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1994124 tn?1422577699 Yeah that happens when I sneeze or move quickly.
Avatar f tn Is excessive sneezing part of withdrawal? I sneeze 8-9 times in a row still and I'm at day 15. If this is from the withdrawal, when might it go away. It must be part of the withdrawal since it started about 2 weeks ago.
Avatar n tn I get this pain on my lower right side where my ovary would be sometimes if I sneeze or if I stand up really fast. I called my doctor and they said if it's not an ongoing pain not to worry about it. It's probably just ligaments stretching. I was wondering if anyone else has had this pain being pregnant? I didn't have any kind of pain like this with my first child. Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable. Esp when I sneeze. Please help. Thanks.
765439 tn?1292964014 and to sneeze with my mouth open...he said id have to do this for the rest of my life....i hope he's joking..... ive seen online people are using saline i am a 21 yr oldi tn heir nose? where do i get it? im scared to touch my nose? male...would not describe myself as healthy so how long could i expect to heal.... also the doctor was completely useless in diagnosing my ear pain. i have ear pain when i scratch my ears...i also have ear popping and krackling around loud noises.....
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have posted this in neurology also, however i havnt had any replies. I have been experiencing a weird tingle intermittently just down from my ankle (on the top left side of my foot) on the right side (it feels like a pinched nerve and doesnt tingle until in walking around and moving) however at the same time i have a tingle on the top of my right hand just down from my thumb and it occurs at a similar time to when my ankle tingles...any ideas what this might be?
Avatar n tn -Got sick from a common cold -Kept coughing, productive, after cold -4 weeks later, still coughing, cough is dry, EXTREMLEY painful on left-side and forces me to gag and choke while coughing -When sneezing, sneeze brings up a burning sensation in throat which can only be helped by swallowing - Saw 2 doctors, first one perscribed a corticosteriod, second, a antibiotic. Neither of them did anything at all. - Still coyhghing after 6 weeks, cant take a deep breath without coughing. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I had this incident 3 moths ago.I got convinced that I had no risk after reading posts and replies, But my symptoms makes me worried . 2nd week I got sore throat that lasted for 2 months, pimples on face.ear pain legs pain. 3rd week I had extremely dry mouth. 5th week I had several sores in my mouth lasted for 2 weeks, I still feel one deep inside my mouth when i'm swallowing, I got tiny pimples/rashes on my face & upper chest that I still have.
8831133 tn?1415919135 Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh, rectocele, and cystoscopy April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries ( partial hysterectomy in 1974), so I'm almost at my 4 week post-op. No real complications other than a UTI which I understand is common after this type procedure. Doesn't seem like all the feeling has come back yet? And I'm having some leakage if my bladder becomes too full or if I need to "go" and cough, laugh, sneeze, etc.
Avatar n tn Now, I'm sneezing like crazy and my ribs feel like they are going to break everytime I sneeze. My baby is moving around normally and such so I figure he is just fine. You can take ~~~ Tylenol for a headache Plain Sudafed for congestion (no fever) Robitussin for cough Hope this helps!!
Avatar n tn I'm 40yrs, have hayfever,sneeze when perfume/house chemicals are used and when dust is disturbed and hoovering get a tight chest.I visit 2 ladies,once a week *A =smokes a few rollups a day and ventilates her house,twice a week*B = has cigarettes 10-20 aday no ventilation.*A is ok and only get discomfort when she smokes in my presence,1 rollup over 2 hours .
Avatar n tn Hi, I suffered a PE 18 months ago. I’m off all treatment now but three weeks ago developed a chesty cough, then this time last week I started with severe chest pain in the same spot I had the PE. My doc said it was a chest infection & prescribed amoxicillin which I have now finished. The pain in my chest is worse than ever, it hurts to breathe, cough & sneeze. It is in my left upper quadrant. My doc did say last week that it can’t be another PE as I’ve not had any leg symptoms of DVT.
Avatar n tn Some of these aches were quite painful and could last for anything upto 10 seconds. I also started to sneeze more often and experienced loose stools,sporadic diarrhia and some stomach cramps and a sore throat. After about 10 weeks I started to get muscle twitching in my legs and buttocks. I got tested 88 days after exposure on a Genscreen Plus Hiv Ag Ab.
Avatar m tn Hi, I used pain killers and more than you, but I didn't do a taper. I tried, but failed too many times. There are people here familiar w/both oxy and taper. Weekends are slower than weekdays, so hang around and someone better than me can help. To answer your question about the runny nose. Yes, normal, then you'll get a drip that will make you cough & sneeze. Use cough drops. For the legs, hot baths, bananas, heating blanket or heating pad, or hot or menthol rubs.
Avatar m tn I left Dubai on 6 Dec, and on 7 Dec, I reached Brunei. 8 Dec, I started to sneeze and minor cough (more like a cold), no headaches, no joint aches, no fewer, nausea or swollen lymph nodes. I read from the internet, some sources said most ppl would get a flu-like illness within days upon contraction with HIV. Is that true? Today is 11 Dec and I'm 95% recovered from the cold. I came across this website [] and further to the phone conversation, they said it is 99% accurate at day 12.
Avatar n tn I appreciate all of you guys' replies, but I'm trying to find out if smoking is what's causing the above mentioned problems. For your information, I already quit smoking. I just want to know if smokers have the same problem as me.
Avatar m tn Glad to see your still going strong, I'm following you almost ha. Are you still a little sick (with flu like symptoms)? I still sneeze to and I do crave the drug and sometimes I get bored and really crave the pill. My question is at 55 days are you still suffering? I know you had some trouble that lasted longer than you liked for it to.
Avatar m tn For about 5-6 days I've gotten a few cold symptoms like I never have a clear nose, it is either really stuffy or really runny, I dry-cough a lot but my throat has a lot of phlegm, and I sneeze very often and I'm not sure if this is relevant but two days ago I woke up so weak I could not stand up on my legs without shaking and fearing I'd fall. I have no allergies to any foods, pollens, or dust. And for the record I don't get colds very often, but when I do, they go away in 3 days tops.
Avatar f tn I posted a while back about how this stuff has been making me sneeze a lot, well, now when I sneeze it's like I have to really hold on to something because afterwards the room feels like it's spinning! It's really a scary feeling. It passes within a few seconds. What could this possibly be? Oh, and one more question. On my 2 week lab work my liver enzymes were elevated. My enzymes have never been above normal. Why would they go up after I start treatment? OK!
617141 tn?1225710028 it increases especially when i am working, or when a sneeze is starting, i haven't been able to sneeze yet because the pain is so sharp and intense, it stops forming. the doc said it was a pulled muscle, and gave me 'neoprox' which is for infection, i think? so am hoping it's going to get better, otherwise another trip to the doc. thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn People cough, sneeze, feel nauseous and have allergic reactions around me almost as if im a walking dust pile that's what this disorder is about. The reactions vary from person to person. For some it is just a mild cough and for others it's as if they were about to lose a lung. I've been suffering from this disorder that came out of nowhere since 3th grade as far i can remember, i am currently in 8th grade in middle school struggling. I would go on details how i knew but i'll leave it at that.
Avatar f tn Yes I sneeze alot, however I am having a boy and I have had terrible morning sickness, my stomach does sit very low. I have a minor headaches here and there. I am 14 weeks and things are still a little shaky with my morning sickness.
1155261 tn?1266690117 OMG!!! I am so glad you said's like a sneeze and then a very quick one right afer. If you swallow, or breathe, it's another and it doesnt stop for at least a min or so. So glad and sad you have it. I think it is the toxins leaving our soft tissue. At least that's what I tell myself!
Avatar n tn Thanks for all the replies. No, I haven't had any bloodwork done yet. I actually haven't had my first real appointment yet, I just keep going in for scans to make sure baby is ok. Baby is doing just fine now, and I go in for first appointment in a couple weeks, thats when I'll get labs done and everything. I have been really sick though, vomiting a lot and not eating that great since everything comes back up.
Avatar n tn Also would like to mention that these twitches are not constant.
Avatar m tn I have allergies at this time of year and every time I sneeze it sends shock waves of pain through my back/hip. It is extremely frustrating, especially now that I know I will never go back to opiates and need to find other ways to deal with the pain. Sometimes ice takes the pain away a bit, heat is relaxing. Have you tried accupuncture, chiro or massage?
267206 tn?1189759435 I've had the same thing, although I sneeze less every day. So we're not alone! I wish you the best of luck. I sympathize with you, and allow me to say I think I know EXACTLY what you're going through! Please let me/all know how you're doing.
Avatar n tn oh wow, thank you, thank you .... as always, whenever I ask, I always get just what I need to hear, I cling to everyones replies and yours was just what I needed. Already daydreaming about my "moment" when I look up and realize I feel normal, I sure am closer to it than I was 19 days ago .... it can't be far off now.
Avatar n tn When I exercise I get very sweaty very quickly and there is a foul smell that comes off me. Even if I wash the smell does not go away. People around me tend to cough and sneeze and sometimes give me dirty looks. The smell gets worse indoors. I have tried deoderant and perfume and washing but it doesn't help. The smell is worse after exercise. My family can't smelly anything but they do cough a lot. And I don't want to tell me doctor yet in case he thinks I'm insane.
1157887 tn?1266821280 expect i have that nasty head cold/flu! ITS KILLING my head and neck when i cough/sneeze/blow my nose.. yeah you know.. i'm sure its expected to hurt.. but nothing can get messed up, right? i'm worried it will. i've been sick for about 3 days and haven't gone to the doctor yet.. i was trying to let it just run its course, but i'm thinking about going to the er to get some antibotics cause this is really killing! any advice?!!!