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Avatar f tn Oh idk if it normal but i sneeze and it does the same thing to me!
Avatar f tn Have you girls seen that movie yet? There is a part that a lady has a hormonal breakdown about pregnancy and I think I'm right behind her haha. I so achy now and tired, can't sleep cuz my body goes numb or aches no matter what position I'm in. I get up 5 times a night to pee. I've peed myself on way to many occasions haha. (even on the dr exams table) my face is started to look like I'm 14 with all the acne.
979826 tn?1389039958 does sneezing relieve the pressure in ur head for a few seconds after u sneeze? it does for me and i was just curious.
Avatar f tn Baby pressing on bladder lol... Guess its time to start wearing a pad lol...
Avatar f tn I play music all the time for baby and sing out loud lol I play that song from Mandy More from that movie a walk to remember I play him that song because that movie was playing when I found out I was pregnant one day I was playing country music and my baby was moving alot :)
Avatar n tn Lol I was bawling last night watching a movie called friends with benifits because they were fighting lol . Its soo bad but way too funny lol... I haven't told my daughter I'm expecting yet!
417564 tn?1287986427 feomoon, Its funny that you mention this, as I have been going thru this since titrating under 20mgs, & its embarassing when Im at work, my job is very demanding & to mess up in a payroll dept, could be costly. But my coworkers & boss are a very tight group of people, they care for me as I do them, but regardless, work is work, & to many screwups just cant be tolerated.
Avatar m tn At the end of everyday I check my ears, mouth and eyes to see if anyone during the day got their spittle with any blood or their sneeze/cough with any blood into my ears/mouth or eyes. Even though I still wear fake glasses, the fake glasses do help to ease the anxiety a bit. Do I need to keep doing this? Or can I stop doing this knowing that even with spittle with a bit of blood or a sneeze or cough with a little blood I am not going to get HIV this way?. Also, my incident is as follows.
Avatar m tn I also took your advice about watching that movie and could not believe how some of the things he did I also do, the bathroom incidents, looking at his hands in the cinema etc etc!!! 1) So I had this new incident I wanted to ask you about and two previous others I have not mentioned before. I was in a store and a guy spoke to me who was very close to my face when talking to me. I didn’t feel anything hit my face as far as I know.
7677085 tn?1395377675 If going to be a movie in a theater is impossible because of 15 minute interval bathroom breaks....
338416 tn?1420049302 As soon as the opening credits started rolling, I knew I was in trouble, because my eyes started welling up with tears, and my diaphragm started shaking, like I was about to cry. What the heck? This is not a time to be crying! I was looking forward to seeing the movie, I'm finally here, and now I'm crying. I said to myself "Well, this isn't going to work" and tried very hard to shut off the flood. Telling myself to calm down didn't help.
535822 tn?1443980380 what would you do, pay it or hold it!! Another amenity that may go on some flights is the on flight movie. I think I am going to use the train in the US more ....and paddle my own canoe to Europe!!!!
Avatar n tn I can do this i think if anybody reads this and feels like **** just rest and watch tv, have some showers and move around dont think to much that seems to work for me. Im watching a very spiritual native movie and my hopes are high.. have the sweats and chills i could use a nice cigar i think and i am going to drink like a ton of water tonight, I have not taking any drugs I am totally going cold turkey. I was doing 100mg a day cut it 33.3mg i day and seems to work.
393709 tn?1295968016 That is not good. I am sorry that stores closed on you. How dare them! Do you want me to come down there and tell them off for you? Internet malls are always open. (Just in case.) Take a deep breath, repeat it. We will be here to help.
Avatar f tn I sneeze now in marathon sneezing sessions. I actually feel like I'm having other w/d s/s too right now... : [ Yesterday while my kids and I were trying to watch a movie, I sneezed, on one session 18 times in a row. I've also had a stuffy nose and cannot breathe out of at least one nostril during the nights.
Avatar n tn It's weird because I am aware of it when it happens, but it's like trying to control a sneeze half-way through. It's not night terrors because I'm technically awake, I haven't been traumatized in childhood or anything like that either. Whenever I sleep around other people, I try to warn them. Then I hear them the next day telling me "man, I thought you were just messing with us, but shoot!" It even happens when someone just taps me on the shoulder while I'm asleep.
Avatar n tn I have to say I have been having to wear a pantyliner because of the ocassional leaking of urine. Like when I cough or sneeze. I guess this being my 3rd child it has weakened things down there. And honey....... you talk about moody! O my Lord! Let's just say my poor husband( and kids) can not wait for this baby to get here so maybe...just maybe... my hormones will level out! I am 34 weeks so not too much longer to go! Good luck!
5028514 tn?1366832056 Lol so last week on my way home from indianpolis (which is 2 hrs from where I live) I stopped at a gas station for a fountain drink . Of course I wasn't the only one in line and as I'm getting my drink, I sneeze and pee all over myself ..... Yep people saw so I ran to the bathroom and didn't know what to do lol so I ran back out after attempting to clean myself up paid for my drink and had a wet ride home. Lol has any other mommy had an embarrassing pee story or am I alone on this one ?
Avatar n tn Also worth me noting is that I can't go to the movies as when I hear loud noise and build up music it makes me very nervous and anxious, once there was a big build up in a movie I saw last year, and it made me feel VERY cold and I shivered and my hair felt it was stuck up, I nearly passed out, yet 4 years ago I saw the same movie and had no problems at all, it ruins my life.
Avatar f tn You talk 2 hours to get ready in a morning because every time you move you feel sick
3126128 tn?1342885371 and SNEEZING oo the SNEEZING that is one thing i will be glad when its gone, Esp cause i work in the Medical field so my patients seeing me sneeze 24/7 at work theyre looking at me like if your sick why are you near me right now lol...
2009129 tn?1335374457 When your sitting down and have to use the "rocking" method to get up 29 weeks tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Sort of like pollen flying with the wind and tickling your nose which causes the sneeze reaction. I noticed cheap shampoos caused people to sneeze more than good natural shampoos(in my case). It would make perfect sense that people might be allergic to oils in our scalps. Sort of like how some people have allergic reactions to cat/dog fur. I want to see if this works for you guys that dont have the smelly scalp syndrom.
Avatar f tn When a sexually transmissible infection is universal, largely unpreventable, and generally harmless, most experts agree there is no point in automatic disclosure, and therefore no point in routine testing. This is why no STD experts ever advise routine testing for CMV; in fact, your question is the very first time in my professional career that such a question has been asked. The "possibility of a serious outcome" is too rare for CMV to be a worry.
Avatar n tn The nose was so sensitive to touch, if my husband leaned close to kiss me and his breath touched my nose it would tickle it and cause a sneeze! Weird! The terrible thing is some times the sneeze itself triggers another you get so stuffed up but drippy too, that you can hardly breathe for fear of more sneezes. You can stand up and start to sneeze! A fan blowing can trigger it, cooler air form an air con, then going into warmer air.
279742 tn?1190245122 (Kill a half hour). Go to a movie. (Hour and a half.) I sneezed a lot, too! I'd always sneeze twice. Isn't that funny? I am laughing so hard about the pill fairy dropping the pot of percocets on your porch! You kill me!
467126 tn?1283148458 Things that normally wouldnt bother me do, like really sexy women on tv or a nude scene in a movie. I constantly jump down hubby's throat for watching porn which originally didnt bother me and I could watch it with him. Just remember though, these feelings are normal, feelings of hatred for our men is 100% normal lol. You have to think they don't have to worry about weight, stretch marks, saggy boobs and butt, or swollen ankles or peeing on themselves when we laugh, sneeze, or cough lol.
Avatar f tn In addition to flu-like symptoms, you will experience other symptoms that are kind of strange. I used to sneeze; in sets of 3. I never made the connection, until I read about some others that were sneezing too. If you (I mean when you) get through this day and the next, you should slowly start feeling better. You'll just have to take it day by day. Lack of energy will still be annoying and normal sleep patterns are slow to return.
Avatar f tn Took my son to the movie last night no sneeze or coughing think God. my son did wake sd his throat was kinda sore but with in an hr he said he felt nothing... Told my husband how much I love him. He does not know how much Im suffering... But the bless thing about it my son nor my husband don’t have any reaction... Several of my doctors told me it’s not my problem people have allgey reaction. Don’t worry about them….
535822 tn?1443980380 Goodness I just watched a real American action movie ....did me good .....made me realise my prorities again ...all that Blood and guts ...Glorious ..