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Avatar m tn there's a difference between patm sneeze and a normal sneeze. heres the difference PATM SNEEZE - nose turns red or pink (this happens when your nose gets irritated) - random sneezes going on and on - runny nose afterwards Non-related Sneeze - nose not red or pink - will sneeze only once or twice - no random sneezes I created this post for the sanity of PATMers because when your paranoid you begin to think your causing every allergic reaction.
Avatar n tn out the sneeze (The Choo) and it disappears with an inability to finish. VERY odd. I wonder if a sneeze is associated with the pleasure part of the brain. A similar "inability to finsh" happens to people who have the inability to climax when on anti-depressent medication. The feeling comes on and then disappears before it can complete. Who knows?
Avatar n tn Some people get better with lumbar/buttock pain and shourlder/cervical pain and have no treatment. Some people get better with steroids, IVIG intravenous treatments and some people get better with surgery through the buttock (Aaron Filler, MD ck web).
10533519 tn?1418460993 Start inundating yourself with probiotics - supplements with billions of strains. Get plenty of sunlight and allow yourself to sweat out toxins. Drink plenty of water to flush out your system. Take antifungals such as Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid and others. Find a Wholistic MD - a licensed medical doctor who prescribes medicine for illnesses other doctors refuse to recognize. See a dentist whenever you can afford to, and repair all cavities and oral issues.
Avatar m tn i can only barely open my eyes when i walk in sunlight. after when i walk in sunlight for say 5 mins i feel eye pain and feels like sleep is needed. if i stay littile more longer in sunlight then i will have a little bit more eye pain. its not too much pain, its bearable. but it irritates. and for me im a student, i cannot read books when i have it.i also use to sneeze immediately when i step on to sunlight.and i had a fair skin too. but recently it has turned very dark.
Avatar f tn If I sneeze, cough, bend over slightly (like to look a something, bend over to pick up something (worse pain), over head bright lights, computer screen light, bright sunlight. If I cough or sneeze several times consecutively the pain lasts any where from 10 to 45 minutes. All the other occurances usually last 5 to 15 minutes. I was diagnosed with Lupus in Sept. 2010. Very mild right now.
7595610 tn?1397471372 Any time I walk into a bright light or sunlight, I will sneeze, often more than once. If I feel a sneeze coming on, I can look into a light bulb and sneeze almost 100% of the time. It's kind of nice, I never have sneezes that "die" leaving me hanging.
1418951 tn?1305041820 they couldn't find anyother problems except PVD in my both eyes,But i can say for sure that my vision getting worser every week & my floaters increasing a lot...dark webs & clear ones-thousands in each eye. I can see floaters all the time...& have so much sensitivity with sunlight. I see so many sparles(looks like worms) when i'm outside in day light. ...
1049259 tn?1295092078 my incurance went through and he seen fluid build up along with nose inflamation but told me allergies! I am still having sinus issues now with a cough. I am going to my ENT dr wed so hopefully they give me some antibiotics and see if that clears the issue...
195411 tn?1300084106 I have noticed when I stop eating foods that cooked with oil the symptoms decreases, sugary foods too and bread..
Avatar n tn I have terrible problems with allergies and sinus problems. Good luck!!! Oh yeah, when I had a brain MRI last April because of migraines, it showed extensive sinus thickening in the frontal and ethmoid sinuses, I did not have this crackling then, no pain or anything.
Avatar n tn Hi, For almost two weeks now I've had this strange pain in my chest - under my right breast and armpit. The pain worsens when I inhale, sneeze, cough, laugh or move in a certain way. I went to my doc and had an x-ray (nothing there), an ECG (showed some rhythm abnormalities - the doc didn't say exactly) and a blood test (nothing significant - ESR 22). She prescribed me some pain relief pills and some to slow down the heart rate. I don't really worry too much about the tachycardia (anxiety?
Avatar m tn I'm 15 and its the middle of winter so i doubt its skin cancer cuz i havent really been overly exposed to sunlight lately (and i never go outside naked or anything, this would be under my swim shorts). Im afraid its like a tumor or something, only thing doubting anything like that is that it literally sprang up over night as far as i know. I also have had a virus this week (sorethroat,cough,sneeze,congested,runny nose, etc.
947967 tn?1325349853 If your hemoglobin is less than 10 g/dL, they will probably need to intervene with either Procrit of even possibly a transfusion, if the levels are low enough. Talk to the doc’s office in the morning, and if things get to rough tonight, you can go to ER.
Avatar m tn ) 5) with great power comes great responsibility. you have to now what sets this super power off and its different causes for everyone of us. 6) just to maintain sanity, if know anyone that is deaf.
Avatar m tn I suffer with PATM and it is ruining my life.I cannot be social other without drinking around them so people will not sneeze,sniffle and rub their eyes.I cannot have a relationship as I cannot be close to anyone or they will react.I have turned into a loner.Going into confined spaces with people has turned into a phobia.On planes people all sneeze around me.
Avatar m tn I am waiting on a eye exam, i am a veteran and this can take awhile but i wanted to know if you thought i should push to get seen, basically over the last 9 months i noticed floaters in both eyes visible in bright areas and around light but i see stars basically all day, when i cough or sneeze (etc) i can see the stars as visuals that last about a minute. They also pop out in rooms with white walls now in dark rooms or dim room they dont appear as stars but "motion" in my eyes.
Avatar n tn If anyone learns somthing please don't forget to share it with us all! Oh yeah one last thing I find that I don't sneeze much when I lie down- infact come to think of it especially when I'm in the bath??? What does that mean?
Avatar m tn I got PATM after making out with a girl. I feel like it has to do with bacteria. The very next day after that night I was with the girl I got PATM.
Avatar n tn I just red that sometimes bright lights and sunlight can make a baby sneeze. It's called Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst or ACHOO Syndrome. It's not a joke. You mihgt want to look into it. You might also try a humidifier.
Avatar n tn Can anyone help me with finding a top neuro-opthamologist? Especially one in the southwestern US. I live in Arizona. My wife has very serious eye problems ever since she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on the basilar tip last March. We have seen one here, but would like a second opinion, as the news is not good. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I'm really not sure whats wrong with me.I had sex with my boyfriend last week and the next day my vagina felt sore.I thought maybe from rough intercourse.But turns out I had a lil ball on my left vagina.It didnt hurt that BAD though.Until almost about a week ago. when I went to to use the restroom I started bleeding, like I started my period. I wasnt sure what to think. maybe pregnant or infection?
Avatar m tn Give your clothes a shake and you can see them in the sunlight. Loads of the little critters.. I first noticed this after I took a course of anti-biotics. Not sure if this is candida? The candida could be coming out of our pores. I have heard if you want to kill candida you need to do a parasite cleanse like huma worm and stick to a strict diet. I think if we list down when this happens, for instance with me, I feel this happens more when I sweat or feel very hot.
Avatar f tn It is painless, although when it is swollen there can be some general achiness in the area that I assume is due to the swelling. I noticed it because the swelling was great enough that it reflected sunlight in a strange manner when I was outside the first day of observation, but it may have been there longer. I was very alarmed, did some internet research which indicated that elbow lymph node swelling is unusual and can be an indicator of lymphoma.
Avatar n tn I did eliminate these for several weeks to determine if there was an issue with Niacin. I have often bouts of facial flushing. When this occurs my face is warm to the touch but my skin color does not change drastically. In addition my ears feel the same effect. I have tried to identify triggering mechanisms. The only ones which I have been able to identify are; Warm environments without airflow trigger these bouts. A warm day or exposure to the sun does not have the same effect.
7804860 tn?1394481590 That doesn't mean there wont still be a lot of physical and emotional pain to contend with, but the worst of w/d should soon be coming to an end, I would think. Then you can begin to deal with the other tough things as they come. Stick with it, bc you don't want all of this hard work you've done to be in vain. Just realize that if you do go back, you will only ensure that you will have to do this at some point later, bc no one can really have an endless supply of opiates.
Avatar n tn Im coming to your house gonza to cut the grass!! My grandma sold her house she is going to live with my aunt and uncle but with the money she got from the sale -she gave to her 10 kids- but since my mom isnt living she gave it to us! What a nice suprise... My husband says lets put up a pool, I say take a extended maternity leave...(more extended)... what do you girls think??
1303966 tn?1296743610 my eyes seem to be more sensitive to lights/sunlight and now even hav to sit watchin telly/on being on me lappy with me sunglasses on as it takes away the glare that my eyes jus cant handle and which can bring on a seizure.. me fella was laughin hes head off last night as i was playin a game on hes laptop with me sun glasses on. i told him though that i feel like im goin crazy, i feel like i wanna cry the pain out of me but know its only guna make me worse.
Avatar m tn I'm a 20 year old male and have had annoying symptoms for some time. Please bare with me if some of the information seems irrelevant, but I feel the stuff I mention is of importance. In the summer of 2006 I noticed that at seemingly random times my vision would be 'off'. I really can't describe how it feels, all I can say is it doesn't feel as vivid as normal and focusing on objects isn't affected.
Avatar n tn It just keeps happening like it's ground hogs day. It starts with a weird scratch in my throat, then sometimes I will sneeze and sneeze...and then for the most part I have that awful feeling you get when you just start to get sick. Which is worst then actually being sick, because you feel like you are on the border, and you know there is a fight going on in your body...but that you are losing it.