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Avatar f tn I will be 8 weeks 7 days. Tuesday i will be 9. Sooo happy! Haha. Also when i sneeze my stomach feels sore like if i worked out my tummy lol. Anyone else have that feeling!?
1460967 tn?1512404738 Is this possible or am I Just losing my mind and this is just gas! Ummm? Ill add a picture soon! Almost 16wks!
Avatar f tn It hurts when I try to lay down or if i move a certain way also when I cough sneeze or anything. Does anyone know what it might be??
461993 tn?1245696952 Man, I thought it was only me! I sneeze at least 3 times at once! I sneeze all day long. I do not have allergies to ANYTHING, so I guess it's WD's Oh, about my husband driving naked: He had back surgery, so I was sleeping in the other bedroom. When I got up to check on him, he was NAKED lying across the bed. I then found BOTH back doors WIDE open. When I went to get in my car later that day, my seat was waaay back. I KNOW he hadn't been driving because of Doc orders.
Avatar f tn also paint a true picture of what it is like living in active addiction should be an ugly picture....let your mind go to it when you think about using and you must stop romancing the high....we do this with baby steps and we do it just for today....I agree with Sara tomorrow is another day so you can start fresh again just dont give up the fight...........
Avatar f tn But you made me laugh cause I can picture him in there w a shocked look on his little face going 'what the heck!
Avatar m tn Is there some kind off sneezing symptom that goes with withdrawls? I've been sneezing since I quit using . I sneeze at least 9 times a day. It's very frustrating. Is this normal reaction? I was snorting my roxy's , could that be why? I know, I'm strange.
Avatar f tn my cat is 11 yrs old. I love him. but he continues to sneeze and cough - hard to know the difference. My mother is a doctor and gave me an an antibiotics for him. But after 3 days I see no improvement. And also his eyes are ver dirty. Please any help?
Avatar f tn I seem to have some sinus problem also it due to that?? Am worried. please help me. Will see a doctor soon.. I am sending the picture as an attachment. Thank you!
189192 tn?1261345228 and again starting with this one... I feel a sneeze coming on I do the stop cross the leg dance!!! the last pg I wore pantyliners..for those lil accidents...oh the blessing of pg!
Avatar n tn i have not checked with a dermatologist, but i wanted to get an opinion since i got access to websites all day. im attaching a picture so you can see the problem. hope you can help me.
Avatar n tn I am free from pain for the first hour or so after I get up in the morning, but after that if I cough, sneeze, laugh, or make any sudden movement ie stand up too quick or bend over the pain is quite severe - so much so that I limit any movement that preciptates this pain. It is NOT a headache, I don't have headaches at all just this severe pain when I move too fast.
Avatar f tn We went to our pediatrician right away and made all the necessary tests, both for her and for us as parents. The blood picture was great for all of us, and me and my husband got negative bacteria tests. She had staphylococcus aureus in her nose, but the doctor said it wasn't anything serious and gave us CITERAL nasal drops which we gave her 3 times a day for 4 days. This didn't help at all, she still has a lot of mucus coming out from her nose.
Avatar m tn lol You know how many of us addicts sneeze like the devil during acute withdrawals and then sometimes even longer? Until it seems like forever? My forever finally ended a few days short of 2 months. Toby hasn't sneezed for 2 days and he's damn proud of it! I seriously thought I wrecked my perfect Greco-Roman schnozz (And I'm Irish?) by abusing oxy's. And I never even snorted the damn things. My wife told me I sneezed in my sleep. I sneezed when I was awake.
732832 tn?1231866819 I'm still doing the sneezing thing, but that too seems to be getting less and less. I try to picture the residule tramadol leaving my body every time I sneeze. It helps to make it not so annoying..ha-ha! I also read a few other people on here who had sugar cravings and I can see how that can become a real problem if it continues. For someone like me who is already over weight, it will be an on going battle.
1040373 tn?1273691088 wiping when I stand back up, when I sneeze, randomly when I walk, etc. I don't think I'm retaining still - I was urinating almost every hour for a few days last week while my body finally expelled that fluid I retained during IV week. Is it possible that the steroids “cured” whatever bladder problems I’ve been having? Or am I too quick to blame the MS for all of my health problems? I just can’t believe that nothing was found to be working wrong!
1429367 tn?1283117764 i'm considering surgery because it is more firm, and hurts when i cough, sneeze, and swallow. the results from the biopsy said they didn't get as many cells as they wanted but the one's that they did get showed no signs of cancer. can that change? i was wondering if a cyst can move form one side of the thyroid to the other, to where it is on both of them? i'm the biggest chicken when it comes to going to the hospital, but i'm getting very scared that this will kill me if I don't get it removed.
Avatar n tn I use to have BAD leg cramps, while using but none when I was w/d'ing. I am sure others on here have better advice for that. I did sneeze a lot with a runny nose, but that passed after day 6. Everything that your body goes through during w/d- look at it as a positive instead of a negative. It is your body's way of healing. I welcomed the feeling of nausea and sleepless nights because I knew my body was healing itself. I use to feed these feelings with pills to make them go away.
Avatar m tn also i have a stuffy nose with mucus and i sneeze once inawhile(once or twice in 2 days)
676912 tn?1332816151 Seems like I can't even look at liquid without having to rush to the bathroom ...and God forbid I sneeze along the way! LOL. You've caught it really early so it makes sense that your lines aren't AS dark as they could be but I bet if you keep repeating it every couple days they will consistantly get darker. I know mine did! I'm so excited for you!!
Avatar m tn Here is the wikipedia website for trigeminal neuralgia, it has an anatomy picture, tells you all sorts of stuff about it, and you can see how this might indeed be your problem: I'm sorry you are hurting. Let us know if this is what is happening to yourself.
Avatar m tn I saw my eye doctor concerning this just yesterday, and after running all the usual series of pokes and prods, with charts and lights to gawk at, he showed me a picture of my retina and pointed at where a blood vessel had broken. There appears to be only one hemorrhage, and while its not "small" (at least, he says its not small, but it seems small to me) it is by no means large and from a casual glance wouldn't really stand out as extremely noticeable to the untrained eye.
Avatar n tn Also worth noting is that in the last 2 days I've been starting to sneeze more than normal - which I'm guessing just might be a cold. Is this coincidental? Or is it related to my neck problem. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Avatar n tn 22nd 2 months in i had my miscarriage and i continued to bleed for almost a month which i thought was strange in the first place but i called a hospital and a nurse said that should not be no worry but also during the bleeding and after its been a bit almost every day i have mild pains mainly on the right side of my pelvic area and today started witnessing it on my left side but its not a harsh pain at all i feel it a bit more when i go to the bathroom or sometimes when i cough or sneeze but it
Avatar f tn Is it possible that my baby, I and my husband can be infected by Hepatitis Virus or HPV Virus (or any other viruses) from this situation? In my head , i picture it is really bad about the sewage water from manhole and especially when it comes up on the ground area which can easily gets into the house and that means there is no way I can be sure that it won't get on stuff and get to my baby. 2.
Avatar n tn but he only saw them on one picture and not on any other picture out of all the films.He didnt seem to understand why this was.So i showed antoher Doc and she said she would read it as normal..maybe artifact form machine.......but i do have symptoms. Any ideas of what this could be or my next move any help is apperciated oh another symptoms i have is sometimes at night i wake up violently after .
1742220 tn?1331360327 and I drew it and Hoshiro who always tries to be so polite like 'ohhhh good picture, teacher, good picture' looked at it like ... is that the ... dog? and that's the .... car? so embarrassing. I usually label the pix. dog. car. and an arrow so uh ... this was a good pic cuz I drew from the thing I learned from that book.