Sneezing after sun

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7595610 tn?1397467772 It's been happening to me since I can remember! Rather irritating at times, but that's why I keep several pairs of sunglasses spaced at different places!
1149636 tn?1278253923 I was sneezing a lot today. I felt weak and tired. I slept for most of the day.
1149636 tn?1278253923 I sneezed a lot today. For about 3-4 hrs. It was exhausting. I felt really tired after a while, weak. I went to lie down and slept for about 6 hrs. I also ate a handful of honey roasted nuts. It had wheat and lactose in the ingredients.
Avatar n tn After which one of the years when winter was approaching in the morning as I woke up or my nose got in touch with air I would start sneezing and a terrible cold with headache and difficulty in breathing would follow till the sun came after which I was almost normal.This happened for almost a month. I live in India where winters come around nov-dec.
Avatar m tn Lung illnesses such as bronchitis is the most common illness after detoxing from opiates. I got really sick about 3 weeks after detox, took my meds and got well, then relapsed w/an even worse case of bronchitis. The cough was deadly man. I had a 6 year addiction, and thinking back, never...ever....once....remember getting sick with even a cold. If I maybe had one, didn't feel bad, cuz pills made me feel good. Also, hydro is great for coughs. Go figure. Humph.
225213 tn?1213734690 yes every muscle in tummy is used for coughing and sneezing, i realized that after the hysterectomy...i had to hold a pillow on my tummy...And my kids would try to make me laugh, and that killed me.. But i bet your tummy is beautifull, just like you, so it will all be worth it.. The new slimmer, clean you---YAH!!!
Avatar f tn Just recently I started sneezing from 2x up to 6-12x at a time. I don't suffer from allergies, but afterwards I may have to blow my nose. What can cause this to happen?
Avatar f tn My 17 yr old daughter is slowly coming off of zoloft for the past month and has been sneezing several times a day sometimes 10-12 times in a row. In the past week her eyelids are slightly swollen, skin is red on lids and around eyes, and is peeling and itchy. looks similar to a sunburn yet she has not been in the sun. She does have allergies and they do seem worse than ever this year but I am wondering if this could also be a side effect from coming off of the zoloft?
Avatar n tn lots of sneezing today. finally took zyrtec 20 mg at about 8 pm.
461993 tn?1245693352 this sneezing is driving me insane!!! got some real good sleep last night, w/out any meds...whew!!! let's keep it up...
1965902 tn?1328199193 Started with itchy nose in the morning. Sneezing all day long. Decided against cleaning which only aggravates condition and is very annoying having to stop every second to blow nose and having nose dripping over everything.
Avatar n tn bothering me at work and at home, had make-up done at Sears - worse
Avatar n tn allergy?
Avatar n tn appear to have reaction to moldy paper in bedroom
Avatar f tn sneezing and nose blocked quite alot today.
928257 tn?1296673492 Sneezed a bit this evening. Nose runny.
Avatar n tn i was in a darker room but i was out side in the sun light before that..
Avatar f tn Couldnt work as car broke. Court got cancelled. Fixed starter motor, walked there and back, 4km. Went hornsby after 3 cones. Then to manly, was upset, hated my kebeb!! Upset cos i felt i was on a timeline and i couldnt relax. cried a little to court in car. came home, mel and gentry here. felt a bit better after a while.
Avatar f tn very laid back xmas. went to buffet with Jon L. Shipped both Sun & Mon meetings. Anxious for results of SSI.
Avatar f tn m enjoying every little thing. The sun is my new DOC. Lol. If everyone can keep praying for Shawn that would be awesome!!! He needs it. One good thing on his part he finally cried....and to my parents of all people.
Avatar m tn If I feel a sneeze coming on, I will either look at the sun or a bright light in a room. I rarely sneeze in a low light situation. My doctor thinks I am nuts, as does my opthamologist. However, my Mom did this (but not my Dad) and both of my daughters do it too. My Mom says that her Mom did it as well. It's very strong reflex and completely uncontrollable. Does anybody else have this or know what it is about? I've always called it "light sneezing.
Avatar m tn I was on Fentanyl patches for about 15 months. Finally discovered the source of my pain, and it has been treated successfully. I reduced the dose over a couple of weeks and finally got off the Fentanyl about 8 days ago. I want to know if the lethargy, insomnia, muscle stiffness, restlessness and sneezing that I'm experiencing can be attributed to withdrawal after this period of time, and how long it's likely to last for. Cheers.
Avatar n tn You might or might not get pregnant after embryo transfer, but coughing, sneezing, peeing, pooping, riding in the car over bumps, walking or running will not affect your embryo. It is either going to implant, in which case you could skydive or jump on a trampoline and no affect it, or it is not. The human race would have died out long ago if a woman could lose a baby by walking or sneezing. Take it easy if you like, but don't freak yourself out.