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Avatar f tn Lying in bed reading this because i cant stand up or ill sneeze. I sleep with a box of kleenex next to me and usually run out by morning. Sometimes i barely sleep because i keep waking up sneezing. Its crazy! I was told i am allergic to yeast...could this be the problem? Its hard to tell because they say symptoms don't alerts appear right away and could take days to come out.
1350993 tn?1277496822 its the withdrawals that cause can last for a few weeks and will drive you nutz but its one of the more mild symptoms........
3170462 tn?1344721152 They're brothers, Alvin and Simon, and were a year old when we got them. Before they came to our home, they lived with a friend who runs a Second Chance operation from her home. She found them as kittens (mum was killed by a possum) and weaned them. Both cats were well treated. When we first took them, our friend mentioned that Alvin had started sneezing. We didn't think anything of it. Cats sneeze. However, the sneezing began to get worse and has never gotten better.
Avatar f tn We flush his nose several times a day with saline to loosen the snot so he can sneeze it out. I believe we are keeping Kleenex in business. He goes in to the bathroom when we take showers and at random times to steam his nose. Has anyone dealt with anything like this? Help!! Please don't tell me the "usual" causes as the vets have ruled those out. (grass up the nose, rotten teeth and most likely not cancer as there is no blood).
1394602 tn?1280252051 I feel like i sneeze a million times a day! I always have to have kleenex with me for my runny/stuffy nose!
Avatar f tn My summers would usually consist of having red eyes, going through a box or two of Kleenex and sleeping, going outside of AC only when absolutely necessary. I didn't experience relief with allergy shots until the year after I began them (I started in summer). The change was incredible. During that summer, I only used a Kleenex when I received a bloody nose (I admit those have become more common since taking the shots, occurring 2-3 times weekly at inconvenient times.).
Avatar n tn its gotten so bad that i would sometimes have to sleep with a kleenex under my nose.i have tried every allergy medication that i could find but none of them worked. do i have some kind of nose disorder?
Avatar f tn I woke up with a sore throat and my right nostril hurts really bad and is swollen and really runny. I can't control it at all. Can hardly breath out of that side. It hurts to scrunch my nose to touch or to sneeze. I looked in there and there was what it looked like a white head pimple but I don't know if that's what it is because it hurts that whole side. Has anyone else had this! Any advise?
Avatar f tn I sneeze hundreds of time a day, go through boxes of Kleenex and to the point of wetting myself...I sneeze so hard.....Allergy pills do not work nor do I want to take them the rest of my life and they mess with the quality of your sleep..It is in the last year or two that had finally decided that it was probably the CPAP that was causing it. I have a new machine. I have played with my humidity settings and recently made a fleece cover for the hose....reading through all the post, tonight...
Avatar n tn This weekend I will be doing 36/48 and have had daily sneeze attacks (1-3 times/day) since starting tx. Add onto it non-stop allergies and a nagging sinus condition and I'm thinking of buying stock in Kleenex - (if nothing else, I could always use the stock certificates to wipe my schnoz). And all this nose blowing hasn't been made any nicer by all the tx-induced zits that keep forming on my the end of my nose. Fun, fun, fun - this tx stuff, eh?
Avatar f tn No question. Just sharing my day 10. Can't do it with family or friends. Slow energy day again. Oh maybe one question...why do I look stoned? My eyes are constantly squinty and red. I have very big eyes so it's really noticeable. They water like crazy too. Even when I used it never affected my eyes. I look like an extra from cheech and chong.
Avatar m tn hey dude...its normal when you detox to sneeze you a## off for a wile gets better with time...I was miserable with it when I first came off it lasted like 3 weeks.. good luck and God bless ....
4341997 tn?1514592288 I was eating skittles while driving my son home from soccer practice a few weeks ago. I had to sneeze with a mouthful. As I let it rip, I spit my gob of half chewed skittles on the dash of day old truck, then as I inhaled for sneeze #2 half a skittle went up my nasal passage and burned like lava. I honestly think it's still there. (and it smells like a yellow one, the ones that taste like a$$) My son will never look at me the same again. He just gasped and said " what's wrong with you!
Avatar f tn My sneezing can last all day long (or more). The only rests I get are when I am eating/drinking, lying on my back, or "corking" my nose with kleenex. The kleenex will only help for about a half an hour at a time. When I have a bout of constant sneezing, I can sneeze 30 to 50 times. It totally exhausts me, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find a place to lie down or wash my hands all the time. Sudafed will help on the second day, but not on the first day.
Avatar n tn allergy tested (zip); to a ENT specialist who promptly gave me steroid nose spray (which gave me a raging headache); and to a naturopath who practices biofeedback who is convinced it is related to my colon. I did a cleanse and sure as shootin' I was good for almost 6 months (I had been having at least one episode a month prior)! But now, I have started again. 3 episodes this month alone, one of which was preceded by a scary 2 days of vertigo. So, whatever it is is still with me.
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Avatar n tn This is my 4th Pregnancy, 3rd ended up m/c. It's been 7 years since I was pregnant with my second child, so I need a little bit of a refresher course sometimes. Anyway, the problem is that my nose is driving me insane. It's stuffy and then it runs and then I feel like I can't catch my breath. I've never had allergies before, and I am not sick...I feel pretty good actually. I have a small zoo at home (2 dogs, three cats)...could I actually become allergic to them?
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 33 Tramadol Cold Turkey Withdrawal; Immune System Breakdown ... I guess when the cat is away, the mice they will play. Last night I was alone in the house and steadily starting to believe I had a cold in the nose starting. Got rapidly worse. Searched for the Z-Pac, found the Z-Pac. Took the first dose. Woke up this morning thinking OMG I am so tired. But I didn't feel the "I feel like crawling in a hole and dying" thing. Progress!!
1742220 tn?1331360327 omg that felt SO good its like a sneeze feels when it is trying to come and you can't sneeze that's how its been w/o my medhelp. but DAIM!!! it ben worser!!!! worser than a stifled or lost sneeze! Worst Than A Lost Sneeze ... and other stories omg mh I freakin MISSED YOOOOOOO omg I MISSED YOOOOOOO I was so scare come back on my mh like aw spit man WHO? WHO? meeg what? coleslaw???? ha ha my name rimes with coleslaw!!!!
184674 tn?1360864093 The point is to see just how many average, everyday people--most of whom you probably associate with daily or shake hands with when you meet...or even serve you food if you visit their home--do and don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom. Answer honestly!
Avatar f tn This morning I am a mess sitting here at the keyboard with kleenex shoved in my nostils. Tonight I will go back to my heated humidifier machine, & try it with the heat setting higher for the humidifier. Hope this helps. If anyone does not have a humidifier that is heated, they can put a hot pad under their cold water bypass humidifier, & turn the hot pad on low. I use to have to do this & yes it works, & there is nothing dangerous about it.
1227139 tn?1462338230 It's killing me, not only to know that my baby has died but that I am still suffering with the terrible symptoms like nausea and horrendous fatigue every minute of every day - for no reason what so ever. That is like torture with no benefit. My best friend tells me, "you know what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Sandi. But I think by now you are bullet proof...." He wasn't kidding either.
Avatar n tn Tilt your head back, fill each nostril with saline solution, and pinch your nostrils shut. Set down the bottle, and with your nostrils pinched, sloooowwwly bend forward until your head is upside down. Release your nostrils and let the saline drain into your sinuses for about 10 seconds. It feels real funky at first, but you get used to it. Slooowwwly bend back up halfway, so that you are looking straight down to the floor of the shower.
541150 tn?1306037443 Well due to the fact i am running around with kleenex stuck in my nose and sneezing and coughing all over the place i think i am going to come to your house and recuperate. You will never even know i am there!!!!!! I think this being Miss America has worn me many people to see, so many places to go, running around in my kibini.......ahhh such pressure!!!!!
19350646 tn?1476217621 Still headache, neck pain, back pain. Pain meds started helping better. Catheter was pulled. Went into urinary retention retained around 1200ml of urine so I had to be straight cath'd to get the urine out. Twice... lots of fun. But that night apetite returned and I started urinating normally again. Nose opened up a bit but still a mouth breather. Still leaking bloody snot (not CSF just some serous bleeding).
756505 tn?1233861297 up my left nostril that drove me insane at times. (I'd walk around with Kleenex stuffed up the nostril to prevent it.) All of this over several years. These days I still get some stabs and shocks and ants and so on, but much less often. Right now, for example, it's some baby ants crawling around the lower left-hand edge of my lip, and a few weeks ago I had major twitching in my left cheek.
Avatar m tn The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush (by friggy) removes infected mucus from every part of your sinuses, which Mayo Clinic research shows is the cure for sinusitis, rather than treating sinus tissue with antibiotics. Regular saline irrigation does not work in the upper sinuses, because of gravity, but the Sinus Flush defeats gravity. It is effective with bacterial and viral infections, and some but not all fungal infections. The Flip-Turn is the original, and still the best Sinus Flush. WARNING!
Avatar n tn The next day, due to swallowing all night and a very dry mouth from sleeping with my mouth open, and I supposed the tube down my throat during surgery, I began with a sore throat. Now 4 days past, the throat is still sore, I find most foods, even a lot of mushy foods, burn going down. I'd recommend luke warm chicken soup, this seems ok. Today however, the left nostril began to clear, and the flow of air hitting the back of my nose burns too. The right nostril is still completely clogged.