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Avatar f tn sneezing yes lol im clean from heroin but methadone is pretty much sythentic heroin right but normally or when i wasnt a addict i would sneeze 2-3 times during my 8 yr stint with opiates when i was dtin i would sneeze like crazy i would ask fellow addict "FRIENDS" (not so much friends n e more) if they would do the same most said no at first then ended up saying yeah i think i do but i at my worst sneezed pry 10 times and a bunch of times during the day like you are experiencing the
Avatar n tn If anyone learns somthing please don't forget to share it with us all! Oh yeah one last thing I find that I don't sneeze much when I lie down- infact come to think of it especially when I'm in the bath??? What does that mean?
Avatar m tn I do feel for you being 3 months in and still having a rough time with it, just stick with it and remember why you started this journey to begin with. If you are truly worried about how you feel you should go see your Dr and get things checked out. All your symptoms sound w/d related though. Do you suffer from anything else that could be making it harder for you? and did you taper down/reduce your subs slowly or just jump straight in?
Avatar f tn But, the doctors and experts say our flu shots will not have helped us with this flu bug. It's nothing like we've had before. I wonder if it's because in Mexico perhaps they don't have the nutrition we do here. Just an idea. But, what I heard from the head of the CDC is they expect a lot of deaths here too. Another expert said if it peters out - not to think it's gone because it mutates and will come back stronger.
748543 tn?1463449675 a simple Google search for TMD would have provided this author with a wealth of informative sources regarding her subject. I, as most responsible medical professionals, believe in using the most conservative successful form of treatment. As one who treats patients with most severe TMD symptoms, I can assure you that my patients are unable to manage the pain associated with these conditions by simply receiving counseling on their habits.
Avatar f tn It started after I thought I exhausted all possibilities with physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, exercise, etc. My general doctor referred me to a back specialist, who did nothing more than prescribe me vicodin... and a lot of them. I had taken them years before after having wisdom teeth removed, and enjoyed the feeling, but never abused them. However, having a doctor prescribe 6 per day let me think that's what I should have been taking.
Avatar m tn The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush (by friggy) removes infected mucus from every part of your sinuses, which Mayo Clinic research shows is the cure for sinusitis, rather than treating sinus tissue with antibiotics. Regular saline irrigation does not work in the upper sinuses, because of gravity, but the Sinus Flush defeats gravity. It is effective with bacterial and viral infections, and some but not all fungal infections. The Flip-Turn is the original, and still the best Sinus Flush. WARNING!
Avatar m tn ) Most of us are/were long time smokers and we can all sympathize with what you are dealing with. I quit with chantix and have never looked back. That was over a year ago. I will post my meter at the end of this and tell you where to get it so you can download one yourself. I find that it hlps reinforce all the reasons I quit. A really great site is whyquitdotcom. There is an article there for every question you may have and a solution for every craving you may face.
Avatar dr m tn Have you tried various home remedies, over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications with no help? If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period.
429155 tn?1205676864 Well after the operation I thought I'd better cut down as constipation was real bad issue, up to 45mins to pass what seemed like an Elephant, I even ruptured a nose blood vessel with the straining at one time, and as a friend who had had the same operation was off painkillers after 3 weeks I thought now's the time. ( 05/12/07 ) So taking the bull by the horns I cut down to 40mg 2x a day, and never expected what happens next.
125112 tn?1217277462 Having been present during the Newark riots during the 1960's with national guard troops manning M-60 machine guns and witnessing gangs of toughs terrorize the city, I would not state that a civilian maintaining a firearm for personal defense of his family constitutes an unreasonable excercise of his right as a citizen. Nevertheless, I am not going to either encourage or discourage civilian firearm ownership for any purpose.
Avatar f tn I had a terrible w/d experience when I went cold turkey, a milder but miserable w/d experience last week - I finally started to see the light and... I popped a pill today. REALLY?! Does this EVER get easier? I don't want to be dependent. I don't want to be looking for my next fix. So how could I fall so fast?
Avatar m tn I'm 33 with no other problems than migraines and frequent headaches. I'm particularly glad to learn I'm going about this correctly. I have to make time for my wife and son. The importance of them is crucial. Work knows what I'm going through and is doing whatever they can. I've been at this job 15 1/2 years. My boss is more a close friend. He listens but, doesn't quite understand. I like the scheduled day. Seems to help keep me moving and getting better. This is a damn tough road.
Avatar m tn Some mild w/d symptoms such as an occassional sneeze, yawn and a little sweating which I thought I was over with, but oh well. I feel good and that is what is important. Focus on each day getting better and that soon today will be over and tomorrow will be better. Each day you get behind you, your self esteem starts to improve. Diet; soft foods such as bananas, applesauce, toast, rice, yogurt, ensure help.
Avatar n tn Ive been light headed too , it started after last years (04) hurricanes, im not sure whats causing it, im not falling all over the place or anything but I do have that light headed feeling on and off, it comes and goes, the Doc thinks its anxiety and it could well be, but I cant seem to shake it off I take Generic Paxil ,it helps a bit but I still get light headed . strangely, I can relax at home and while driving and not feel a thing ?
Avatar f tn That is the flip side of PATM,which is very helpful when working with people.In my work line i have to deal with people a lot.Smile make everything easy .if your are happy and smiley it will make other people smily and happy in turn.Thats the FLIP SIDE OF PATM.
Avatar f tn I am ISOLATED, no one to talk to, and the pain doc is not helping me at all !! I am having to do this ALONE, with no one who know what I am going through. What is Normal in Fentanyl detox? How long will this HELL LAST?? Anyone know? Please, please help ! I am at the end of the barrel here. God BLESS anyone who will help .
Avatar m tn This groggy feeling ***** but I seem to be okay during the day except for when I sneeze and blow out the light bulbs. When I do actually sleep the RLS wakes me up and I have to get up and walk around. This bout of RLS is a killer. I mean my right leg just about hits the damn ceiling fan. Please, does anybody have any suggestions to cool the RLS???????? Spirit & Determination VERY, very high. Sky HIGH but sober. All things considered I feel pretty darn good.
590279 tn?1286339622 One said it was maybe stress but there was no real trigger point around any of this and I felt these symptoms were actually what brought on the stress. I tried a variety of nasal sprays with no real results. The doctor put me on prednisone for a week the end of Oct and I felt drastically better for part of that, only to slip right back into it again afterwards.
Avatar f tn And Jlann you continue to inspire me with your willpower. Thank you for your support on my rough days, on my good days, on my crazy days, on my "normal" days:). It was/IS a WILD RIDE let me tell ya but looking back you see how strong the human spirit can be. How strong WE can be.
Avatar n tn I woke up three days ago and it felt like I had been hit with a ball or something the day before. except i hadnt been hit with a ball. the next day it was worse. felt like I had been punched in the nose the day before. the next day it was hard to blow my nose it hurt so bad. this morning it is yet worse and now you can kind of detect that it is now swollen as well. not red but a little puffy. it is in the cartilige not the bone but where the two meet seems to be the worst place.
Avatar f tn I need to keep positive about this and thank god I have a mother who cares because I almost slipped yesterday I even had her drive me to walgreens but she spied on me and saw me pick up a script of 8 suboxone my doc called in so ya cravings are still hard to deal with! But how long till I sleep right? Nobody should ever go on this antagonist because it is harder to get off of!
491928 tn?1266181333 And then there is a breakfast bar and a dining room, with an over head light where a table should be centered, and a patio with sliding glass doors behind that. Now backtrack to the great room when you first come in again. If you go down the hall a couple feet then turn left, you lead off to a full guest bathroom, and two bedrooms. The master bedroom is 10 feet x 11 feet (sorry about the non-metric here!
Avatar m tn I hate this because I thought it was nothing at first, but when I started noticing marks, scars, bumps and never healing scabs that were left after picking or messing with, its become embarrassing. I miss having a clear/clean body and face, but its like a urge to me. Its like an itch that has to be scratched, if you don't itch it, the urge will grow until so.
Avatar n tn Guys, Although I myself don't have any answers, I must say I'm glad I found this thread. For six weeks now, I have been plagued with seriously extreme fatigue, frontal headache, and a cloudy/confused mental state -- however no mucus whatsoever. Ive been on an antibiotic (helped for a few days), then a steroid (did not help at all), had a CT Scan -- all to no avail. My ear/nose/throat Dr. says its my allergies.
Avatar n tn It began with complete ear fullness. Went to internist, and he gave me Rhinocort and said to take Sudafed. It then appeared to go away for 2 weeks. Then it returned, but not to the severity as the first time. I proceeded to an ENT who peformed the test analyzing the pressure in the inner ear canals. Came back negative. I have continued to use the Rhinocort along with Sudafed and Claritin D. I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew.
Avatar n tn I went to the ENT and he did a tympanometry test that came back normal, but said the he could hear the crackling when he listened in my ears. There may be a problem with my Eustacian tube or, better yet, the muscles behind it. He said there isn't much to do but maybe try an antihistamine which hasn't worked. Even though its not life-threatening, its very frustrating to live with this! Is there anything else, at all, to do to get rid of this noise?
282804 tn?1236837191 Hi I have been reading this forum for a little while to try to see if I should be concerned about my symptoms. I think this section is such a good idea to bring some laughter into everyone's day that I finally decided to post. A man walks into the dentist's office with a toothache, and after the dentist examines him, he says, "That tooth has to come out. I'm going to give you a shot of Novocain and I'll be back in a few minutes." The man grabs the dentist's arm, "No way.