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Avatar f tn She will probably never feel comfortable outside of the bedroom. That's her comfort zone. Five years...and you got her at a very young age. Looks like it's just her personality.
Avatar f tn You know your pregnant when Your out in public sneeze and some pee comes out
1448936 tn?1363209946 It's very difficult to believe that you are more phobic in your own home than you are in public! It will help, to a point, that you did not come into direct contact with this person, but most viruses are airborne, so even if you had locked yourself in the bathroon for his entire visit, if you're still breathing, and he was still contagious, you were exposed. Staying at your dads is interesting. Is his home hermetically sealed? There are no germs in is home?
Avatar dr m tn time zone shift and a sleep clock shift. This is why it's so hard to get anything done when you get back to work. To make the most of your vacation, plan your sleep times accordingly so that you can maximize your fun during your waking hours. Spend time outside in the sun, walk, jog, cycle, swim, and relax! If possible, remember to give yourself a day or two to wind down after you come back before you go back to work.
Avatar f tn After extracting my teeth the sintomps of PATM began to show really hard. At work, at home, at college people began to sneeze, cough, and scratch their noses very hard when I was around. I was suffering so much I decided to tell my boyfriend, wich began really worried thinking I was psicotic again, saying it was all in my head. It's really hard to share it with people in my family, because they will always think I'm schizofrenic ( I have schizofrenia cases in the family) or psicotic.
Avatar f tn The last few days I have had really bad pins and needles in my feet and my right hand along with my extension tremor thing and some painful spasms in my butt and thigh on the leg that keeps going numb, I don't think this feels like migraine but to top it off I have had this leaky thing, it is like the urine some people might lose when they sneeze etc.
881463 tn?1245349249 feels this is from a bone spur, inflammation of some sort or a muscle pull or tear, perhaps from that very awkward sneeze.
Avatar n tn I live 5 miles south of Clearwater, about a block from the water. I'm not in an evacuation zone for flooding as I'm about 50 feet above sea level, but the winds should be something else. Wish us all luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
228686 tn?1211558307 I can't see anything where the spot is and it eventually grows to about 1/4 of my periphreal vision zone. It seems to move from the far right of my vision to the upper middle sometimes all the way to the left corner. At it's largest point it looks like a squiggly string with all types of colors flashing on it, like when you stare into the sun except elongated. It takes about 45mins. to an hour to go away and when it does my head hurts soo bad, feels like it's going to explode!
Avatar f tn You need to be willing to do what other people tell you even though it's uncomfortable. Staying in your comfort zone will keep this cycle going. Trust me. Go to a meeting. Tell your bf the truth. Then you will be free and can start to change. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn From what I've read, yes, your platelets are moving into the low zone but the two numbers that are the most meaningful would be your hemoglobin and ANC (absolute neutrophils). Do you have those numbers? If not, ask your doctor what they are. In general, many hepatologists allow ANC to fall as low as 200-300 before reducing intervening with Neopgen and/or temporarily reducing the Peg. Neupogen works pretty fast.
92903 tn?1309908311 hope everything came out okay...I know, shoot me...
1278060 tn?1271112513 Avoidance is the best strategy, but easier said then done. My medical office has signs indicating that it is a scent-free zone and instructing patients never to wear any scented products to their appointments, plus we provide flyers explaining how dangerous these products can be for people with asthma, allergies and multi-chemical sensitivity, but many people still selfishly ignore all of this "because they don't go anywhere without their perfume.
Avatar f tn He said i sway front to back and cant keep my balance. As for the brain shaking, i notice this the most right after i sneeze. It feels like my brain gets slammed into my forehead when i sneeze! But i also now know that my right artery next to my brain stem is "thumping" my brain stem every time my heart beats so yeah my brain is getting jarred around in there. No wonder it feels like its being shaken! I hope and pray this dr can help you!
1099361 tn?1258665857 I never sneeze... hardly ever.. Ikeep sneezing.. I dont' mind sneezing at all.. its just weird.. Everythig keeps falling... like Ive suddenly gotten very very clumsy!! Not like me at all!!
Avatar n tn I have done my Chest X-Ray and the report says "Subtle Fibrocalcific are seen in bilateral upper zone suggestive of sequale of an old infection" Can anyone tell me what does this mean...Is there any problem or disease i am having especially TB?
Avatar m tn My new plan is more of the above, but instead of 30-60minutes a day of interval aerobic work, I plan to do 60-120 minutes a day of aerobics with the majority of it in the lower heart rate fat burning zone. That and continue on with the weights and diet, but not cut calories so much as to start losing muscle mass. I figure something's got to give but so far it's giving real slow. Then, of course, there's Sly Stallone's solution. LOL.
Avatar m tn It's me... again. A new improvement the last few days. By chance I found out the cause of this problem, and now 100% accurate. At least my problem is, an anal chronic fissure in my anal channel. The sweat in that area?? Is because the pressure caused in the anal channel and/or the anal fissure inside that area. The itching and swelling in that area?? Because an internal anal fissure. Why benzodiazepines work sometimes?? Because are also "relaxing muscles" solutions.
Avatar n tn ) I can't figure it out, sometimes i think it allergies but sometime (very seldom) even long distance interaction causes people to sneeze. I started to think it was my energy or something. My life was almost completely ruin due to this, whatever it is. I saw many doctors, became very depressed, i was in physo therapy and on physo meds for a number of years, I became hyper sensitive to every uncomfortable reaction or complaint.
Avatar f tn Beings there's several time zones the posting times change.Try between 6 am -11 am eastern time zone. Don't get angry with me because you couldn't post,now I feel bad you couldn't. I read your post on the patient to patient forum,I'm sorry you've been so ill.I beleive I read that you have MS and lyme.Both difficult illnesses.I wish you well and hope you can post here soon. By the way it took me almost a year to post my first question.
Avatar f tn You should try to get a question in to the doctor (early morning best shot it seems in eastern time zone).
489042 tn?1211423977 Staying at 2 mgs forever is like holding on to the lifejacket, you just don't want to let go, of the medicine, of the whole way of thinking, of feeling in the safety zone. Before I continue, I would like to clearly outline my taper, as it was completley succesfull for me.
Avatar f tn I pretty much went through 72 weeks of treatment solo and had a lot of responsibility both at work and at home and managed ok so it can be done. Your world and your comfort zone will change but that's to be expected. Things we thought were high on the priority list tend to slip to the bottom. Self preservation kicks in!
Avatar f tn I can't even imagine 23 years clean. Just can't. I appear to be in the same time zone as you are and am also up. But I am actively withdrawing, so it's no surprise. I actually just looked up NA meetings in my area. I may have the courage to make it there tomorrow. See how it goes. Any advice?
Avatar m tn At least with my anatomy, I found anything more than 1CC of fluid (I think that's what was in the 40,000 unit vial) was too much for a sub Q shot. So, unless you have A LOT of fat in your target zone, you might be better off with multiple shots as opposed to one super shot. I also thought that 100,000 units/wk is on the high side and in fact NYGirl's consultant warned her of some potential consequences of too much Procrit. So getting another opinion on this does sound reasonable.
Avatar f tn Right now I feel the most discomfort in my wrist where they had the IV line, oh, and when I cough or sneeze, then I feel the abdominal incision. I did ok on a taper of 50mg Friday to 40mg on Saturday. I started doing a small renovation project painting a door casing so I knew I was too wired. On Sunday I tried 30mg. That also seemed ok, but I still felt wired and was out doing a little yard work. It seems hard to hold myself back even though I know I need to heal.
Avatar f tn Sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle sneeze. That's where I'm at now. Is it really only 10AM? I shoulda walked longer and harder, I guess, 'cause now I'm climbing the walls going crazy. The hubby is playing a video game - maybe I'll go join him to waste some time. I'm biding my time before I go swim... trying not to fixate on the time. Maybe I should paint the house, but I'm afraid soon I'll be fatigued and lethargic. Oh, the uncertainty.