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1013194 tn?1296463081 i really like this game!!... yes thats why im in school!!... the person below me cant wait for santa to come!
Avatar m tn Clear throat Sneeze Dry Cough Rubbing eyes, ears, nose and some body parts they feel itchy Even in online games my friends in game are sneezing, coughing in microphone. Even in phone call Even my dog and other animals are allergic to me lmao fck this life... well guys good luck to yall hope we survive this unknown ********...
Avatar n tn This weekend I was attacked by a stranger as I walked home from a football game. It was pretty late and afterwards I had a fat and cut lip on the left side of my face, and my jaw was extremely sore on my right side. This was Saturday night, and today (thursday) it is still giving me problems. The pain is off and on but it is the worst when i move my jaw from side to side, when i chew, when i sneeze (very painful), and occasionally when i yawn or open my mouth wide.
512560 tn?1222563727 I have not really had any rectal pain, however I have a pain in my right side when I cough or sneeze, and I have a pain in my lower back and what feels like my lower spine, the Doctor puts these pains down to a simple sprain... I really do not think they are symptoms of a sprain, but 'hey' he's the Doctor. From reading the above, what do you think? I am being investigated for kidney trouble, initial tests seem clear.
393709 tn?1295968016 I am searching the lodge, as we speak for a cribbage board. I'll lift it if I have to! I might even try to drag myself to the pool and then the jacuzzi. I am almost too sad to move.
Avatar n tn I've been told by a few doctors that they can't believe I've had 3 dermoids, that that is almost unheard of. After reading online though it doesn't seem to be so unheard of. Some ladies seem to get many more then just 3 dermoids. Has anyone on here known of anyone to have gotten more then 3 dermoids? If I knew it was a dermoid I wouldn't be so worried. I'm also a little uncomfortable because this obgyn is the one doing the u/s.
Avatar f tn something so I don't pee when I cough, sneeze, laugh, etc...if it's important, I'll get the name . They look exactly like my short acting adderal I've never abused my ADD meds in any way, shape or form. No addictive behavior history at all. Here's what went down: Had just taken a State Board test for the 3rd time and completely blew it. I finally met this guy I'd been communicating with online. Had dinner. Stayed at his home. Stayed up all night talking, No Sex. slept till 2pm.
Avatar n tn Hello, Almost 2 months ago I got a lot of chigger bites - mostly on the pubes area int the frontal part of my genitals, under the hair, but also some on my stomach and along my bra line. Anyway, my doctor diagnosed that yes they were a whole lotta chigger bites and game me antibiotic ointment to put on them to prevent infection (since I was scratching them terribly). She also had me put scabies medicine on it "just in case" since she was not too familiar with chiggers.
233488 tn?1310696703 There is a major risk of eye injury in racquet sports and your husband MUST wear safety sports glasses for his tennis game. (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries). Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had).
Avatar f tn she wants me to see and schedule it from there. So, I should know soon. I've checked the U of M endocrine center out online -- looks pretty impressive. I'll let you know when I'm going. Guessing it won't be for a couple of months -- most specialists are scheduled a long ways in advance. If I get in sooner, great, otherwise, I won't be disappointed in the wait! hope your week goes well!
Avatar f tn ---------game on MrNewHappyPants----------lol----------------------
948349 tn?1294383837 In fact there was no skin contact even ever. Just clothes to clothes with the hug. She did sneeze 3 times in the evening as well but on her sleeve. I have had unusual profound symptoms for the past month straight. I don't want to mention my symptoms yet, I just want really like if people can tell me the possibility of contracting it like that? Thanks so much I really appreciate anyone's input and opinion and experience on this matter.
Avatar m tn Your condom broke. Or, you just forgot to use one in the heat (or drunkenness) of the moment. If this applies to you and you had unprotected sex with a heterosexual partner of unknown status, please read on. If you are reading this, you are probably obsessing over the possibility of having contracted HIV and/or are dreading getting an HIV test. However, it is my aim to teach you that you really have nothing to worry about concerning such an exposure.
Avatar f tn That sounds crazy and two years ago, I would have never believed this to be possible, but it is undeniable at this point. People cough and sneeze when on the phone with me, often mentioning that they suddenly feel allergies coming on. This phenomenon led me down the path of electromagnetism as a possible source of PATM, and I found some interesting research on bacteria that may produce electromagnetic signals.
Avatar n tn Of course - anyone that has risky sexual contact who then develops any type of symptoms, will start to come across all sorts of pictures, quotes, stories, symptoms that are highlighted in relation to HIV online. Because we have come to trust the internet, we start to assume they must be correct. It's like a smoker finding an ulcer on their lip and assuming the worst - when, it is just an ulcer.
Avatar f tn i really do swear by these products for the sleep issue (they also help with anxiety) can find out how to purchase them online if you google the road back....the products are ordered through a company called TRB Health....they really DO work....and believe me, i was a skeptic because NOTHING else had ever helped me, other than the good ol' ativan (one of those evil benzos).....i had every doctor completely one could help me...then i found these products....
539750 tn?1226525277 He said I could look online and do research to see what symptoms were listed and possibly related which I did and even gave his news a copy of this highlighting mine. But he still says he can't say if they are related of not... So I can have the surgery if I want, but I am generally healthy and the surgery does have it's risks. With regards to the cysts, he said it could be a tumor and at that point could be life threating (or if it's a cyst and get's bigger).
Avatar m tn what are you doing to start over? relapsing is one thing, but not having a game plan to deal with it means trouble. not engaging in activities to avoid relapse to begin with also is asking for trouble...i'm an example of that. how much are you taking now and is it with or without codeine?
Avatar n tn // Sleep Disturbances Are Nothing to Sneeze At Excerpts: "Researchers have found that men and women with nasal obstruction, especially chronic nighttime symptoms of rhinitis, experience high incidence of habitual snoring and severe sleep-disordered breathing, leading to poor quality of life. ...........
Avatar f tn But for some odd reason here lately the past week i keep feeling sick off and on, every time i sneeze i feel like im going to pee and sometimes accidently pee a little bit, i get weird small headaches,my stomach is tender to put pressure on and hard to lay on, im always feeling tired and constantly drained,and ive been having alot of moments where i lash out at people and my temper is short.
Avatar n tn ) I can't figure it out, sometimes i think it allergies but sometime (very seldom) even long distance interaction causes people to sneeze. I started to think it was my energy or something. My life was almost completely ruin due to this, whatever it is. I saw many doctors, became very depressed, i was in physo therapy and on physo meds for a number of years, I became hyper sensitive to every uncomfortable reaction or complaint.
Avatar n tn hi i lift weights and about a month ago i start feeling a bad pain on the left side of my chest around the top part of the chest and a pain in my back like around the shoulder blade and a little bit up and the pain hurts me when i touch it,take a deep breath, or even sneeze or cough it hurts very bad.
Avatar f tn Sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle sneeze. That's where I'm at now. Is it really only 10AM? I shoulda walked longer and harder, I guess, 'cause now I'm climbing the walls going crazy. The hubby is playing a video game - maybe I'll go join him to waste some time. I'm biding my time before I go swim... trying not to fixate on the time. Maybe I should paint the house, but I'm afraid soon I'll be fatigued and lethargic. Oh, the uncertainty.
Avatar n tn I avoided people and situations. Even when I couldn’t feel the smell, people around used to rub their nose or sneeze. I experience several embarrassing moments and comments from people. My social anxiety grew even more because of this. I was very conscious about myself all the time. The anxiety in fact increased my flatulence and only worsened my situation and feeling. My social life and work life was disturbed extremely from this. I lost being competing in my career.
Avatar n tn A MRI and MR-A done on the head and am scheduled to see an optical neurologist at his earliest convenience. Mine have been triggered by a sneeze of a cough, have happened while laying down in a dark room and the last one was as I typed the first line of this note. I have come through all the tests clean with two exceptions, my blood sugar, which has been in line for years is now gone up. My last a1C was 5.7 and six months before it was 5.6.
620923 tn?1452919248 You know you have Chiari when... you know how to spell it!
Avatar f tn It's ok to be scared, and what's even better is when you feel you need someone to talk to you can get online and chat with anyone here. This website is one of the things thar helped me 50% if not more. I thought I was the only one who had a deep dark secret. To know tht others know how I feel and what I have to go through to get clean is a blessing to me and everyone else who feels as if they are alone. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!