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Avatar f tn perhaps you can find one you can work out a payment plan ahead of time. Too bad you can't do Neti Pot on kitties-they work fabulous for people! Best of luck to you!!
Avatar n tn I've used the nasal spray, which will wash out what ever is bothering me, but I still get no relief. I'm using Nasonex, which has been like using nothing. I used Flonase in the past. Same thing. I'm on Benadryl all the time, otherwise I would have an itchy runny nose, sneezing, plus this sinus pain. I can't take ANYTHING for pain. I've been dealing with a kidney issue, so NSAIDs are out. I'm allergic to Tylenol, and I'm allergic to all opiates.
Avatar m tn I was experiencing sneezing and itchy throat along with these but after using flonase I do not experience them any more. However, my nose stays congestion all the time and I can hardly breathe through my nose. My doctor suggested me to take claritin but that doe snot seem to help at all. Only thing that seems to help is the nasal decongestant but I have stopped using it as my doctor said I should not use it regularly. Please Help.
Avatar m tn After visiting with my family doctor, she suggested that I try nasal irrigation such as a Neti Pot. I bought a Neti Pot and have used it a few times now. It seems to help a little but not completely ridding the symtoms 100%. Im wondering how common or likely is it, that one can have a sinus infection of some sort but not be hindered by the other typical allergy symptoms? Also, if I did have sinusitis, would nasal irrigation flush my sinuses out and clear this up?
Avatar m tn keep blowing your nose and get a neti pot.
Avatar f tn I have been having sinus pressure in my forehead and it makes my top of my head hurt too and temples , for the past week or so almost and i had that smell it comes and goes after i neti pot to irrigate my sinus. i recently started getting out more green and old blood colored boogers too the last couple days , I was on amox for the first 7 days after my surgery and i finished it. but cold has been going around my house hold for the past three weeks too. I hope i didnt catch infection.
4105678 tn?1356548871 I have been sick almost my whole pregnancy and the one thing I found helped was using a nasal spray or neti pot. If those still don't help I would say go to your doc as they may be able to Gove u something to help.
Avatar m tn Get yourself a nettie pot.. Flush your nostril out with warm sea salt water.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, try using a nasal rinse such as neti-pot. This will help the stuffiness. An antihistamine could help as well.
1577093 tn?1296717231 (Big Bonus) On a side note, i have been sucking on cogh drops and using a neti pot (it's the only thing that I am trusting right now) and it is helping with my congestion.
Avatar f tn Im thinking it is combo of sinus and stress. Ive been using the neti pot and that seems to help. I can deal with the pressure just not the lightheadedness. It seems lime it gets worse when it rains. I find myself clenching my jaw and teeth as well. I wake up fine but as the day goes on I feel the pressure and the lightheadedness and sneezing. When I wake up there are times when my nose is stuffed up but clears up. When I lay down i feel the pressure in my cheek bones.
Avatar dr m tn If this maneuver works for you, you may benefit from using nasal dilator strips at night (one brand is called Breathe-Rite). Sometimes, the adhesives on these devices are not strong enough, or end up irritating the skin. Another way of treating this condition are various internal dilators (such as Nozovent, Breathewitheez, Nasal cones) that you can find over the counter or over the internet. Second, try using nasal saline sprays.
Avatar m tn -My solution(temporary solution) every day, is to use a neti pot. After brushing my teeth and washing my face I really need to clear my nose. I have always been this way. Usage of a neti pot allows me to blow my nose, clearing the drainage, and wash away the smell at the same time. Sometimes the smell will come back...and I just use the neti pot again. Sadly, I cant take the neti pot with me everywhere I go...but this is a big improvement in my condition day to day.
1995824 tn?1330382649 Don't think it's the interferon ..... Although not ruling it out. It's back again tonight. On Another note, I dug out my Neti pot tonight and rinsed out my nasal passages. For now, nose feels better. That's my interferon bugaboo I think, runny nose, nasal irritation, bleeding when I blow my nose, and lots of sneezing. Will see what lip is like in am.
Avatar n tn We try to avoid doing them within 1 hour of bedtime (or lying down), because some of the irrigation fluid drains out later on, and we prefer to be awake and not lying down (when possible), to gently blow the residual warm salt-water out of each nostril. Keep tissues (unscented) handy. (a) First, we each bought a NETI-POT an 8 ounce little ceramic teapot without a cover, from a health food store. Some people who do Yoga use neti-pots (hence the East-Indian sound of NETI-POT).
Avatar n tn I will also add that (for me) using the neti pot only further irritated my nasal cavity. Blowing your nose can also make matters worse. During one of my attacks a few weeks ago, when I decided to toss everything and just let my body do what it needed to do, I just let my nose run. I went through 2 mega rolls of TP in 4 hours but I just let it run.
Avatar m tn If you are using a Neti-Pot for sinus irrigation, and not getting relief then Alkalol is the next level in clearing the gunk out of your melon. A combination of camphor, spearmint oil, eucalyptas and other magical herbs, Alkalol can take your nasal cleansing to places it has never been before. Just place a few SMALL drops in your Neti-Pot and proceed normally.
Avatar f tn I was put on Augmentin for about 4 weeks (bad GI effects for me), nasal steroids, and I had been using a saline rinse on my own already, which I continued. After I finished the antibiotics a CT scan was done. Nothing hugely anatomically wrong was noted. I do have a deviated septum, but the doc was not convinced this was the sole cause of my problems (and anyway, one side of my nose is never worse than the other). But the pus was gone now and I looked okay, so he sent me on my way.
Avatar f tn Anxiety, absolutely! Have you tried using a neti pot for your Sinus problem? If not give it a try you can buy it at any drug store.I don't know how many are at risk. I had a brain tumor. You have to learn to relax, Try meditation.
Avatar n tn When I described all that was going on he immediately responded and asked if I used a Neti Pot? I had never even heard of one. After 4 years, $20,000.00 wasted on MRI's and countless medications an $8.99 Neti pot over the counter at Walgreen's fixed my problem at least 90%. The results were almost immediate. I used it twice a day every day then finally cut back to once a day, and now just maybe once a week. People I am living proof.
Avatar n tn Now I'm quitting cold turkey. It is horrible!. I have tried ocean spry, Neti Pot, breath right strips, and even a vicks inhailor (in conjunction wiht other oral nasal decongestants) And nothing has realy worked for me. I can go all day and be fine and then at night I', completely stopped up. I can blow my nose until it is clear and then it just fills right back up. It's horrible adn gross. I have read a lot of home remedies, and tried a few. PUTTING BENGAY ON YOU NOSE BURNS LIKE FIRE !!!
Avatar n tn I have tried saline rinses with the Neti-Pot. I tried that for a couple of days...didn't seem to work much with me, because there is such a blockage there. I've tried nose sprays, and then I went to a natural store, where they gave me something to drop under my tongue...that doesn't work, either! I have tried everything! I'm at my wits end! This is so frustrating! I even took the neti-pot and put straight vinegar in it, and put that up my nose...
185634 tn?1257074739 hey kip- just thought of another great discovery I made this summer for nasal problems - watching Oprah and she did the bit about using a "Neti pot" - looks like a teapot - you put a saline solution in and pour through one nostril it exits the other and it is great for sinuses and especially allergy sufferers helps my bad migraines too - I bought a kit @ the drug store 14.
Avatar f tn I have found using oil of oregano in a neti-pot will eliminate nose odour and will help with infection. I am experiencing an infection after a nose-job that has been going on for over a year. I have been emitting very bad smells through my nose and have been avoiding social situations because of it. I have been using oil of oregnao for about 4 days now and the smell is 95% gone. The first time I put in about 20 drops in a neti-pot with the salt solution. It stung so much...
Avatar m tn Many people swear by a neti pot, so it is apparently effective for some colds and some sinus infections. However, a neti pot flush may or may not reach the upper part of the sinuses. They are now widely available. ***BUT, before you try anything here, you should go to a doctor and have your problem checked out. You may have a problem that looks like a sinus infection, but is something else.
Avatar n tn 2 yrs ago I started having extreme beeping/ringing in my rt ear - I was sure this was caused by pressure in my head. I was sent to an audiologist to see if I had hearing loss - results were minimal. Whenever we have major weather fronts come through, such as this year with 2 mo's of rain every day - the pressure in my head is extreme. I was able to somewhat manage the beeping/ringing w/sinus med's/sprays, but this yr it struck up again to the point of wanting to remove myself from this planet.
Avatar m tn and I just use the neti pot again. Sadly, I cant take the neti pot with me everywhere I go...but this is a big improvement in my condition day to day. ****My last bit of personal info will seem a bit strange...but this is something I have noticed for several months now. The smell also comes when I am with certain people. My aunt, my brother, and my dad. I live with my mom only...I have a sister who doesnt bring this on but I rarley see her. Now, when I am with my aunt, bro, and dad I laugh...
Avatar n tn , high-tech water-pik devices or something more ancient like a Neti Pot. Currently I'm on an antibiotic -- Avelox -- partly for sinus issues. I've also tried both Simply Saline and the Neti Pot and not sure if they helped or hurt but isn't that so often the case :) Not sure, I stopped the irrigations but keep in mind I have a deviated septum which may make irrigation more difficult. BTW if your sinus infection becomes chronic, a CAT scan might be in order to help dx.