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Avatar f tn Ive had Pregnancy Rhinitis(allergies) since I got pregnant and it won't go away til I have the baby so I cough n sneeze alot. ive had a yeast infection tmi lol im anemic I have SPD Pain I still get morning sickness especially when I brush my teeth i love my baby but cant wait to have him!
5028514 tn?1366832056 Lol so last week on my way home from indianpolis (which is 2 hrs from where I live) I stopped at a gas station for a fountain drink . Of course I wasn't the only one in line and as I'm getting my drink, I sneeze and pee all over myself ..... Yep people saw so I ran to the bathroom and didn't know what to do lol so I ran back out after attempting to clean myself up paid for my drink and had a wet ride home. Lol has any other mommy had an embarrassing pee story or am I alone on this one ?
Avatar f tn I would love to hear about success stories and any advice for what to do to increase my chances is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn My Dr told me I might have to have a c section and for those of you who have had them I would love to know your stories or any tips about recovery. Thanks so much!
334776 tn?1249972181 one day my boyfriend was like hey why do you always run to the bathroom when you sneeze? so i told him, and he laughed at me sooo hard and i had to laugh also.. so yeah for peeing! One time in walmart my son wanted in the shopping cart and i told him to ask my friend heather to do it cause mommies pregnant and cant lift you up.... he goes to her and says... " Heather can you put me in the cart? my mommies to FAT!" keep in mind....
Avatar f tn I've read so many horror stories on the net about this surgery, and a few positive outcomes, but sure would like to hear more positives. Dr. did tell me to take with a grain of salt everything I read on the net. Medical sites that I've been to, such as this one, are very informative and helpful, but I'd like to hear from women who actually had the surgery and their experiences. I'm afraid of having the surgery, then having more trouble afterwards and being worse than I was to begin with.
7406493 tn?1454002812 I want to know how does it feel when you sneeze? .because when I sneeze it hurts a lil and I feel pulling in my belly and im like gee wiz it's just a sneeze! Do your sneezes hurt it sounds silly but I'm serious! !!
Avatar f tn My grandma said I hAve to but sometimes she gets her stories messes up so I am asking all the ladies here that know about pregnancy more ?
9728796 tn?1407038282 Wel I had heard a lot of stories of prego women peeing them self's when they sneeze and I would think oh that's never gonna happen to me and I was laying in bed sneezed and bam I peed my self the shame!! Lol /.
Avatar f tn Yup- I'm setting sneeze records too. For the past week every time I take one step outside I sneeze like 4-5 good ones. It's only a little embarrassing to sneeze every 1/2 hour. I also don't think I have sneezed in the past 15 years. Nor did I ever get sick. I guess we're just getting our bodies back....we gotta take the bad with the good. I'm pretty sure the sneezing is very normal for our stage. I've read it here many times. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight!
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks and recently it seems like my boyfriend just gets on my nerves everything he does pisses me off even a simple sneeze is it because I'm pregnant ???? Cause I live him to dealth and miss him every time I'm away from him just can't stand being around him. I feel bad cause he's the best person in the world very sweet reads the baby bed time stories before he goes to sleep every night I don't know why I just get so mad at him. Is this normal for pregnant women?
2093279 tn?1379551553 Lol, if that were me, id probably be laughing more than him. Ive always work in a nursing home & get all tthe "when i was pregnant..." Stories (which i love) but nothing has ever happened like that to me. Most ive done is forget something on top of my car...or at the store pd then forgot my bag or wallet...
Avatar f tn Is excessive sneezing part of withdrawal? I sneeze 8-9 times in a row still and I'm at day 15. If this is from the withdrawal, when might it go away. It must be part of the withdrawal since it started about 2 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I'm only 12 weeks and I pee when I sneeze, when I vomited while my morning sickness was bad, I am starting to wear liners and obviously considering trying to remember keigal exercises ha.
4202953 tn?1377187106 Yep this is normal! Sneeze away! IBK, remember my horror stories with sneezing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Just a regular day in the life of a pretty faces young girl with PATM..everyone wants to hang out with me, guys want to take me on dates but the more isolated I feel the more comfortable I am. I wish I was ugly at times so people wouldn't reach out to me as much so I could crawl in my corner and not be noticed. If I hand out with my friends someone will suffer by coughing and sneezing clearing their throat thousands or times..
Avatar f tn I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see if everything is alright. but I was just wondering if this is normal to experience. Or any advise or similar stories would be great and how did you cope.
Avatar f tn I read stories of it happening and I thought, no, not me. But here I am a FTM learning that we will all go through discomfort in experiencing the most magical part of our lives as mothers. Today I peed myself. Twice. There were no warning signs or sensations, it just slipped out. Time in invest in panty liners and extras to bring to work along with clean panties. Dignity officially stripped.
10844245 tn?1425036934 You know you're pregnant when... You have a terrible gag reflex, choke on a piece of chicken gristle, & throw up your entire meal right on your dinner plate.... SICK!! :-P Anyone else want to share their embarrassing stories??? Haha, Please?!?
Avatar n tn I only have leaking when I run hard, exercise, sneeze, cough stuff like that...but being the person I am I love doing these things so this leaking quite depressing. I have read some horror stories. I do not want to jump the gun and DO not want to give up the quality of life I have now to improve one area yet hurt another area. Any information anyone can share would be most appreciated. I have 2 kids and age 40. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Is this normal to have pelvic pain to where it hurts to walk, sneeze? Just not sure it's all worth it if i'm not getting pregnant on it anyways.
Avatar f tn I drink a lot a lot of water during the day and it a getting to the point were it's dangerous to sneeze if I hadn't gone to the bathroom recently..
Avatar f tn I've also read many stories about this type of thing happening to many pregnant women. Dnt think it's anything to worry about or be embarrassed about.
Avatar n tn I know if you are pregnant the baby will move if you sneeze or cough hard. But do you feel movement in your stomach if you sneeze or cough and you are not pregnant.
473246 tn?1293837273 I find that fairly frequently when I cough hard or sneeze (thank you allergies!) that I (tmi) pee a little bit. It is really hard to control. Apparently I am carrying low and wonder if it is putting pressure on my bladder already. I am 23 weeks tomorrow....I'm just wondering what will happen when I am 33 weeks! Will I need diapers?!?! lol Is this happening to anyone else? I wear a panty liner all day, every day!
189192 tn?1261345228 Too funny and oh so close to home! Mine was throwing up and peed my pants. Nothing like your head in the toilet, wet pants and your husband walking in on you! Oh the things we go thru for these babies!!!
Avatar n tn The sneeze and pee... I hate it. I feel like it happens daily. I always have to have an empty bladder if i want to sneeze. My husband thinks its funny and cute im like noooo lol.
Avatar n tn Hi doctor I am sorry to bother you again because I very carefully concern safety of my high myopia eyes with LASIK history. I have heard of stories that some persons with high myopia get retina detachment because of sudden and violent muscle movement. You know in tennis we often heavily hit the ball by using arm's muscle. Can it have impact of eys's muscle and therefore affect retina.