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Avatar n tn 3) After it is negative, doctors are unable to answer as to why am I facing pain in my right upper lobe (when I sneeze and wake up in the morning) 4) I was asked to under go a CT scan, which resulted in a non - homogenous fibro nodular opacities seen in the right upper lobe with few fibrotic strands. I am highly disturbed as no doctor is able to answer why am I facing this pain, would you be able to help me with this. Look forward to hear from you.
Avatar f tn Is it ok if she stays in the house and take care of the kids? Is it ok if she carries my children. Please give me advise. Is hepa B very contagious that the person has it should be avoided or isolated?
Avatar n tn etc... It has to be something...may daughter has not has a sneeze attack day in awhile. (knock wood) And like you said, it usually goes away so we usually do not go to the doctor....weird, right?
Avatar m tn I read all ur stuff.. Even I understand Hindi well ;) dude u r safe. Thankfull to god. Get urslf tested for herpes. U might be suffering from hives (wiki kar bhai) which is due to anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have lived through hell with so much guilt and the risk i bring to my fiance. A single sneeze would throw me in panic and depression. I spoke to one of the mumbai based helplines and they said, one cannot rule out the possibility since she took my organ in her mouth. If she had a wound or something in her mouth, i am exposed. Your words are a relief. Should i test, all those P24, PCR etc. My life will be in ruines if i test positive - imagine 4 days before the marriage ..
174267 tn?1220408828 They have advised me that the baby has passed away, but they want the ultrasound to be 100%. Nicki hang in there, Monday will be here in no time and I am looking forward to your good news.