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Avatar n tn I do have OCD which several Dr.s have suggested could be the cause. They say that I am interrupting the sneeze reflex therefore stopping the sneeze from completing itself. I never even thought about sneezing my entire life until the first time this happened. I would like any information anyone has. I am worried that there could be a medical problem causing this although none of the very limited research I have found indicates that. I would like to know if anyone else suffers from this problem.
Avatar m tn When I sneeze, I start sneezing 12 time with 30 seconds intervals between each sneeze. Does anyone elase have this and is there a remedy?
Avatar m tn Occasionally when I sneeze I become very itchy all over my body (legs, arms, torso, but nothing from neck up). What is this? Quick Googling kind of hints toward allergies, but I am not very sensitive to them as is. This has been happening to me as long as I can remember, yet I've never seen or heard of anyone having this. It always goes away in a minute or so. Just weird. I get it maybe once every couple months, not sure if it's related to allergy season. Any ideas from you all? Thanks!
1524304 tn?1326400574 since that i think i've got ridden of that but now i'm not sure whether i still have some type of allergy or not. my nose usually itch and makes me sneeze which is annoying. some time ago i read about allergy to cold air and been wondering if that could be the problem. also when i wake up in mornings i have fulness feeling in my nose and i have to blow my nose (which i do pretty hard). two years ago i had conjunctivitis and doc said it's allergy but didn't explain from what.
1605619 tn?1301635451 in winter or cold environment. Sneezing is a protective reflex which occurs secondary to exposure to the irritant or allergen, which helps to blow out the irritant. In some individuals there will be Airway hyperresponsiveness due which there can be either allergic rhinitis (mild to severe form) or asthma. There is particular neuronal mechanism exists.
Avatar f tn And i am 100% not trolling. What reactions do i get? well i get people doing dry coughs, sneeze,which eventually get sore throats, even reactions through windows/ telephones, water bottles get empty fast from near by people, people would get uncomfortable around me. When i had patm, i had also had pain on my left abdomen, and never a normal stool.
Avatar n tn Hi, The function of the sneeze reflex is to dislodge foreign matter or irritating material from respiratory passages.The source of irritation that initiates the sneeze reflex is in the nasal passages. Weather change by itself will not cause sneezing.What is probably happening is the load of pollen-common allergen-might be very high at that particular time.The pollen level can be quite different in various areas of a particular city or area.
Avatar f tn The photic sneeze reflex (also known as photoptarmosis, Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO)[1] and colloquially sun sneezing) is a condition that causes variably difficult to control sneezing in response to numerous stimuli, such as looking at bright lights or periocular (surrounding the eyeball) injection. The condition affects 18-35% of the population, but its exact mechanism of action is not well understood.
Avatar m tn When they itched, I also automatically like the head scratching (not because it itches, and reflex movements), but I was in control. Then start very itchy in my groin. Smeared vitaon at night. Two years smeared vitaon. Has become easier, the itching was only in the morning and evening. Redness from brushing passed. In the autumn 2012 (or spring 2013) started worsening. Some people started to sneeze. Noticed that began to scratch his head, hair, face, eyes, ears, nose.
Avatar n tn This was not the normal gagging reflex expected of some people having an OGD but rather a violent choking. Whilst on the table choking, I was knocked out completely with an additional, heavy dose of sedation. I awoke later in the recovery ward. It was not a case of amnesia of me “thinking” I had been knocked out because I couldn’t remember, - the additional mid procedure heavy dose of sedation was stated on the report. I’ve had the click swallow ever since.
Avatar n tn it is an awful feeling as the start to dissolve. But it is causing gag reflex response, which is quite annoying. The worst part is, vomiting does not relieve the issue. I have tried nasal irrigation, hot liquids and hit spoons against the lower portion of my soft palate, and many other crazy things. As disgusting as it sounds I actually had a piece of a capsule some out when I blew my nose once. I am at my whits end with this.
Avatar n tn My wife noticed that every time I started chewing gum I would sneeze. She suggested I stop chewing mint gum for a while. I am a different person now. I went back to the allergist and asked to be tested for mint and we got a positive. The doctor’s comment was “first time in five years that I get a positive to mint.” Well, he may not ever found another case of mint allergy because it is not in his “default” test repertoire, and people don’t even suspect it to request it.
Avatar n tn I also have had this problem for several months, I am 37 yr old female, I was diagnosed with pnumonia back in august and have had this problem ever since, I also still have pain when i take deep breaths and get winded very easily, i just crenge when i have to hiccup or sneeze or hurts...but like you all my husband and kid thinks i am annoyed when i do the sudden breaths, and i have told them a million times its just the way my lungs do since the pnumonia,, so if any help please post..
Avatar n tn I have had strangers ask if they should call 911. My coping mechanism is to try to drink a lot of water as soon as I feel the tickle. Sometimes this makes it go away. I also have to relax my throat and slow down my breathing. I never go anywhere without a water bottle or Kleenex. We need to advocate for ourselves so this can be named and cured. I am going to cut and paste several of these posts and send them to my ENT. I am also going to send them to the Oprah show.
Avatar n tn Yawning is a neural and muscular reflex mechanism that occurs from the brain stem. Is it possible that a virus could damage that mechanism? We've got so many new viruses from mutation and they've been know to affect every part of our body. Also, apparently yawning may be controlled by the hypothalamus, through neurotransmitters and hormones. Maybe it might be time to see a neurologist to see if you have any luck there..
Avatar m tn I have looked down my throat witha flash light several times and I really don't see anything, and I cannot really stick anything down there too far (I have a really bad gag reflex). I do however have GERD , and I take prevacid for it and that works well....and I do not need to take it everyday thank goodness! But now there is this annoying throat thing!
Avatar m tn A cold usually lasts for a week, sometimes two weeks, or more for some nasty strains, or if your immune system handles it well, only 2 or 3 days. A cold makes you sneeze, makes your nose run, stuffs up your nose, makes your throat rough or sore or hoarse, and you can get mild chills or fever, and you might get a headache, and you might just feel funky and tired and sick. Sometimes, a cold won’t cause any symptoms at all, and it will clear up in the same amount of time.
Avatar n tn The theory was that the hyoid bone never fused together into a solid bone and a cough or sneeze or yawn or laugh or any sudden pressure in my throad caused a part that was not attached to the rest of the bone to "pop" out. My doctor was just amazed at my x-rays showing that my hyoid did not move in unison. In fact, the radiologist that was doing the x-rays started saying, "oh my God!" "I've never seen anything like that before." "That is so strange.
Avatar n tn Aloe Vera juice, Magnesium Orotate, ice on my neck, ice on my face, cold water on my face, Cayenne pepper, pound my chest, bear down, sneeze, cough, hot tea, cold tea, cry, breathing exercises, tapping, laser on heart meridian which is on your pinky finger between tip & below nail of pinky, lay down, stand up, you name it, I've done it, tried it. Sometime they work, sometimes they don't. There's no rhyme or reason to A Fib.