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211940 tn?1267884866 I just registered on here today to see if i could find anything for that exact symptom. I am 21 and having the same syptoms in my right arm I thought maybe it was contributed to being on the computer all day at work and got a wrist brace for when I type, that has not helped, I have gotten to where I have to sleep on my left side with two pillows in front of me to lay my right arm on and it still does not help that much I wake up off and on all through the night.
Avatar f tn I know it's hard when you're out in public or around people sometimes. If you have to, sneeze into the bend of your arm by your elbow. I sneezed what felt like 600 times a day when I was pregnant with my first son.
Avatar m tn I too have pains in my arms when I sneeze. I am well-aware of what a nerve pain feels like as I have had many problems with pinched nerves over the years. This is NOT a nerve pain. It definately feels like it is coming from my cardiovascular system. The pains start near the middle of my biceps on my inner-arm and run almost to my wrists. Sometimes my arm also feels tight as if my blood vessels are contracting or something.
446156 tn?1275863176 it is a foot, arm, elbow or something under your rib. everytime i sneeze i say ouch because the baby puts pressure on my ribs. i am 32 1/2 weeks and he just dropped a little yesterday so i do not feel this in the ribs as much, well at least yesterday and today i dont.
Avatar n tn I was afraid when I had a mild weakness in my left forearm/fingers, along with tingling in the ring/pinky fingers, esp when talking on the phone or bending my elbow (which my doctor diagnosed as cubital tunnel syndrome with a positive tinel's sign and elbow flexion test) I read up about the symptoms of ALS online. I've had psychosomatic problems before and I've been tested for over 10 illnesses I'v thought I've "had" in the past 2 months.
1530342 tn?1405020090 Oh and it's a lot better to sneeze into your elbow than into your hands or into a hanky/tissue. I remember reading about that or seeing that somewhere about busting that myth. You spread less germs that way because it blocks your sneeze better. Turkey also has the amino acid tryptophan that is supposed to help induce sleep. Though eating a somewhat large amount of carbohydrates, like pancakes before bed can help you snooze, too. ok, now I feel kind of nerdy again. lol. oh well.
Avatar f tn Also within this past year I have had pain in my right groin and a loss of bladder function such as when i sneeze, cough or vomit. However this past week I had a bout with my sciatica and it was so excruciating that everytime I had that sharp pain it literally took my legs right out from under me and I was litterally paralyzed with pain for about a min. I finally got decent health insurance just this past October and have just started going to the doctors to be diagnosed and treated.
Avatar f tn It was a nice hot windy day and I decided to have a smoking session. When I get back into the house it all goes down from there. Suddenly my chest feels as if it's being tighten to an extreme and I'm feeling as if I cannot get air at all as if I cannot breathe inside my house. Along with that, I was constantly shaking and trembling and it was so hard for me to speak or say anything let alone stand without feeling I was going to fall.
1929236 tn?1323124128 Some other things that I have that probably mean nothing - I pass kidney stones about every 2 or 3 months - My back hurts constantly right between my shoulder blades - My right elbow pops and my arm falls asleep when I try to straiten it out(the doctor called it "tennis elbow") - My left knee feels like something is crawling inside of it(the doctor said that I sprained it) - I wake up sometimes with my hands clenched tight and it takes about 20 min to get them to work right - When I
1058524 tn?1285190840 OK well, by dinner, I am in PAIN!! My elbow, has a pain the radiates from the joint to the bone into my wrist and out my fingers. If I were a wizard (yes, okkkkkk... Sorceress since wizards are male *rolls eyes*). Again, If I were some kind of caster magical person, I could shoot you with lightening bolts!
1087609 tn?1260947985 were irriated by me pulling up my sleeve I had shooting pain go up my arm into my right shoulder. There was no slivers or cuts just to be clear on that. As well I had a tremor in my right hand, thought to be due to anxeity, That went away after about 2 weeks, I did goto the hospital during this time, and the Dr. did a neurological exam, and said that everything looks fine.
572651 tn?1531002957 It was kinda like a sneeze - you know how your nose will start itching, and then ACHOO! you sneeze? Well, this was more like an allergy attack - my back kept having these sensations, which would build up, and then WHAM! it would arch, and then everything would start back up again. These days, it only happens every once in a while, and usually during a pseudo-relapse. Personally I have no idea what it is. I do have myoclonus in my legs, and the sensations are similar, but not the same.
412969 tn?1224337848 You know you are pregnant when your husband rubs your legs and says, "Baby I think you missed a spot or two." and your answer is "That is because I can't reach em any more!
419158 tn?1316575204 well Im going to pop them!! I have been peeing my pants latety, every time I sneeze or cough!! Heart burn is the worst!! I get it from anything now days, even water!! And I feel like my heating pad is attached permenitly to my back!! I have a pinched muscle or something in the middle right side of my back that hurts so bad!! I got a massage last week and that didnt help:( Heating pad works fine as long as im on it........
Avatar m tn I can type without them getting stuck, but it usually only happens when I use my finger with excessive force like opening an object, water bottle, a jar or etc Oh and one other thing, sometimes when i sneeze It seems like I can feel the nerve or whatever it is from my back, down through my arm till about my elbow. Sometimes into my finger, but usually into my elbow. It odd, I can feel it tighten up and then loosen up within seconds anyone know what this is and what I can do about it?
Avatar f tn the dracula is when you turn your head and cough into your elbow instead of into your hands. that way you don't have germs on your hands to spread around. think of how in horror movies, dracula is in a black cape and pulls his arm up so his elbow is in front of his face and he looks mysterious....
1929236 tn?1323124128 Some other things that I have that probably mean nothing - I pass kidney stones about every 2 or 3 months - My back hurts constantly right between my shoulder blades - My right elbow pops and my arm falls asleep when I try to straiten it out(the doctor called it "tennis elbow") - My left knee feels like something is crawling inside of it(the doctor said that I sprained it) - I wake up sometimes with my hands clenched tight and it takes about 20 min to get them to work right - When I
168348 tn?1379360675 If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow or shoulder not your bare hands; o avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth (germs are spread that way); and o stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care. * If you have asthma, you should follow an updated, written Asthma Action Plan developed with your doctor. Follow this plan for daily treatment and for controlling your asthma symptoms.
Avatar f tn what never used to hurt now brings tears to my eyes. A child elbow or knee putting pressure on me brings tears it hurts that much. Numbness My hands and feet will go numb for no reason. I have even noticed my face and nose with suddenly just go tingly. it will last anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of days. Body Temperature I am always saying I am hot or cold.. I can never just be a comfortable temperature. At night I am like a furnace and sweat so bad I soak the sheets.
Avatar f tn Dying n it made me go into constant panic attacks wen i thought something was wrong wih me all the time i culdnt sleep at night alays tired amd dosnt help having a 4 year old son but now ive been on 4mg gum for 4 weeks and m feel good got more energy dont get the pains.
Avatar n tn That was two more weeks of badness but I'm off them and clean. You should look into getting off the pain meds, especially if they are an opiate (like hydrocodone). They completely fog your brain and bring an all-around depression. You might not realize it while on them. I felt so much better once I got that out of my system. Still have some tightness and "nervy" discomfort around chest, but nothing that requires meds.
Avatar n tn A ll he can tell me is its degerative disk disease . I also get injections into my elbow because the pain is so great I could not even move it. He said it was tennis elbow.My fingers swell twice the size they should have been and I could barley move them they were so stiff and swollen when I worked. My neck grinds when I turn it. He said that was arthritus. I am almost ready to give up on myself to try and find the cause of my pain that I suffer from in my upper back.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure it is something to just ignore. I'm having the same thing this morning. My elbow feels wet but isn't. I am going through a lot of stuff and have been for a while. The docs are just now trying to rule out Lupus or other things that could cause the peripheral neuropathy I've been having for a while. The wetness is weird, though. It is new. Up to now, it has all been pains or numbness here and there.
Avatar f tn Reconstructive elbow surgery..I guess I enjoyed the positive feelings from opiates and I ended up continuing the use of them even after I didnt need them anymore. Eventually I went from percocets (which were prescribed) to oxycontin (from a "friend")....Boy was that a big mistake.
Avatar n tn I am in South Jersey. I can't believe so many others are experiencing this. I just figured it was some annoyance to add to the rest of my "over 40" voyage. I go into sneezing fits like crazy, and I hate that "a sneeze is coming on" feeling. That's when it really gets painful. Its been since Sunday, it is now Wednesday night and I decided to google it. I"m glad I did. I will try that flonaise, or whatever I have in my cupboard. I will try to remember to post if it works.
Avatar n tn Getting the office to order a more sensitive test is a nuisance several of us have run into. Find out what lab they use, go to their web site and become familiar with the test specs and test #. Then, armed with this info, go back to the Dr's office and make sure they are ordering the right test #. The difference in cost between the older, less accurate tests and the newer ones is about 300 vs 450.
Avatar n tn I have this going on too, but it feels like my lower left rib is digging into my colon, or else it's digging into some some sinister growth (or a hernia?). I am very short-waisted! are any of you short-waisted? So the rib is close to the colon, I think . It's been going on for about five years, off and on. I've been to two doctors and they both said there's nothing there, lose weight. (I am slightly overweight, mostly belly fat.
Avatar f tn as he was examining my breasts before the ultrasound he sneezed into his hands a couple of times before continuing with the exam..I thought he'd sneezed into his sleeve but my daughter told me otherwise afterwards, he also sneezed a couple of times before doing the needle aspiration, and as his nurse had joked about making him wear a mask earlier, I thought she might actually make him do so in case he sneezed over my breast while doing the procedure..
Avatar n tn At my one week checkup, the surgeon apologized when he saw my condition (I was very swollen and had black-and-blue bruising that extended down through my neck and well into my chest). He said that was the worst reaction he had seen in years, but again rejected my claim of allergy to the sutures. He stated it had to be from a medication I was taking. I told him that after my surgery last year, I was not on the pain medication for as long as I needed the Benadry, but he would not listen.