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Avatar n tn This started two months ago, when I had a bad cold. I kept getting the strong urge to sneeze, and only was able to a few times ... I would say 1 out of 5-10 times I would be able to sneeze. But I recovered from my cold, and within about a week after my cold was gone, I was able to sneeze once again. So I was able to sneeze normally for about a month, but now for the past week and a half, I haven't been able to sneeze again. I'll get the urge to, but very rarely can I sneeze.
641819 tn?1240325930 I get the occassional bit of stress incontinence - the trickle when you sneeze or what not. However this comes with very little warning and isn't just a little. I was lucky to not make a puddle on the floor, but my jeans were soaked halfway to my knees. Anyone else with this problem? If so...any suggestions? Been diagnosed with fibro since 05. Have had a lot of neurological problems, expecially this year, with buzzing, prickling and burning pain etc...
Avatar n tn Since going on the medicine, about 4 days after the accident, I have had an urge to urinate, and this urge does produce urine. Enough to warrant going. The only thing is... this urge happens every 20-30 minutes. I also will leak when I sneeze or cough really hard. I was tested for a UTI and it was sent to lab, both came back negative. Can anybody out there give me an idea why this is happening? The doc that prescribed the meds said that they cannot cause this. Help, please.
Avatar f tn Lol yep. I sound silly when i say ouch after a sneeze instead of bless me!
Avatar f tn The tingling sensation was there constantly for 3 days until the sensation was on and off however for the past few days the tingling sensation has been replaced my pain on the sides of my nose. I also have the urge to sneeze but the sneeze will not come out. I have fired a saline nasal spray but does not seem to work.
Avatar f tn other than that if I feel thw urge to sneeze I stop doing what am doing at the moment hold my bladder as tight as I can and bend over a little bit than sneeze lol its weird but hey it works for me lol after that I jist run to the bathro and pee lmao
Avatar f tn Pregnancy is rough. After you have the baby, make sure to do kegal exercises regularly to help keep your pelvic floor muscles strong.
Avatar f tn Baby is just completely sitting on my bladder it feels. I always feel like I have a full bladder or the urge to use the restroom. Only 2 more weeks though!! Unless he decides to show up early which is fine by me!
Avatar n tn In 1997, I had a period of a month or more where I could not sneeze; I would have the urge to sneeze, build up to the sneeze, but it would not come out. Then, I went back to "normal" sneezing. Then several years later, I had the same thing again, for over a month, but again, went back to "normal" sneezing. Now, over two years since the last episode, I have been experiencing the same thing again, for around 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn I am a teenage female of average health. (I know my profile says different. I didn't want to give out too much personal info just so I could ask a few questions.) And I suddenly can't sneeze anymore... Starting about 6 weeks ago I started having allergies (I took 30mg of loratadine and that made most of my allergies go away). I would get this tickle deep inside my nose, and it would cause me to sneeze constantly.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the advice!! Everytime I hate having the urge to sneeze because of how it feels when I do. So true about it feeling like a muscle that's been pinched everytime. I'm like geez does baby hate it when mommy sneezes. I probably won't mention it seeing as though I am not the only one. This is my first child and I just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong... Lol knowing it's not a protocol to sneezing.
Avatar n tn It's been a week since I removed my tonsils. I had tonsilitis. I have this really bad smell that comes out of my nose. I also believe I have sinus problems because before I had my tonsils removed I used to sneeze every single day, I haven't sneezed since I had the tonsils removed. However, I do seem to have the urge to sneeze but I just can't seem to sneeze. I do have red eyes when I can't sneeze.
Avatar f tn Im 16 Weeks && 5 days , i cant cough, sneeze , laugh , or even run without peeing On myself lol , does this happen to anybody else ?
Avatar f tn Oh the joys so early this morning while i was sleeping i had the urge to fart and when i did i felt myself pee a little. btw im 31w2d i think thats the first time ive done that this pregnancy since i am a ftm.
Avatar f tn Urge incontinence is involuntary loss of urine occurring for no apparent reason while suddenly feeling the need or urge to urinate. The most common cause of urge incontinence is involuntary and inappropriate detrusor muscle contractions.Involuntary actions of bladder muscles can occur because of damage to the nerves of the bladder, to the nervous system (spinal cord and brain), or to the muscles themselves.In your case,it can be due to trauma to the urinary system during child birth.
6384874 tn?1385429806 Hey there, this happens to me too when I sneeze. But the "stars" are also accompanied by severe pain in the back of my head and neck. The pain is so bad that it leads to tears. Because of this I avoid sneezing as much as possible (I haven't sneezed in over a year because of this).
Avatar m tn I writing this on my day 9, cause almost every morning i sneeze ( only morning i sneeze for this period of time ) and then there is this huge and bloody phlegm that return from my nose to my mouth, unable to sneeze out. I had sore throat on and off all year round, sometimes with bloody phlegm, i wonder if i have any lung problems.
Avatar f tn Lately I've been peeing myself when I sneeze really hard. At times I did have to pee, and I would be on my way too. And then at times I kinda didnt.
Avatar n tn In 1997, I had a period of a month or more where I could not sneeze; I would have the urge to sneeze, build up to the sneeze, but it would not come out. Then, I went back to "normal" sneezing. Then several years later, I had the same thing again, for over a month, but again, went back to "normal" sneezing. Now, over two years since the last episode, I have been experiencing the same thing again, for around 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn I actually now go into a state of anxiety when I feel the urge to sneeze for fear of how depressed I will be when the sneeze aborts. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
5848524 tn?1388118056 Ok ladies... I know I can talk to you guys about just about anything... but I just don't know. I was standing here fussing at my 5 year old about keeping his room clean, I suddenly felt the urge to sneeze and uh hhh a little pee came .I really feel violated lmbo. I'm thinking this could be normal. I am pushing 6 months but I never experienced this with my other two pregnancies...please someone let me know that I'm not alone lol!
Avatar f tn I used to sneeze , I have always had allergies, although I have to say they have gotten a lot better without taking medication... now I don't even have the urge to sneeze, but I do have a runny nose a lot of the time. I do suffer with headaches off and on. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/297207'>sneezing sensation but unable to sneeze</a>.
Avatar f tn However my problem is different.......... whenever i sneeze a small amount of urine is also released................ its embarrassing.........pls help me understand what this is, how it can be treated.
Avatar n tn Combining pelvic muscle exercise with bladder retraining (urge inhibition) for men with both stress and urge UI can decrease urine leakage, urine urgency and frequency (called overactive bladder). Two surgical procedures may be used as treatments for incontinence that is caused by damage to the sphincter. One is the insertion of an artificial urinary sphincter. Approximately eighty-nine percent of men receiving this treatment achieve total dryness.
Avatar n tn I'm 34 weeks 3 days, why do I keep using the bathroom on myself. Ugh! Ill have the urge to pee then once I stand up to walk to the bathroom it's too late.. what is it.. ugh!! I can't take it.. I be doing all the dances to keep it in until I can ouoo my pants down but it be too late. I've taken 3 showers today!
Avatar n tn I wonder if you leak when you caugh, laugh, or sneeze. Do you have the urge to urinate before you leak? Are you leaking frequently or do you wear a pad for protection? Does it burn when you urinate? These are some of the questions that a urologist will ask you.
Avatar f tn got really excited cause i stood up and thought my water broke because i didnt have the urge to pee or anything and didnt feel it coming from that area. But now im not sure and im thinking i peed :/ like i said didnt have urge to pee...