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1448936 tn?1363209946 Is his home hermetically sealed? There are no germs in is home? The paper boy did not sneeze or cough through the screen door while waitig for your dad to get his check book? Has your father not had any visitors in the past few weeks? And what about your bf if you do go and stay with your father. Will he live inside one of those giant tents that cover the entire house and fumigate all sorts of bad stuff? I think that's pretty unrealistic.
Avatar m tn I reliably make people cough, sneeze, exhale loudly (as if to get something out of their lungs), rub their noses, act as if they're dizzy, etc., and they sometimes do this even across long distances (50+ feet) and across non-airtight barriers such doors, open windows, etc.
4333925 tn?1359106042 Turn on some music and make yourself dance for 10 minutes. Then do it for 20 minutes, you get the idea. Try an exercise video but really it is important to move, and it will help in the long run.
Avatar m tn This water contains more contaminants than you think—not enough to make you sick if you drink it, but you don’t want to add them to the other germs you are working to get out of your sinuses. Buy some table salt without iodine. Iodine is an irritant to some people. Sea salt is okay, as long as it has the same size grains as table salt. Pickling and canning salt is the very best, because it doesn’t have any additives (calcium silicate) to keep the salt grains from sticking together.
Avatar n tn Actually I haven't really been sick that much in the past year. I work in a school and I think I have luckily built up some resistance to germs. The summer of 2006 is when it first began. It wasn't until about October of 2006 before I saw a ENT. Of course that doctor filled me up with nose sprays and decongestionants which made it all that much worse. I am doing a lot of praying this works. Working in education I don't make all that much and even co pays and deductables do me in.
Avatar m tn I think I'll go sneeze in public, see if I can get the mall shut down! kerchoo!!!
Avatar m tn Here is a good video to watch and it talks about yeast and how it immigrates to other parts of the body. It's about 20 minutes long but its going to cost you is your time. wwwdotyoutubedotcom/watch?
Avatar m tn When all this happen they claim everything pre 2010 was morgellon. In the video you can see have bad the doctor act. The sec doctor talks to vets and he say that 1 am and 4 am the bugs move. Morgellon today is sore is a something that don't move where what I have is a parasite that crawly-jumps and bites. I was told mine ears drum are prefect so anything that get it will have a hard time to get out. Anytime they hatch mine head feel the a ball on a stick.
Avatar n tn I have this small cherry i geuss i could say lump just under the skin and it even pushes the skin out some on my left outter vaginal lip. It is painful when i sit or walk or even lean on my left leg to much its also smooth and is in the hair line. It seemed like it came out of no were it can be sexual dieses cause im only 14 and a vergin. I am becoming worried but dont wanna talk to my mother about it or a docter cause im afraid my mother will think iv had sex.
Avatar m tn i never took medication for it, and i never had therapy or anything, it just kinda slowed down when i started thinking about other things. specifically, i started playing video games when i would get the urge to pick, and then, i would pretty much forget all about it. recently i found out that my girlfriend has a similar problem and i was wondering how one would go about helping someone with this issue.