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Avatar n tn Changes in cats can be very subtle and they need regular examinations. Updating her vaccinations may help with her problems as well.
Avatar m tn We just got a cat from the animal shelter about a month ago and it sneezes a lot but does not have a runny nose or watering eyes. The cat I think is about 5 years old. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I NEVER sneezed unless I had a bad cold. With W/D I had sneezing fits at least 5-6 times a day. The W/D sneezing stopped about day 6 for me.
Avatar m tn sneezing, discharge from eyes and nose, loss of appetite...sometimes mouth and eye ulcers, fever, excessive salivation. this is caused by a virus, an otherwise healthy cat can get over this in a few days however a cat with a weak immune system can develop into a URI/ upper respiratory infection and than it would require antibiotics....or it will progress into a serious condition. but never use an antibiotic without CONFIRMATION of an infection it can lead to antibiotic resistance...
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm bit desperate, nobody give me any answer and I asked a lot of vets until today, my male cat, now 8 months old, have often episodes of sneezing with pretty consist result which come out, was also with bit of blood sometimes, he was smallest of all, and first 5 months of his life he was out, we take it in our home when other cats was taken by neighbors, he got trouble with eyes and we cure him (eyes clustered).
Avatar m tn We took her home in a crate (recently used by my other cat and my dog sometimes slept in there) and when we were in the car she started sneezing and one of her eyes was a little bit watery. Now that shes home she continues to sneeze often and her eye is still watery. Could something in my house be irritating her? Could she be allergic to something? Or did i adopt a sick kitten? What should i do? Thank You.
Avatar m tn My best guess, dust. Do you have pets like a cat or a dog ? Nothing wrong with that. We have a cat. All I am saying is pets should not be in ones bedroom to sleep. I am actually allergic to house dust . I have been known to sneeze profusely when emptying our vacuum cleaner. Hopefully I have given you some possible sources of your sneezing.
Avatar f tn Hello, My cat is 15 years old and he has been sneezing all day! At first I thought it was cute the first time because he woke me up sneezing twice. Then, later on the day he sneezed like almost 100 times. He has heart worms and my parents gave him the medicine yesterday. But I think he may be sick or have a virus! Help me please!?
Avatar f tn my kitty jazzmyn has been sneezing for over a year and she sneezes as much as an adult (human) . now she is sneezing out blood . vets don't know what could be the problem with out running expensive tests that i can't afford . is there any answers anyone could give or sugest anything to help ??
Avatar n tn My cat is sneezing and seems to have allergies is there a otc medicine that is safe to give her? Please help we are broke and can;t afford to take her to the vet is there something I can do for her?
Avatar n tn my cat has been sneezing continously for a week and now his eye has started watering, his nose sounds runny.He doesnt go outside.Is there something i can do to help him or do i need to go to the vet and what do you think it is?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a cat who has sense the day we rescued him been sneezing and at points discharging, for a lack of better words, snot balls on the walls. We have taken him to the vet and have received a medication that did not work after completing the full bottle. I don't recall the name of this medicine. My question is, are there any over-the-counter medications that we can give this poor cat so we don't have to pay 50$ over and over again to visit the Vet.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a cat who has sense the day we rescued him been sneezing and at points discharging, for a lack of better words, snot balls on the walls. Sometimes when he sneezes its almost 20 times in a row. We have taken him to the vet and have received a medication that did not work after completing the full bottle. I don't recall the name of this medicine. We have a fairly clean apartment IMO.
Avatar f tn My one cat is 15 yrs. old, he is an inside domestic cat, very rarely goes outside unless he sneaks out, LOL...My question is in the past I had crushed up some vitamin C pills and put in with his can food, it actually seemed to help., but I was just made aware that this could be bad for a cats health, because it could cause kidney stones. Do you see any problems with an occasional use of vitamin C for a cold or upper respitory infection?
7532341 tn?1391697586 I have a retired persian show cat. He has the very flat face. He was a rescue cat and I have had him about 3months. I also have 2 humiliations, I bought as baby's. They are 9 years old and the rescue cat is 12. The rescue cat does not meow but he makes funny noises. He slurps his food up in a hurry then he is steady sneezing non stop and blowing his nose. No discharge of any type comes out. This goes on for quite awhile. He was starved to death and on deaths door when I first got him.
Avatar f tn My mother used to give her cat a little lick of butter when the cat was hacking from a fur ball. To help it pass through easier. I am not suggesting you give him butter, as dogs (and cats actually!) are lactose intolerant. But a little light oil like olive oil with honey might help. Be careful and don't give him too much. Too much fatty or oily stuff CAN cause some dogs to get pancreatitis. You could mention it to your vet and see what he says?
1836925 tn?1318365873 I have a 14 year old Persian,female. I have noticed lately that she is sneezing a lot and her nose is very stuffy and breathing very noisy. I'm wondering if this could be a result of the pushed in nose that Persians have? I do clean her eyes and tried to clean her nose, to no avail. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Avatar f tn my cat is 11 yrs old. I love him. but he continues to sneeze and cough - hard to know the difference. My mother is a doctor and gave me an an antibiotics for him. But after 3 days I see no improvement. And also his eyes are ver dirty. Please any help?
Avatar m tn Greetings every one. I am David, I am having problem of breathing and I am sneezing al the time ever since I can remember and it never stop along with snoring, and when I sneeze some time is like my head want to cut out of my body, and I snore so bad most time that the next door neighbors get angry, I feel really bad on this because of this I cant have any relationship.
Avatar n tn Are there any over the counter medications for cats when they are at the beginning of a cold? My 6 year old male cat is sneezing. My 1 year old female cat is just getting over it with the help of antibiotics from the vet.
518117 tn?1429279873 And I love her dearly like I did my Hiss. I want to help Paradise with this sneezing. And I know my friends here on the cat forum, just may have some good suggestions for me. Thank God for this forum, those that devote such time and caring into this forum and God love all the little kitties on here that are having problems. When God made cats, he sure knew what he was doing didn't he? Such special little furry friends. Thank you.
Avatar f tn In October my 5 year old female cat received a shot of ampicillin and clavmox for URI. Although her sneezing with discharge has decreased somewhat, it still continues. We have 2 other cats who all share food/water bowls. One has mid-stage kidney disease so his immune system is compromised. Neither of the cats (nor any of the humans) she lives with show signs of URI. And believe me she's sneezed on everything and everybody!
Avatar n tn I have showered w/ hot water to see if my hair had been full of pollen, this seems to help calm down that sneezing reflex a bit. Also laying on my back in the dark... Both these things also ease stress as well ! Maybe there is a connection ! I totally understand what you all are going through. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the allergy is to the cat dander, and sometimes to the hair itself. Whether the cat is an indoor/outdoor or just indoor cat, it might proove helpful if you give the cat a bath. Use a shampoo that is just for cats, or you can use a "no water" shampoo made for people in the hospital. This will remove any allergins from out of doors, dander, and clean the hair itself. Brush the cat regularly, and make sure the shed hair is off the furniture.
Avatar f tn Twiggy got a cortisone shot for her leg to reduce the swelling, and the doc said it should help with her sneezing, as she apparently has allergies. If she's not better in 5 days she's to go back. Also, apparently the extremely docile Twiggy is a ferocious mean beast at the vet, and he said the next exam will likely be done with her sedated. (This cat let me pick up, move and squeeze on all four limbs. She apparently hissed at and tried to bit the vet when he touched her.).
Avatar f tn You should never give medicine prescribed for a human to a cat. It is very dangerous to the cat to do this. How many days has your kitty been sneezing ? I don't know where you read on the internet that you can give a cat amoxicilian . You can't believe everything you read on line. You said you have no choice. Ah, but you do. You say you don't have money to take her to a vet. There are some vets that will let you pay a little at a time.
Avatar n tn we just got a kitten, and although i lived all my life in my partents house with a cat, i seem to have developped a pet allergie. i have itchy eyes, sneezing, easy headaches,difficulty in breathing, sensation of a burning nose. i started taking some allergie stop medicine and use some spray to decongesionate my nose. they work, in big lines, very good, my question is: for how long can i still use this medicine? do not want to abuse it. how expensive are the allergie stop shots?
Avatar f tn My cat Max is about 7 years old. He started sneezing a week ago and then one day he stopped eating and drinking. I researched online and found out that baby food was a great source of nutrients and a way to keep the cat hydrated. Max took to the baby food and almost ate an entire jar in one day! A couple days later, I took him to the vet and the vet told me he did not know what was wrong. He stated he would have to do multiple testing and blood work and the estimate was between $700-$900.