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5944308 tn?1396478749 My name is Kevin, or Zorro .... anyway its been a long couple of weeks. Just trying to make it to the next day at this point.. Ive still been reading all the post just havent posted myself. Love the big boy panties post...I hope everyone is having an awesome day and ill be on if anyone needs to talk for the next couple days. Love you all and keep up the good work all.
5944308 tn?1396478749 Hello all my name is Kevin aka zorro for all those who dont know me... I see alot of new people and wanted to say congrats and listen to what the people on here have to say there amazing. Anyway im back to day 4 for myself on a two week binge of trams.... I have done alot of thinking though this time. one thing that has always scared me is pain and getting hurt. but staying on the pills is only going to dull are senses more so if you do get hurt well anything help then?
Avatar f tn This may occur without any injury or following a sneeze, cough or straining such as occurs with heavy lifting. It may be associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and/or drugs which cause diminished clotting such as blood thinners Coumadin, plavix and aspirin, or an injury to the eye. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
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Avatar n tn Hello Zorro: I had a slight dog bite on 19.03.11 & take 1st dose of Verorab on 29.03.11. I will try to discuss your query with a local doctor. What is age of your sister? & whether she had any side effect of Vero Rab?
Avatar f tn Lol Lanismommy it makes me think of zorro ya know the Mexican guy with a cape and sword...
Avatar n tn Congrats, kiddo! You sound so happy it's impossible for me not to smile! Have a great week-end, Happy Easter and Peace to you and your friend.
Avatar n tn I have had a cat scan and am ruling out other causes, but I do also have pressure in my head when I sneeze, cough, or bend over. My new doctor noticed that when I am looking distance I supress my vision in my left eye completely, and when I am looking close up, I supress my vision in my right eye (and have left eye fatigue - for close up work - computer, etc).
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772150 tn?1252507807 Flow so heavy - less than 15 min. after changing full tampon and tons of endometria, I sneeze. And immediately the new tampon is already done.
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13621970 tn?1445025753 Anybody live in san diego. I just moved here a few months ago. Just looking for someone to chat with.
Avatar f tn San Diego is gorgeous! Very pricey but once you get there you'll understand why.