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Avatar m tn Some experts say that tonsils,sinusitis or diabetes could cause this but my mother does not suffer from any of these conditions.Just to let you know,my mother has a wet sneeze,with a lot of mist and spray emitted in it.Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome. Sneezing is a very strong force that could cause stomach contents to come up or even unrinsed tooth paste to shoot out. Does she wear dentures or does she have acid reflux? Is there a sweet juice that she drinks regularly?
Avatar n tn i think is because of spit when you sneeze. sometimes when you sneeze you accidently spray some out and that goes into the air. after few seconds you'll be able to smell something smelly. I've experienced that when i sneezed in the car and lots of droplets from my sneeze went everywhere inside the car.
Avatar n tn when ever I sneeze bad smell come out of my nose.Even my mucuse is also have bad smell(smell like puss) I have swelling in my eyes and also have infection in my eyes.
4430052 tn?1355006842 Almost every time I sneeze I leak out very white goo from my vagina, and its not just a little but a lot. On top of that when this happens, my sides hurt and my cervix feels like its being poke with needles. Its just when I sneeze. I know some discharge is normal, however I'm wondering if being that there is often a lot and it hurts if that's normal. If I don't sneeze, there is no discharge, and I don't hurt. Also there is a mild smell to it.
Avatar n tn i am rony 28yr male.Since 2yr i was having issue with my brain feels like enough oxygen not passing through my head.something blocking in my head.Now some times when i sneeze i feel rotten smell.Only sometimes it comes though i sneeze 4-5times a day.I am feeling too much scared don't know what is wrong.i taken lot of medicines and felling i am experiencing this issue please tell me what can be the issue.
Avatar n tn I've been having a problem with my sense of smell for the past 9 months or so. I could be doing nothing in particular and all of a sudden I'll smell a very strong floral scent that reminds me mostly of a perfume. It happens almost every day. It usually lasts somewhere between 5 minutes to an hour, and it is always the same smell. It also usually causes a sweet taste in my mouth. I haven't had any known infections or illnesses in over a year.
Avatar f tn I have a drip down the back of my throat all the time and my mouth tastse like posion. When i sneeze 90% of the time i do have a smell that i can sense coming from my nose that ive never experienced before. it will last for a minute then it will go away. I can smell food and other stuff easily. But im just afraid that people can smell this odor when im out drinking with friends,or its bad and nobody is telling me. I get paranoid when i am in public all the time these days.
Avatar m tn But other times those same people, would start a conversation with me, and not show any discomfort with the way I smell. Often times within the same day. I can't wrap my brain around this. In fact I can't wrap my brain around any of this. I really want to believe, that this is all in my head, and perhaps maybe all those years of depression have taken more of a toll on me, than I thought. However I consider myself an intelligent guy.
Avatar n tn You will need to check with your doctor to know for sure the cause of getting this terrible taste and smell off and on for about 2 years. The odds are against this being due to a brain tumor. However brain tumors can result in a variety of odors. Acid reflux and sinusitis are the 2 most likely causes of your problem. Another possible cause is atrophic rhinitis. Over the years this condition has decreased, so it is less likely to be the cause of your problem.
6822962 tn?1396333259 (Sometimes more if i caugh or sneeze and pee.) I only eat a few fruits, low fat cottage cheese, raisen bran or shredded wheat. What can I do to get rid of it or even prevent it. I am tired of getting them and using those prescriptions creams.
Avatar n tn With apologies to Col. Kilgore (Apocalypse Now) "You smell that? Do you smell that? Interferon. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of Interferon the morning. You know, one time we had a patient bombed, for twelve months. When it was all over I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' virus. The smell, you know that medicine smell, the whole body. Smelled like... victory. Some day this war is going to end...
Avatar n tn For some reason if I sneeze hard the smell and tastecomes and it doesn't go away till I go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Sometimes all it take is about 1 hour of sleep to make it go away. I also get stuffy at night and in the morning. It's the same fowl odor and taste. It like everyone's description or sometimes it smells like tilex in a shower. I can't drink coffee at all when this happens as it taste like chemicals.
Avatar n tn A little over year ago I started developing a bad smell/taste in my mouth that was induced my snorting (when my throat and nose was itchy) wouldnt last very long. but I noticed that after about a few months later I would get them randomly like if i sneezed or breathed in/out really hard. it would last for hours or unless I lied down on my right side (the affecting nose was my right nose). however, my left side also has had the same occurences. This occured a few times a month.
Avatar m tn Now it seems to be here and started again this morning after I woke up but it was not started by a sneeze. My smell is hard to describe but it is a moldy kind of smell. If it continues and doesn't stop I will need to see a ENT because it can become tough to deal with. Also thanks to katkatkak4 post and the info about Doctor Henkin and The Taste and Smell Clinic in Washington DC.
Avatar f tn I don't know how this store still managed this far while I cleared out entire store with my smell. Xanax make the smell less frequent, vegetable or coffee makes the smell less naughty. so I'm basically living on switching xanax and coffee. (weird, isn't it?) I'm thinking one day I take xanax and next day have coffee. Taking only one of them doesn't work. 11. Really become long post, this is last paragraph. Today I think I lost another couple of customers.
407149 tn?1211736107 Yes I have smelled the poop smell in the past as well, in fact that seems to be first with the gas fume smell following it's heals. The latter makes me nauseous, I have always hated deisel fume smell even before this started. The one symptom I haven't seen above that I also have especially during one of these "episodes" is severe dry heaving. For me this all started again 4 days ago while cleaning my Mom's house out, ALOT of dust, the heaves came on so bad it was embarrassing.
Avatar n tn Dr's will diagnose you as having Sinus or Allergy issues but what happenes when you've taken anitbiotics and keep smelling the cigarette smell. I'm going out of my mind with this smell, I even had a talk with this smoke like annoyance, I told it to leave you poochy smelly thang you..
Avatar n tn Something my tai chi master mentioned makes me think that traditional chinese medicine may have the answer - something about 5 elements and imbalances in these which are associated with different smells. I think Water is the one associated with a scorched smell.
Avatar m tn It can cause an animal to shake and it can cause others to sneeze. I also agree with Nancy in that she may be trying to clear her nasal passage. But, please do keep an eye on her. The sneezing SHOULD subside in a couple of days. If it continues like this or if it gets worse I would contact the vet’s office. Wetting all over her is normal. Not wanting to eat much is also normal after surgery. I would give her time, cuddles, and love. Be patient and watch her closely.
Avatar n tn And even foods and smells that usually taste good or smell good to you taste and smell like ****.
10533519 tn?1418460993 I wish that were true for everyone. People can smell me and I can smell myself. I have lived with this for more than 30 years. I have had people literally run from me because of the odor!!!! This is not a joke. Even though we all may have PATM in no way are we all the same. There are varying degrees of odors according to what I have read from others. I would put my condition in terms of odor off the chart sometimes. The type of odor varies. I have no way of getting a job in this condition.
Avatar f tn Also if I inhale hard enough instead of a nice cool rush of air I get a really warm rancid feel to it and every smell is intensified. For example if I eat a burger and wash my hands with soap as best as possible I can still smell the burger on my hands. My right nostril feels normal apart from the congestion. My mucous comes out really crusty and hard with some blood or soft and white with blood. My throat tickles and itches sometimes and I cough and sneeze every once in a while.
233622 tn?1279338505 Hey, Gradual or sudden loss of smell is well-reported with MS. It can be complete or partial, one side or both (though it is hard to tell). The sense of smell is governed by the 1st Cranial nerve. You know those nerves that come directly off the brain or brainstem that I am always talking about. Because their origins are in the brain they are considered white matter and part of the central nervous system. So, your loss is most likely due to the MS. It will act as any other symptom would.
Avatar n tn When I exercise I get very sweaty very quickly and there is a foul smell that comes off me. Even if I wash the smell does not go away. People around me tend to cough and sneeze and sometimes give me dirty looks. The smell gets worse indoors. I have tried deoderant and perfume and washing but it doesn't help. The smell is worse after exercise. My family can't smelly anything but they do cough a lot. And I don't want to tell me doctor yet in case he thinks I'm insane.
Avatar n tn I have been smelling some bad smell from my 3 years old son breath.. after reading this I looked into his nose with a small torch and spotted and foreign body in one of his nose; With no further delays we have seen GP and he confirmed the same but was not able to pull it out as my Son was not cooperative and then prescribed me to go to emergency hospital and they pulled out a Chocolate Wrap (Plastic) as big as a button battery size.
Avatar n tn I have also been dealing with this bad smell coming from my nose. I use to think it was coming from my mouth so I went to the dentist and as you know it wasn't my breath.Well since then I've seen an ENT,Allergist,had an CT scan,a nasal scrap. I've been on so many antibiotics in the last 3 yrs. I can remember half the names.
Avatar n tn Is there such thing as a doctor that will take a culture to find out why I can’t taste or smell. I can deal with taking antibiotics for months at a time if needed, but would rather loose a finger or toe than my taste and smell. It has been 6 months since I’ve been able to taste or smell. I’m getting depressed and hard to get along with around the house. Are there medical people that will find a source rather than chase a treatment or hit you up for the most expensive procedure they offer?
Avatar f tn I have same thing with the fart smell. What's messed up is it happens sometimes when I laugh and in a joyful mood and then someone comments. It's made not want to be joyful or laugh when around people. Also sometimes happens after I ate a large meal. It makes it hard because usually family gatherings involve eating a large dinner.