Sneezing and pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Yes! I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and I'm afraid of sneezing because it's so painful. Haha. Pregnancy!
Avatar n tn hi, im 14 weeks pregnant and have been sneezing quite a lot. but, you know when you sneeze you flex your stomach, is that safe during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Yep could be. I was like that about half way through my pregnancy. Sneezing and very very stuffy.
Avatar f tn Does that have anything to do with my pregnancy? 11 weeks and 3 days is how far a long I am. May be a dumb question lol.
Avatar f tn I found it hard to hold pee and sneeze after I had my son, during this pregnancy it's practically impossible, hopefully it's not this bad after she's born!
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks every morning I wake up sneezing and it hurts my lower belly. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if any of you ladies have been sneezing or have sneezed in your first months of pregnancy? And I'm not alergic to anything, so I find this weird.
6333619 tn?1386601982 It's likely just your body going threw chances! My first pregnancy I don't remember ever getting aches or pains.. this pregnancy I have had them from about 6w on.
Avatar n tn Oh wow I get this too! It helps if I hunch over and hold my belly before sneezing, like bracing myself. This morning I got a good one. Ouch!
Avatar f tn I knew pregnancy messed with your mucus membranes, but didn't realize it caused sneezing too! Was working outside the other day and kept sneezing so hard my knit cap would fall off!
3197728 tn?1377281500 I have to lean forward and cross my legs when i sneeze lol if one creeps up on me and i dont get chance to cross then im running to the loo lol ohhh pregnancy joys lol
Avatar f tn I remember getting bad pain when I.sneezed in my first pregnancy. And started having it two months ago..when I.googled it everything that came up was pregnancy related. Don't worry its normal..our muscles are being stretches and are tender..
Avatar f tn I been sneezing very often and im 10weeks, what should i do?:/ Yesterday i was sneezing the wole day, at de end of the day my throat was hirting,kinda itchy and i had a runny nose.
Avatar f tn When I was around 30 weeks I was sick and sneezing and coughing were so painful to my uterus. It's like every little thing affects your uterus when you're pregnant. Now I'm 37 weeks and if I happen to sneeze, I nearly pee myself.
Avatar f tn Im 10 weeks and sneezing like crazy lol
Avatar f tn When I feel a sneeze coming on (which is often with this head cold), I have to basically hold my sides and pull my knees up to my chest. If I don't, I'm in extreme agony and sometimes end up in tears.
8339276 tn?1400265623 Is anyone else besides me experiencing a lot of daily random sneezing and stuffiness like allergy symptoms while pregnant???
Avatar n tn I get really bad pains when I sneeze too. And the sneezing might be from pregnancy too.
Avatar f tn HI, Any pain during pregnancy is not normal and needs to be investigated. The pain while sneezing must be caused by a rise in intra-abdominal pressure. More so ever with twins you need to be careful, as this raises the risk of a miscarriage. Consult your gynaecologist. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn Im 6 weeks pregnant with my second and Ive noticed something happening again like in my first pregnancy. I get a really sick feeling like im going to vomit, then I sneeze. After I sneeze I feel 100% better. Its really strange. Anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn It has to be pregnancy related because i wasn't having this problem..
Avatar f tn Throughout my entire pregnancy I have done nothing but sneeze and have a runny nose. I am now 19 weeks and it just gets worse.
Avatar f tn hey everybody im 15wks2d ive been sneezkng nonstop for couple days now its starting to itch and hurt and sting bad but im not sure why ive never had that in my pregnancy please help with what i can do????
875456 tn?1251511868 Welcome to all the aches and pains of pregnancy that can sometimes be terrifying or downright annoying! It happens- you overstretched a ligament when you sneezed.
10078473 tn?1409218786 I would say yes, the pressure of the sneeze can push down on your pelvic area and cause discomfort, and in some lucky cases even make you pee a bit.
6725113 tn?1392851126 I read some where that your mucus membranes swell when your pregnant and thats what causes the sneezing, and it can aldo cause nosebleeds. I never had this issue with my first, but I've been sneezing away these last few weeks. So much so that nearly all of my coworkers have commented lol.
Avatar n tn on Thursday and was going to ask but think it may be kind of silly. I have had it on both sides and think I remember it my last pregnancy too. I think it's normal but glad you mentioned it too!
Avatar f tn Im 5w3d now and have some sneezing and coughing! Feeling concerned.. how will it affect bb growth?
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks and am sneezing tons every day, along with waking up stuffy and all day sniffles. I know this can be common, but does anyone have some tips on how to reduce the congestion?