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Avatar f tn after 24 hours of bed rest (getting up for bathroom and meals only) and one to two days of light activity. It's safe to travel 2-3 days after the transfer. If you are unsure whether or not to do something, take the "path of least regret". Ask yourself - if I don't get pregnant, will I blame myself for doing this ? And if the answer is yes, don't do it ! Many doctors used to advise "strict bed rest" after an embryo transfer.
5347058 tn?1381192026 Ha!!!! Oh ya Back2Me the skin, hair, nails and the Light back in the Eyes..Wow all these years gone bye and now the light is on..But I might not be home!!! Bless us All..
Avatar f tn I did relapse but it was because of alcohol and having to do a social thing. See what the Dr. says. Maybe he can shed some light on this. Alot of people say it takes a long time to get all the way back. Some get back in just a couple weeks. We are all different so keep that in mind.
1488094 tn?1289350916 Upper left side of profile page under photo will be the opening paragraph of my story. Click on "more" to get the whole story.
Avatar m tn I am truly sorry for your loss and hope that this dark tunnel we are in will have a light some day. I envy those who are stronger than me and feel optimism on its passing.
620923 tn?1452919248 I didn't tell the neurologist of all the years of trying to find the cause numbness extending down arms into the hands in addition to head pressure, pain in my neck, memory loss/saying weird stuff, ringing in my ears, imbalanced, light headed, head pounding to the extent I feel as if I'll pass out if I bend over laugh or cough and sometimes when I sit my chest feels tight just below my bust. I also have a lump in my throat all of the time, I can feel every time I swallow.
1985863 tn?1327764816 Well we have sun and 50 degrees here today - instead of normal snow wind and 10 , and I have a light work load so I will enjoy this weather and mood. or should I say my DH ( husband) will enjoy this mood. lol Feb 07, 2012 ..2/7 so bw today e2 was 594 I dont know what that means but they decided to drop my follistim from 200 to 150 and I have to go back in again tomorrow for more bw and now a U/S. I have some discomfort and cramping but I seem to think it is similar to when I ovulate. .
491928 tn?1266181333 ) so the floral quilt kind of fits right in. we will probably do the walls very light pink or very light blue. something subtle. i will post pictures when it's ready...hopefully july 1! winnie the pooh is a very cute pattern. i like the pooh patterns they have at target. it's perfect for a boy or a girl. joyce-good luck this cycle!!! belly shots-i finally posted some pics with me and my baby bump. unfortunately they are bare belly shots...perhaps i will load some of those up next.
436516 tn?1382388265 My tonsils are inflamed on a daily basis,also have a bunch of tan light brown tissus on my pharyngeal walls...I have sharp pain in my throat radiating in my right ear from time to time,also most of the time i have the sensation that something is stuck in my throat near my right tonsil.My tonsils have deep crypts and i always get tonsils stones,seen many doctors and an ENT,had many x-rays taken.Some swollen lymph nodes,yeah its a mess...
299260 tn?1304219705 I'm just concern that everytime I sneeze I tend to put pressure on my lower abdomen its painful after the sneeze. Any inputs???
Avatar m tn I think I'll go sneeze in public, see if I can get the mall shut down! kerchoo!!!
1545464 tn?1376707758 They say that aspirin will keep the blood light and will also avoid risk of miscarriage. nurse said that starting from now i would need to take it upto completion of first trimester. i think baby aspirin is low in dosage andshould not have any other side effects. i started having AF symptoms; flow might start in a day ortwo and then i got to call the doctor. will keep you posted.
443968 tn?1288616289 Plus, I need to wait 3 weeks before I can have another sonogram and I know I will drive mself insane....because today I have no sore bbs, very light nausia...oh well..
Avatar m tn But the mosquitos, u see them, even do the hide in black clothing/threads and when the light are on.
162948 tn?1205256292 Once I weaned, my period returned, but was extremely light, literally a few days of spotting. When I got it removed, my cycle stayed the same.
Avatar m tn Visual looming is, as I understand it after a little light Googling, how your brain processes the idea of objects getting closer to you, so you know when they become a threat. So that may be worth more research. Onwards and upwards!
Avatar m tn I actually had 3 ‘end of spaghetti’ like tiny pieces came out yesterday and I took a photo of it. I’m determine to show the photo to my GP. Again it has been ‘resting’ in the back of my nasal/throat passage for days and inflamed the area. It came out with bright orangey phlegm. Only if I can get it dislodge sooner I wouldn’t have any problem with it. The slowly-rotten food particles cause throat inflammation and bad breath.
Avatar n tn Obviously if it had been a metastisis, I wouldn't be here as it would have been fatal. In light of all that I am able to keep strong, but wonder, how long a person can go without a full nights sleep. I know you understand. Does the Ambien help for you and what is the hydrocodone? I am very interested to hear the results of your blood tests. I sincerely hope you get an answer.
Avatar n tn Chalk up another person who is having this more frequently. 48 yr female...healthy. Just so frustrating that there is little to no info out there on this! I had one pop in the palm of my left hand 4 days ago, and now beneath the knuckle of index finger on the left hand.No reason, no trauma.... Recently, due to changes in the weather, I have been taking more Tylenol than usual for sinus pressure. HMMMMM keep the suggestions coming!
1013194 tn?1296463081 was that a sneeze margy??...Speaker Pelosi?? the preson below me still doesnt know what Speaker Pelosi is....
1294995 tn?1330666336 Not doing nothing bad in the house, but my couch has gone from being black to being light brown. LOL! My house is only 4 bedroom..and hardwood flooring.. not bad lol...and you can just drive up north maybe just about 26 hours from FL.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I think the big plus in our third cycle was that the embryo had started the hatching process before it got inserted. My partner has a photo of the embryo that was sticky, which is pretty amazing first bubby pic. I will see if I can upload it on my profile. as you can see the hatching starting. I really hope that tomorrow I can scream lots of hope and dreams to kick start this thread .
280700 tn?1210287416 I am 35 and beginning to think it's the quality of my eggs that might be a problem... I have a very light mensus, every month, and low progesterone so I think my ovulation is still there, just not "great quality" if you know what I mean.