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125112 tn?1217277462 The information provided was for the woman who stated her husband was a police officer. That being said the 7.61 NATO round is a fine deer rifle and with a scope mated to the cartridge can provide excellent shot groups at 700 meters. The 7.62 NATO ball round is accurate enough and powerful enough to stop an automobile engine or shoot out tires of a truck. With an accurized rifle you reduce the possibility of civilian casualties.
1545464 tn?1376707758 this is much awaited and dream come true process that i went through. well! god has his own design for each of us. waiting for a miracle in august. Wish everyone else good luck.
Avatar m tn A cold usually lasts for a week, sometimes two weeks, or more for some nasty strains, or if your immune system handles it well, only 2 or 3 days. A cold makes you sneeze, makes your nose run, stuffs up your nose, makes your throat rough or sore or hoarse, and you can get mild chills or fever, and you might get a headache, and you might just feel funky and tired and sick. Sometimes, a cold won’t cause any symptoms at all, and it will clear up in the same amount of time.
429155 tn?1205676864 30 all the flu like symtoms have returned, feel hot, dizzy and headaches, dam, I thought that part was over, tried to have a nap an hour ago, bloody legs were bad, bit in the arms as well, didn't expect this, goes to show you've to keep your guard up at all times, very bad tempered at the moment. WEEK TWO. Friday 07:00 Legs were a bit crawly but slept until 06:00, sweats not to bad, although those bloody wierd dreams are very strange. My legs ache and arms are heavy.
Avatar n tn he has patients with these symptoms and told me he could fit me with a custom night guard that costs $650.00 so tonight Ill sleep with my teeth whitening plastic guard ( 5 bucks!) that is similar and see if it prevents the grinding. Research TMJ or nightly jaw clinching associated with back spasms. Since no doctors are associating this with back spasms it just may be whats causing them. Hey, its worth looking into, I cant find a solution. I just spend $1500.
Avatar n tn It seems that most of the people in this forum have had a battery of tests, seen multiple doctors, taken all types of medication, and even tried unconventional remedies with no results. As a programmer I own my own website design company. I want to start a website dedicated to finding a solution for our problems. If anyone in this forum would like to be a part of it, please contact me at: ***@****. Hope everyone has a very safe and happy holiday.
Avatar n tn If you have a cold, or allergies that cause you to sneeze a lot, hold a pillow to your chest to minimize the effect. Just a few tips to pass along. By the way, our first IVF was successful in that we ended up with a BFP, but it turned out to be a blighted ovum, and I miscarried it naturally (without a D&C) a few days after my doctor took me off of the progesterone shots. We are getting ready to start our next round in June (prep. meds.) Wish us luck!
Avatar n tn The theory was that the hyoid bone never fused together into a solid bone and a cough or sneeze or yawn or laugh or any sudden pressure in my throad caused a part that was not attached to the rest of the bone to "pop" out. My doctor was just amazed at my x-rays showing that my hyoid did not move in unison. In fact, the radiologist that was doing the x-rays started saying, "oh my God!" "I've never seen anything like that before." "That is so strange.