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6384874 tn?1385433406 Bending the neck forward or back will cause more of a blockage of CSF flow, and could be why you see "stars" as your head will shift positions when we cough, sneeze and laugh.... Most Drs will advise us to hold a book at eye level...(as if I could hold my arms up like that to read..) or move a computer monitor to eye level to avoid looking up or down at it to help keep the head on an even level....
Avatar n tn The prototypical example is to close your eyes and GENTLY press on it with the tip of your finger and move it around. You will see a round beam of light across from you finger (like pointing a flashlight). When you cough, sneeze or strain you can create enough pressure to trigger the firing of retina cells. When you stand up quickly you can also decrease the blood flow to the brain enough to cause the vision to black out act "weird" for a few moments.
Avatar m tn I am waiting on a eye exam, i am a veteran and this can take awhile but i wanted to know if you thought i should push to get seen, basically over the last 9 months i noticed floaters in both eyes visible in bright areas and around light but i see stars basically all day, when i cough or sneeze (etc) i can see the stars as visuals that last about a minute. They also pop out in rooms with white walls now in dark rooms or dim room they dont appear as stars but "motion" in my eyes.
Avatar n tn Over the past few years the floaters have increased and I started to have brief episodes of seeing stars, sometimes in one eye or the other, and sometimes in both simultaneously. The episodes are usually related to quick movement and last under a minute. I also tend to see bright spots very similar to seeing stars, but on a smaller scale when I'm looking at something bright or very white, like when I'm looking into the sky or at a bright white computer monitor.
620923 tn?1452919248 Everything seems to be wrong with you and every Dr. you see runs blood tests and tells you that you are healthy as a horse!
162948 tn?1205256292 Some women will spot throughout the first year with it, but most will see that drop off and will see lighter periods as well. I was nursing for the first full year I had my IUD in, which helped contribute to not having an af. Once I weaned, my period returned, but was extremely light, literally a few days of spotting. When I got it removed, my cycle stayed the same.
403153 tn?1297258095 I have read that you need to report any disturbance in vision to your Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi doctor I am sorry to bother you again because I very carefully concern safety of my high myopia eyes with LASIK history. I have heard of stories that some persons with high myopia get retina detachment because of sudden and violent muscle movement. You know in tennis we often heavily hit the ball by using arm's muscle. Can it have impact of eys's muscle and therefore affect retina.
Avatar m tn Another common phosphene is “seeing stars,” from a sneeze, a heavy and deep cough, blow on the head or low blood pressure. If you are having pollen allergy,avoid rubbing the eyes as it will lead to phosphenes. Most pollens are windborne; they can often blow indoors (typically through open windows and doors) and trigger allergic symptoms such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) within your home, not just outdoors. Diagnosis is done by skin testing. Confirmatory tests is by blood tests (RAST).
6384874 tn?1385433406 The pain feels so similar to the headaches before my decompression. I still get the headache with any bending over, coughing, and laughing. Also I see stars when I sneeze. I'm not sure if any of that can be attributed to this new finding, but since Greenfields office seems to think my csf is blocked in my neck it does make think it's a possibility.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Mighty Tramadol Warriors! We're really happy to see you! Come on in and enjoy the conversation and make yourself comfy. This is the place to be to get off and stay off Tramadol!
1227139 tn?1462338230 Well, I promised an entry no matter what the results. I had a final confirmation ultrasound today by my high level ultrasound clinic and the news was nothing short of devastating. At 9 weeks 1 day the ultrasound showed still 6 weeks 1 day and no fetal heart beat. The same terrible news as the last 3 ultrasounds. So it pretty well confirms the obvious and I was left to make a decision. I came home at 4pm today and cried my heart out.
Avatar f tn Are you back?? How you feeling? Just a reminder that if you have to laugh or sneeze or cough, hug a pillow. Also get up and move slowly but frequently. Sending you positive energy.
2125089 tn?1386346683 I have had a stiff neck, headache (better now), swollen lymphnodes (lymph's are shrinking), a few times in the past few months I will see a few seconds of little flashing lights (looks like shooting stars popping all around), one night of night sweats, dizziness, shingles, nerves twitching in my hands (tingling & numbess sometimes), blood work came back normal, hard time finding the right words when talking to people...(you know, like "oh what's that word I'm looking for?
903604 tn?1274721174 Used to be that you were negative if you were below 50,000, then you were negative if you were below 10,000, then below 1,000, now the test today shows less than 50 as normal. So, if I had been tested 10 years ago instead of a few months ago, I would have shown up as normal, and therefore, negative for Hep C antibodies. 3.No genotype could be detected because of not enough virus in my blood to sample (not enough quantity, the lab said). 4.TREATMENT IS UNLIKELY..
750177 tn?1236116380 This persisted for about 4-5 months then kinda got better but the vision thing stayed I was ok for about a year until sept I started getting dizzy agin and having these episodes once in a while I also get photophobia lights seem brighter and phonophobia I have seen my gp and ent and a neuroligist I have had 2 ct scans and an mri w/and without contrast all were normal also had 3 neuro exams and docs saw nothing wrong lately my symptoms have been sometimes ill see a single bright speck in my visi
Avatar f tn This week i find out what the baby is, so he has to stay in the office longer so i will ask him then but if you have any idea of what it could be could you let me know so that I can mention it to him. also 2nd thing is I have 4 imediate family members who are diabetic. I havent been tested for it yet but i was wondering if i should have been. 3rd thing- It says in some books ive been reading that you should have frequent urination at the beginning of pregnancy and at the end.
Avatar n tn Please go to the web site and you will see how your pain and clicking can be fixed. Dr. Scott Levin of Duke University, and Dr. James Spann and I in Tulsa Oklashoma are very good at fixing this problem. Please call and we can either schedule you or get you a referral to someone near you. Do not give up hope. This can be fixed, and it will improve your life.
Avatar m tn Most likely it is the anxiety. Try to move on from this encounter or seek a professional to see why you cannot move past it.
765439 tn?1292964014 The pop was not a fracture of a bony structure. Typical weight lifting injuries are ligamentous, not bony. You ruptured a ligamentous structure. My guess is that the pop occurred at the bottom of your dip. Ligament injuries will not show up on x-ray per se, but may demonstrate an abnormal separation of the bony structures. It may be worthwhile for a second look at the x-ray to see if there is any rib separation from the sternum.
Avatar m tn As you probably know, alcohol is bad for your liver, the major organ for detoxifying the body, and it is also toxic to brain and the adrenal glands, which affect a huge number of body systems. See an allergist if you can afford any doctor, and go on a cleansing diet immediately, to detoxify.
Avatar n tn Hi doctor I am sorry to bother you again because I very carefully concern safety of my high myopia eyes with LASIK history. I have heard of stories that some persons with high myopia get retina detachment because of sudden and violent muscle movement. You know in tennis we often heavily hit the ball by using arm's muscle. Can it have impact of eys's muscle and therefore affect retina.
Avatar n tn Write when you get them and what you ate that day, what you were doing when you got them and any other details, then you can see how often you're getting them and the purpose for this is for your doc and yourself to know what triggers them. In my case I know certain perfumes like obsession definitely make me sick. If I'm in enclosed places with heat like a house or car I get a headache without doubt.
Avatar m tn In addition, if this is happening to you behind the wheel of a car, you need to either stop driving or see a doctor. You can go into any ER and they have to take you. Diet and exercise will help you to take your weight off and that would be a good thing, but you definitely need to be checked out. That's just my opinion.
4610518 tn?1361079348 I still sneeze more than I used to and having a couple minute yawning spells from time to time along with achy/burning legs once in a while. It's all normal. You are doing fantastic....can you see the corner? You are about to turn it!
455126 tn?1212435798 My voice is still a little cracky if I try to yell but other than that its fine. My pain is fine unless I sneeze and then I see stars! I have had one nap in a week which is really good for me.
Avatar n tn I know many patients successfully using Rhinocort on a chronic basis Don't know why the stars came up. I see stars replacing email addresses in other forum posts.