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Avatar f tn I wonder what causes the sneezing. It's so annoying! But I'll take it over those stupid pills!! Congrats on day 23!!!
4378548 tn?1358558379 Snap! I have been sneezing so much the past few weeks. Probably about ten times today at school. I am a teacher and the kids laugh at me constantly, because I am always sneezing and saying "bless me"!!! lol I am 7 weeks.
Avatar f tn Sneezing is like clockwork for me. Hits about day 1 and 1/2 and lasts for weeks sometimes! It's all part of the detox and one of the most common symptoms. On another note while ON pills I NEVER sneeze, not even once. I have gone over a year without sneezing so much as one single time. Happens every time I pop an opioid, I don't sneeze for the whole day even if I just take one or two pills.
217599 tn?1202854552 I think I sneezed all day for a month.
4341997 tn?1514592288 haha your comment made me laugh!! captain sneezy!! its not bad just comes out of the when i'm TRYING to chew food.....or drink something!! not a good combo!! i never sneezed before unless sick so i knew it was from WD just didn't know what caused it....maybe it's our body's way of catching up??
4202953 tn?1377187106 Bless you! Yes, I sneezed also! Just be thankful you aren't as old as me, and when I start sneezing, sometimes I have another kind of little accident! LOL! Perhaps TMI? It's certainly annoying, but completely normal!
6725113 tn?1392851126 Hahaha. Ya, It's crazy.
Avatar n tn HI Eventually you will get well I promise ....the ketch is it is a slow process you sound like your making good progress and yes we all get that...''when am I going to feel good again'' doing this you have no idea how lucky you are to be sleeping....thats huge that will make the rest of the withdrawals a lot ezer to deal with keep posting you may come out of this sooner then later everybody is different keep posting to keep us up to date good luck and God bless...
Avatar f tn It did not stop for me for a few weeks - even then I still sneeze but it could be my allergies too. Oh and bless you!
797340 tn?1240511297 about 2-3 minutes into my workouts I generally have fits of sneezing, 4-10 at a time. I'm not sure what causes it, but I hate it because everyone in the gym yells BLESS you like 50 times. It's kind of embarrassing and then some people look at me with disgust something to the effect of "Oh nice, you just germinated the machine your using." However I always clean my machines after use. Anyways why do I sneeze while working out?
2200368 tn?1345852112 Heeey,bless you,then they are like:What the heell,are you going to stop?! It doesn't matter if I am at my bedroom,at living room,in classroom,in the bar,every now and then I get a crazy sneezing attack,and it mostly happens early in the morning when I wake up,or late at night.It doesn't matter is it sunny,hot,cold,sneeze,sneeze,sneeeezeee!! Is there any medicine that can help prevent this or something like that?
7532341 tn?1391697586 Hi gizyyo, Welcome! You are a very kind person to rescue a 12 year old cat from a very bad situation. You deserve a great deal of credit. So now I bet he has fattened up with all your loving care. I think you may have meant to say he is a "Himalayan", right? They are absolutely gorgeous, but do have a pre disposition to respiratory problems due to their nasal bone structure being stunted.
Avatar n tn Levels of pollen tend to be highest from early morning to mid-morning, from 5AM to 10AM. On those particular days maybe you go into bouts of uncontrollable sneezing. You could discuss with yor doctor whether using a nasal spray would be of some help.
190466 tn?1215888454 7 days and still sneezing whats up my heads gonna burst.guess my bodys trying to get this out,anyone know?
Avatar f tn first congrats on day 4... i have no idea why we sneeze so kids got tired of saying god bless then after a sneeze i would yawn...
Avatar f tn make sure you are staying hydrated and that you are taking hot baths/showers and eat a lil as often as you can. I know not seeping is tough but you will sleep again.. You may also try to walk a lil if not not as soon as you can force yourself it will help a lot with All the symptoms.. You are doing a Great job here Do not loose site of why you are stopping ok. I wish you the very best.
Avatar f tn Oh yeah, I recall the sneezing. It will get better in a couple of days....It just about drove me crazy. Try some OTC med for sleep...some of them help. Congrats on 12 days, you should start feeling normal anytime now. Aftercare?
Avatar m tn And g-d bless you (save that one!) and goodnight to you too sis. Talk to you tomorrow.
274397 tn?1190342565 Hey mj, where did they put the needles for you acupuncture for the sinuses/sneezing? i get it for my back every two weens an dit works pretty well but I've got a wicked sinus thing happening now and the sneezing from the tapering - so if it works I'd love to try it.
Avatar f tn let every sneeze remind u that you are alive and sober. I didn't sneeze for 3 years one time. (methadone) If i had time i'd look "when" the sneezing stops but i'm kinda busy. i will say that you can take anti-histamines or allergy medication that might help. some will make u drowsy, some will make you hyper. all in all they are drugs so be careful. also, when i'm in a sneezing fit. like more than 3 at time i simply blow out my nose real quick like there was a small fly in there.
Avatar f tn Glad to hear you got sleep! That is so awesome. It is hard to stay clean if you can't sleep. Staying up all night feeling like crap is absolute torture. Clonidine is the only reason I got thru w/d.
Avatar n tn If I can do it you certainly can. I'm a weenie wimp! I just got fed up with something having control over me and I'm a control nut myself. I only had the RLS for a couple of days. That Rylands Restful Legs did help. I have been very pleasantly surprised at it being easier than I ever expected. I really did have a jump start by having the flu/virus. I suppose it was one heck of a blessing in disguise.
Avatar m tn well of course you were negative...
Avatar m tn thanks you are right i got very ill from it!!
306867 tn?1299253309 Thank you. You know what, I just started sneezing. like 12 times. And for no reason at all I cried. Havent done that in a long time. Oh Lord, now I feel like I am an eskimo in Alaska, without any clothes on. BATH TIME. You two and Mary are phenomenal, straight from the heart.
Avatar f tn 12 days is a lot! Congrats. About the sneezing, I still do it a lot after 3 months! Don't know why.