabbit has been sneezing and has a clear discharge from his nose, which I think may be due to a respiratory infection. I have read that terramycin helps and was wondering if Duramycin would work too. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn s getting a problem secondary to allergies and licking and should be seen by your veterinarian. A lot of the sneezing goes along with the same issues, but not all of it. Your veterinarian can help you minimize these symptoms or if you are looking for additional answers, see a veterinary dermatologist for even more options that may help her.
Avatar n tn The barium study will help your veterinarian in making the decision as to whether or not your cat needs surgery, If your veterinarian believes that your cat is a surgical candidate than I believe there is still hope. String can cause what is called a linear foreign body. The string pleats the intestine together and can cut right through, when this occurs your cat can get necrotizing peritonitis which can cause a very painful morbidity and death.
791533 tn?1309745344 I agree with Dr. Amthis, veterinary evaluation is needed. Behavioral causes of self mutilation are possible, but are diagnosed by eliminating other treatable medical causes such as parasites, bladder pain, spinal pain, etc.
Avatar n tn Please bring your cat to the veterinarian and have a complete blood profile performed with a thyroid panel. Also, have your veterinarian check for mites and other skin parasites. There are several types of cat mites that cause extreme itching and are quickly contagious from wildlife. Your cat may have been exposed to these parasites when outside for the one day. Ear mites can cause extreme itching around the head, so your cat should also be check for those as well as ear polyps.
658901 tn?1403814634 Are you seeing any blood in the diarrhea? If you are, please take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible for an exam and possibly xrays. If you are not seeing any blood, you can try to prepare a bland diet for your cat using white rice and chicken. Try to not give him any food for about 12 hours, only water, and then give him some small amounts of cooked white rice and boiled chicken. It is important that he only take a small amount (a couple of spoon fulls at most).
Avatar n tn It can look like a large pimple that has popped. If he is an outdoor cat and it is a wound of unknown origin your veterinarian will probably want to booster his rabies vaccine. Your vet will also flush the wound with a surgical scrub solution, give your cat an injectable antibiotic, and send you home with antibiotics by mouth for 10 days to two weeks.
1105203 tn?1259275074 Cats do heal well and fast, but often times the skin heals faster than the tissue below resulting in abscesses. Please take your cat to your veterinarian for an exam and diagnostics and treatment. Although there are lots of causes, fleas is a very common one. Please be aware fleas can hide easily. Please also be aware that the over the counter flea products are not enough to stop the problem. It's like using an umbrella with holes in it in the rain.
1186396 tn?1264378747 My cats been acting strange lately, she's eating the dogs food and now she's licking herself and scratching so much she's losing hair. Is she just stressed out or is it fleas oris it related to eating the dog food, I have no idea but it makes me nervous because she's losing hair very quickly and it's to the point where she's getting raw spots. When I shoo her from licking she gives me a nasty look and continues to chew, she's like a chewing zombie.
Avatar m tn Pepper, My 30 lb. 13" beagle has an insatiable craving for cat food that I serve my 2 cats - I think mostly the seafood varieties. I have not found a seafood flavored dog food, and I understand there are some ill-effects of my dog consuming cat food. When the badgering gets intolerable, I "give in" and let her have some. Please...Any suggestions, what are the risks, and if she continues to eat cat food, what effect will this have on her weight?
1322501 tn?1274565522 this cat has a horrible black pusy knot on its side and is loosing major weight
Avatar n tn If your cat is not eating or drinking, then this is an emergency, and your cat should go to the veterinarian ASAP. The excessive licking may be due to fleas, allergies, or anxiety (or a combination), and your veterinarian can examine her to tell you the best course of treatment.
372900 tn?1315512302 DH and I adopted a cat last summer. When we first got her she was lovable and would lay with us. At her vet appointment (a week later) we were told she needed 3 kinds of antibiotics for the week. One went in her eyes, one went in her ears and the last was an oral medication. We had to "kitty burrito" her just to get her to take the meds. Needless to say she was not happy. After that she has been really skittish.
Avatar n tn If all else fails I would consult your veterinarian who may have other suggestions. Your veterinarian may also consider giving Cattie some medication, such as a feline antidepressant to help with the adjustment. Hope that helps, Thanks!