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Avatar f tn They have many names for it, but lots of women report having sneezing, stuffy nose, etc symptoms. All the extra blood can swell your sinuses and make you sneeze! Sneezing constantly has been my only prego symptom, thankfully, but yes it is kind of crazy. My office says I'm allergic to work now. Ha!
425312 tn?1279969779 congrats on your day 20 ! you should be proud of yourself... I'm giggling at your sneezing fit, sorry... since I got clean I can't help but laugh alot... wondering if I'm going slowly nuts or forgetting that I was this way prior to the meds !! I don't think the methadone can get out of your body through sneezing but I can tell you that it's perfectly normal.. I sneezed and sneezed as well and I still have moments of sneezing bouts, so you're not alone Skippy !!!
609540 tn?1257320441 You should see your doctor and get a clinical examination for a diagnosis and to evaluate if any investigations are required including blood tests, chest xray and CT scan of the sinuses. You might need steroid nasal sprays too. Are you allergic to any specific substances or have had allergic reactions in the past? You could read the following link - Let us now about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar n tn This is kind of strange but every time any form of heat turns on my nose and sinuses go crazy. I get incredible sinus pressure, my eyes water, I start sneezing continuously, and sometimes it is so hard to breath that I can't talk (It just feels like my throat is closing up). It won't take long for this to happen but it is especially fast/bad when I am in a car right next to the vent, which makes things interesting in the wintertime.
2083688 tn?1334605261 not only that but they are so satisfying when you do! they actually say that sneezing is close to a tiny orgasm! i always figure you are sneezing for a reason. i don't understand why you would hold them back every time. so i challenge you to let the sneeze out and see how it feels.
Avatar f tn I am actually asking about my husband (very worried wife here) For about a little over a month my husband have been coughing and sneezing up blood. He can not tell exactly where it's coming from, but feels like it gets stuck in his throat sometimes and he will start gagging, then feel nauseous. He does not have any pain in throat or nose.
Avatar f tn He was sneezing in the hospital too, but its more often now! We're taking him to the dr today to get blood taken but I am wondering if any of your little ones experienced this!?
Avatar n tn I sneeze excessively (up to 50 times a day) and have just started to sneeze up small ammounts of blood. I have taken numerous courses of antibiotics and other sinus related drugs to no avail. This began about 1 year ago where I working in an environment where there was a lot of dust and pollen in the air. It gets to a point where i cant see as my eyes begin to shut and I end up with a huge head headache as a result of my sneezing fits. I am at my whits end!
Avatar f tn my kitty jazzmyn has been sneezing for over a year and she sneezes as much as an adult (human) . now she is sneezing out blood . vets don't know what could be the problem with out running expensive tests that i can't afford . is there any answers anyone could give or sugest anything to help ??
Avatar f tn Is it a proper sneeze (air blowing outward) or what's commonly referred to as "reverse sneezing"? Reverse sneezing can be frightening to see if it keeps on for a few minutes, but it's harmless - basically a kind of a hiccup. Our Dal gets reverse sneezing fits sometimes and we can usually stop it by rubbing his throat and getting him to move around a bit. That technique might help when your dog gets the sneezes from excitement.
7595610 tn?1397471372 There's no research into how often it may happen because most of the people who have had an LI have high blood pressure, which is what all of the studies have been on. So am I at an increased risk? Is there anything I can do? "That *****..." Bah!
Avatar m tn I saw what looked like red about the size of 3 periods at the end of a sentence on the toilet paper when I took it out of my ears. I don’t know if this was blood from him when he coughed and sneezed or if it was blood from me or even if it was blood for sure. Please can you answer my following questions Dr? 1) Was I at risk of HIV from this event? 2) Do I need an HIV test from the event I describe? Thank you Doctor.
Avatar m tn I don’t know if this was blood from him when he coughed and sneezed or if it was blood from me or even if it was blood for sure. Please can you answer my following questions Dr? 1) Was I at risk of HIV from this event? 2) Do I need an HIV test from the event I describe? Thank you Doctor.
694466 tn?1227681402 My dog recently got home from a kennel last weekend. Since then she has been sneezing when she gets excited or runs around too much. She also has been hacking. At first I thought it was kennel cough, but heartworm also seems to be a possibility. How can I tell which it is?
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from cold and sneezing for more than 2 weeks so I did a blood test The report says that I have neutrophils 49% lymphocytes 45% eosinophil 06% basophils 0% monocytes 0% esr, edta 25mm/1hr absolute eosinophil count 474 cells/cumm can anyone tell me if I have some kind of allergy?
Avatar f tn This was never happend to me before, when I sneezed a mucus with blood and when I search it in google, others said that if you sneezed a mucus with blood, you must stop blowing your nose. Is it true?
Avatar f tn He didn't say much about it though. (I have tachycardia, low blood pressure and the blood is pooling into my legs - in which is why I see a cardiologist). I do have other symptoms but they I am told are from my cerebellar ptosis. So am I worried about this coughing (not much), wheezing (a lot), and sneezing (sometimes) for nothing? Doctors don't seem to be concerned when I tell them.
Avatar m tn There are concerning causes of pain in the neck after sneezing. One is a dissection, which is a small tear in the blood vessels that travel up the neck to the brain. This can occur spontaneously in people with certain conditions that affect the blood vessels, after neck trauma, or after chiropractic manipulation of the neck. The pain is often but not always associated with some sort of neurologic deficit as a dissection can often lead to a stroke.
Avatar m tn Now that I am pregnant again, I have no headaches, but only a pain when I sneeze in that same area. No other symptoms. I have been sneezing a lot more lately.. as in allergies or something. Is this sinus or pregnancy related or something I need to see a doctor for? Thanks!
1658070 tn?1302324304 We took him to the vet and they said it would probably come back, so when he started having sneezing fits for 5 or 10 minutes, I figured it was probably just to do with that. However, I've started to notice that his urine smells very strong lately. He is very good at using the litter box and his urine has never smelled before. I've known and had many cats that have had kidney or urinary problems, so it makes me really worried.
1454858 tn?1306787978 It's just the pressure from your sneezing. And the extra blood and fluids you have in your circulatory system due to pregnancy can cause you sinuses to be congested.
Avatar f tn This sounds like me, I don’t get periods, have the pain when sneezing or coughing, sometimes laughing too hard or bending in a certain position. I’m 17 and I have PCOS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome, like the earlier answer said it may be ovarian cysts. I had blood work and some ultra sounds done.
369592 tn?1198515304 Over the last few weeks, our dog, JC, has been sneezing upon getting up from a lying position, and has clear discharge coming from both nostrils. He also has had lots of eye discharge. I have started giving him benadryl every 12 hours. He had a vet appointment two weeks ago and was then coughing quite a bit, so was prescribed a cough suppressant. The cough has stopped but now the sneezing has gotten worse.
Avatar m tn The pains start near the middle of my biceps on my inner-arm and run almost to my wrists. Sometimes my arm also feels tight as if my blood vessels are contracting or something. I cannot find a solid answer on the net for this, but found a lot of people asking this question. What can it be?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/692049'>Arm Pain After Sneezing</a>.
Avatar f tn This could be due to exertion headache, which presents with head pain during or following physical or passive exertion, including sneezing, coughing, and even bowel movement. This is usually associated with migraine or cluster headaches. However, you need to have this checked by your doctor or be referred to a neurologist for proper diagnosis and to rule out organic diseases like aneurysms or blood vessel malformation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 wks tomorrow and for the past month or so I've been sneezing so much! I'm not sick nor do I feel sick and I don't have allergies. My nose bleeds sometimes when I blow my nose too which is weird cuz that's only happened like 2 times in my life that I can remember. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't remember anything like this with my first pregnancy.
221025 tn?1332558946 How far along are you? Probably just that you pulled a muscle that you only use when sneezing. BUT, I don't know too much about the specific (pain to the left of navel) symptoms of ectopic. Have you looked up signs/symptoms of ectopic online?