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10947 tn?1281407852 The conclusion? If you’re trying to avoid catching a cold this winter, a sneeze guard may be more important than a warm winter coat.
Avatar n tn You can stand up and start to sneeze! A fan blowing can trigger it, cooler air form an air con, then going into warmer air. I have tried all medication and the nasal sprays ( which often trigger a sneeze themselves!) I've had x-rays to see if there is a blockage or an infection, nothing! Do you think stress can cause it? I noticed a few times when I have to tell off my children I get stopped by a sneeze or two or 6! I don't know if it will ever go away or there will ever be a cure.
Avatar m tn It was a new med I was taking that had caffeine like stimulants. You have to avoid everything food, drink, meds with caffeine like stimulants. Try also sticking your best fitting finger in your ear and holding it there as long as possible. HERE'S SOME ADDED INFO I CAME ACROSS: When the tiny hairs and nerve endings become damaged as a result of exposure to noise, tinnitus often results.
Avatar n tn I have been told that she has a virus a million times by the doctors that I actually eat her food so I know if I get sick that she is sick. My poor girl, I can't even tell when she has a cold, because she always sounds like heck. I really feel for everyone here. I had a really bad sinus infection once. I thought I had the flu or I was dying. I hope you all feel better soon. Any input on sinus surgery or cultures would be greatly appreciated!!
Avatar n tn The site suggested that Probiotic therapy might help, so, digging deeper, I found a health food outlet in my town that carried a probiotic capsule that had the best live mix of these. (check for yourself which are best, but the Western Ontario University Professor, Dean, has some good advice on this score). I began taking 2 of these capsules a day for the first three days, and found that all the usual intestinal and other flu like discomforts I had been experiencing for years, WENT AWAY.
Avatar n tn he has patients with these symptoms and told me he could fit me with a custom night guard that costs $650.00 so tonight Ill sleep with my teeth whitening plastic guard ( 5 bucks!) that is similar and see if it prevents the grinding. Research TMJ or nightly jaw clinching associated with back spasms. Since no doctors are associating this with back spasms it just may be whats causing them. Hey, its worth looking into, I cant find a solution. I just spend $1500.
1158221 tn?1327976203 I have been indifferent on all food. What I mean is, I havent craved eating anything and nothing sounds good or bad to me. I just eat to eat but nothing really tastes really good to me. I used to love mexican food and pasta....couldnt careless now. DH asks me what I want for dinner (he does all the cooking) and I could careless what he makes because I know I am not going to like any of it. It all tastes so bland to me. Is that crazy?
961574 tn?1520651703 I got in my car, and gobble gobble gobble! haha! I could not wait to get that food in my mouth! It was CRAZY!! My boobs are sore at all, but they have grown. And I feel alot of "things" going on in my stomach area, and I cannot hardly stand to wear my jeans anymore! haha! They are just tooo tight!! Is anyone having cravings??? What are they?? I am so glad I have you ladies to go through this with!!!
Avatar f tn I do believe my recovery was very hard because the vault collapsed and I was in remarkable pain for so long. You have to be banded shut and eat liquefied food for weeks and weeks. The swelling remains for a long time and you basically need several weeks off from life and lay in bed sitting as upright as possible for 1 month at least, preferably longer. Its not easy.
604185 tn?1233964457 I love my food and eating is so enjoyable to me so I thought this was strange ... then as the evening went on I got a dull headache that I still have ... I kept thinking that maybe it was because I had a bad stomach a few days ago but it was in the back of my mind that this was how I felt with my last pregnancy .. and lo and behold .. a positive test this morning. I hope to be hearing of everyone's successes very soon .. I wouldn't recommend testing early ..
1647691 tn?1363727302 “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope” I just love this. Hope is the most powerful drive within us all.
162948 tn?1205256292 It was not until I started reading everyone's post that I realized all of the problems that I've been having were probably from the Mirena (acne where I've never had it, Horrible PMS, funky cycles ranging from 25 -31 days apart and lasting from a couple of days to a week and a half), inexplicable weight gain despite regular exercise and strict food intake management and on and on...). I began my last cycle on the August 14th and it was mostly gone on the day I had the Mirena.