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Avatar m tn I have also seen it happen multiple times through closed car windows and against strong winds...
Avatar m tn For those doing more than 40,000 U of Procrit, which requires multiple injections because 40,000 U is the largest single vial dosage, do you inject them all in one sitting or spread them out over the week? I'm on 100,000 U right now (yes 3 injections at once makes me feel like a pincushion or a watercan that's been shot with buckshot) and we looking at splitting that up to 50,000 U two time per week to even the level at which it is present in my system.
Avatar f tn So I'm 13w1d nd have been fighting a killer cold but multiple times yesterday and today when I sneeze I see a little. I thought that was something that happens in the third trimester not this early...?
Avatar f tn This is my 4th pregnancy and I've never peed while sneezing or coughing, but I do my kegels multiple times a day to prevent peeing on myself ☺️
Avatar n tn Every night i sneeze at least twenty times between 10:26 PM amd 10:57 PM while using my laptop. It gets so annoying, and i dont know why. Does anyone else know the reason?
Avatar f tn It doesn't matter what season it is i still sneeze multiple times in a roll. I was just curious about if sneezing effect the brain since i have heard if you hold in a sneeze it can kill brain cells.
Avatar f tn I wish I was ugly at times so people wouldn't reach out to me as much so I could crawl in my corner and not be noticed. If I hand out with my friends someone will suffer by coughing and sneezing clearing their throat thousands or times.. If I go out to eat with a guy someone in the restaurant will have crazy allergies out of no where or if my luck is really bad my date with become really "sick" and cough and sneeze the whole night through ... Why is life like this ,..
Avatar m tn Over a year ago I had a terrible stomach flu where I vomited worse then I can ever remember. After vomiting, I began sneezing violently, multiple times. Now whenever I sneeze it is the same way, HARD, LOUD and MULTIPLE times. Afterwards I litterally feel drained. I use to be a quiet, 1 or 2 time sneeze person. Its very frustrating, aggravating and VERY embarassing to say the least. Please can anyone tell me what could've happened and can I get it be fixed? Thankyou.
Avatar f tn I know people will say to go to the er or call the dr but I have done that multiple times and they always say everything is fine. But I'm just nervous now bc normally I have pains when I sneeze or cough and today when I've been sneezing or coughing, I haven't had any pain. Is this normal?? Should I be concerned?? I have an appt on the 19th. Sorry it's so long I jw if its normal for that pain when you sneeze or cough goes away. Please respond. I'm really worried.
4489852 tn?1375757551 My question is if anybody knows why he sneezes after he eats. He will sneeze multiple times (3-7 times I would say) after every time he eats something. This happens year round and does decrease in frequency or severity with change of a) what he eats (again no food allergies) B) how much he eats: it occurs after both a snack or a full mean, or c) where he eats: at our apartment, at a restaurant, outside, inside, it doesn't matter.
Avatar n tn Typically within 20 minutes of finishing my workout, I begin to sneeze excessively (up to 20 times in one hour). My nose litterally runs like a faucet for several days. I've tested both indoors, outdoors, and multiple seasons - it happens all year and both inside and outside. I've never had any allergies before and it doesn't seem reasonable to have an allergy to exersise! Any idea what may be going on here?
Avatar n tn A year ago I had a violent, painful sneeze that has been followed by chronic constipation. Since then I have had a barium enema(normal),colonoscopy(normal)& CT scan. I then had a laproscopy which showed multiple abdominal adhesions(removed). I continue to have chronic constipation (loose stools but unable to eliminate). I've had a colonic transfer study that indicated extremely long transit times in left colon.
Avatar f tn I know people will say to go to the er or call the dr but I have done that multiple times and they always say everything is fine. But I'm just nervous now bc normally I have pains when I sneeze or cough and today when I've been sneezing or coughing, I haven't had any pain. Is this normal?? Should I be concerned?? I have an appt on the 19th. Sorry it's so long I jw if its normal for that pain when you sneeze or cough goes away. Please respond. I'm really worried.
211940 tn?1267884866 Oh how I would love to only sneeze 2-4 times in succession! When I have my sneezing attacks I will sneeze for 5-10 minutes constantly to the point I am gasping for breath. This usually happens evry few days and several times each of those days. Right now I am confused about allergies as in the past when tested I was allergic to almost everything under the sun. But the last time I was tested they said I was not allergic to anything. But yet I still have the sneezing attacks.
461993 tn?1245696952 Man, I thought it was only me! I sneeze at least 3 times at once! I sneeze all day long. I do not have allergies to ANYTHING, so I guess it's WD's Oh, about my husband driving naked: He had back surgery, so I was sleeping in the other bedroom. When I got up to check on him, he was NAKED lying across the bed. I then found BOTH back doors WIDE open. When I went to get in my car later that day, my seat was waaay back. I KNOW he hadn't been driving because of Doc orders.
1704249 tn?1307478949 But we are getting concerned. He also has a bad sneezing problem. He will sneeze between 7-12 times in a row all the time. So I am hoping you guys can help me with answers on his shakiness, if there's anything we can do for his eyes,and his sneezing. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have multiple allergies and sneeze a lot; every once in a while I am lightheaded; I have hypothyroidism; my eyes (both had cataract surgery) - I have dry eyes and use normal saline about four times a day. I am over 62 years old....but this is one symptom I never heard of..can it be indicitive of anything I need an MRI or Cat scan (hope not) for this. Oh last....
327668 tn?1224795950 lol Im sick right now and every time I sneeze I pee a little. Ive been pregnant 4 times now, is my bladder just fed up with me? Please tell me I am not alone.
Avatar n tn I have been having painless muscle twitches (spasms) throughout any part of my body at random times throughout the day. I would have multiple episodes of twitches throughout the day that lasts a few seconds then would occur again but at another location of my body. My muscles do feel weak at times, but it is manageable and does not seem to be getting worse through the years. Sometimes I feel like my body is shaky and weak especially when I first wake up.
Avatar m tn I notice that after I ejaculate, the next day I have to pee a lot. Also for the past 3 years after I pee I some times dribble urine a little bit. the dribbling happens after I pee when i go to sit down, bend over sneeze ect,ecy. However like I said it seems to happen after I pee. and yes 3 years ago i went to a urologist and have no strictures or anything like that. .
Avatar f tn Hey I get up multiple times in the night to use the rest room. I pee, wipe dry then get back into bed. Then a minute later I feel liquid come out. Not enough to drip but enough to be wet and have to change my panties. Its clear liquid not thick discharge. Im 31 weeks what could this be?
Avatar m tn I've reacted multiple times to myself but of course not as much as the people reacting. I get a very clear idea of how people on the other end are receiving this. My reactions seem to be more severe than most as vomitting occurs in individuals as well as coughing, sneezing, etc. On a daily basis. I've caused myself to vomit countless times as well as sneeze everyday and coughing. But people react still far more. I am able to smell myself on most occasions and it's foul sometimes but bearable.
Avatar n tn I sneeze constantly and always have clear discharge from my nose multiple times per day. Sometimes my chest hurts when I get up. The top of my nose is very congested. I'm just wondering if my eyes can be dizzy from the constant TV and computer viewing in a dark room for weeks at a time. Thanks.
8865851 tn?1402938976 How on earth is one supposed to keep up with laundry? Let alone all the body soap one goes through when it's multiple times a day. I'm loosing my sanity.
189586 tn?1297257661 Day 17 and still sneezing myself! Multiple times a day.
1418951 tn?1305041820 night) grainy. almost same time i got dancing kind of tiny things(like worms)...some times (when i sneeze...) they sparkles. these also getting worse day by day.i had vey few couple of months ago. I got after images problem. Increased light sencitivity. I have shaky/vibrating vision. i have kind of gas/smokey vision...this i see mostly in outdoors. I had Migraines from last 2 yrs...After PVD it bacame regular.
Avatar f tn Yeah Idk how women do it multiple times. I'm on my first and scared as hell. Can't I just fall asleep and wake up with my baby in my arms?
Avatar m tn I've been though withdraws many times and this last time was the first for the sneezing. I would sneeze hard like 3-4 times at a time. It let up after about a week or so. It sounds like you have been through the ringer. I hope some day you will find an alternative to narcotics for pain relief.