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Avatar f tn Im so nervous to sneeze in public because there's a 50% chance ima either pee on myself or fart ugh the joys of pregnancy lol
Avatar f tn Can't do this to myself again, got to stop. But anyway, guess my question is...has anybody had a sneeze or cough cause tachycardia? It seems like coughing particularly should slow it down. I had a similar thing happen a couple of years ago when I threw up...triggered tachycardia. What could cause that? I sneeze all the time because of allergies and have never had this happen before.
Avatar f tn I can't smell this fart/eggs smell my self but family members friends and work colleagues can. The reason ino its not all the time because i can be at work everything will be fine then all of sudden people are like who farted i shower twice aday and very clean person.
Avatar f tn Yes it is normal to pee a lil when pregnant and you cough sneeze fart laugh hard. I haven't had the discharge issues but incontinence yes. I'd suggest a panty liner.
8139104 tn?1419979995 Or when you sneeze & a lil fart comes out ... lol idk if thats happen to ya but it happens to me sumtime .
Avatar n tn The whole anal area seems not as firm and under control as it used to be and no that is not down to any particular sexual practice, if couh or sneeze or laugh will often fart along with that as well. Am forty two year old woman in generally good health, have had three children, required stitches with all of them, but did not tear through to the anus on any of them or so I believe. Any suggestions really making me increasingly self concious.
Avatar f tn Oh the joys so early this morning while i was sleeping i had the urge to fart and when i did i felt myself pee a little. btw im 31w2d i think thats the first time ive done that this pregnancy since i am a ftm.
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend was having a laugh tickling each other one night and whilst I was laughing I farted it was the first time he heard me fart I was so embarrassed haha he couldn't stop laughing at me my face was bright red lol
Avatar f tn Because they wont complain about my smell tho they cant hide that they're affected by my smell. They cough,sneeze,and block their nose. Also one of my teachers said that OUR section is the only section that's always sick (because they always cough and sneeze) Now im 16 yrs old. Im really depressed everyday because people around me always cough,sneeze, block their nose and make fun of me. Sometimes when im passing by some people, they ask if someone among them fart.
10844245 tn?1425036934 You know you are pregnant when you sneeze and Pee and fart at the same time!!
1625455 tn?1309321633 So I had my surgery on March 16th and all went well I suppose, except when I got home I couldn't cough, sneeze, breathe deeply, laugh or even fart (seriously) without having a massive pain shoot right thru me. So I went to the ER of the hospital and was admitted and put on antibiotics, two days later went back into surgery to have my wound washout and omg, the pain was horrible the second time around. I have since been recovering and trying to remember my limits.
Avatar f tn When I speak some people will sneeze. Sometimes I pass gas when I sit down without knowing it. I fart a lot. Sometimes I can't contain my gas. When I fast this thing begins to rebels by farting every time and people will sneeze like crazy. In the beginning I couldn't understand it. But I started to do water fasting so frequently to heal myself. And I started to notice how aggressive it started to fart and how people was reacting that I could discovered that I have a parasite.
Avatar f tn So this is random and i find it funny. I've noticed when i pass gas(fart) my baby boy jumps, like as if he's saying "omg :o what was that?!" Lol i was just wondering has anyone else noticed this too? Im 33+4 tomorrow.
Avatar m tn I've been having this fart smell coming from my nose and mouth lately. I can taste it. I used to cough up tonsil stones but i haven't coughed up any in a long time. i poked around my tonsils and pulled the crypt back a little bit and there were no white chunks coming out as far as i could see. my tonsils are regular sized and don't really give me trouble at all. I've had excessive mucus before but its gone now thanks to medicine.
Avatar f tn So you know when your stomach growls or makes that gurgling sound like a fart...can the baby hear it too!?! I was sitting here eating a pickle and my stomach randomly did the gurgling noise, it startled me because it was loud then I started to think did he hear that too and jump like I did lol.
Avatar n tn I leak small amounts all the time. Go through tons of underware for fear of smelling. If I sneeze, fart, cough, I gush. I just got a call from my Dr. that I passed my uro test. Not good. Now they won't opperate like I was hoping. You know they never told me to drink any water and they manhandled me down there and I think my body was in shock mode so I did not leak. But when I got home I did not make it to the bathroom and peed right by the toilet!!!
Avatar f tn Ok please tell I am not the only one who has sneezed and peed myself a little bit. It was so funny and thank god I was home. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and had to sneeze hard so I did and then next thing I knew I peed . My husband almost died laughing.
Avatar f tn Lol that happens to me all the time ! A sneeze , cough , or anything sudden I do I pee on myself lol ..
Avatar f tn I RARELY eat vegetables, I eat mostly are Hotdogs, Pork, Beef, Chicken and I sometimes eat fruits but not everyday. 13 yrs old - I noticed that people around me always sneeze and have runny nose. But only those who are behind me. I experienced 5 times where after I came, People asks if who farted. Tho I can't smell the fart. Also, i belong to a Religion, so I was very active in our religion before.
Avatar f tn Wait until your like 30+ weeks and then sneeze! ... Yea not too pretty and don't dare have a cold where you sneeze all the time like I do, not fun!
Avatar n tn lol - I'm so glad someone else dealt with this - I didn't realize my hooha could fart until I got pregnant - from what I have read - fourpaws is right - during pregnancy you just stay really wet and then you get air in there - thankfully mine were never loud - just irritating to me - good luck
Avatar n tn It is a weird pressurizing feeling like i cant urinate or have a bowel movement or even fart!Like i said, ive never experienced this sharp buckled over pain in my entire life and its still sore today to the point where i feel i have to be careful with all my movements or i will re trigger it to get worse again.Does anyone have any idea what this could be caused from?Your advice would be great!
Avatar f tn Mine in particular was fart/eggy/feces and it was so awful it could fill up a room! Enough about me let's get to the cure i found. 2 years ago i really desperately tried everything to get to the bottom of the issue and what i found was that going on a very strict bland diet paired with strong probiotics and liquid chlorophyll (sold on amazon) cured me. WARNING: DIET is essential the supplements are a booster. Understand that this condition is a disruption of gut flora!!!
189192 tn?1261345228 and again starting with this one... I feel a sneeze coming on I do the stop cross the leg dance!!! the last pg I wore pantyliners..for those lil accidents...oh the blessing of pg!
Avatar f tn You know your pregnant when you sneeze and fart at the same time lol or I bend down to tie my shoe and fart. I've never been so gassy im just glad my hubby thinks its funny or else I'd be crying from embarrassment.
Avatar m tn She consumes less than 2oz of milk every four hours. 3. She seems to fart a lot with less poops. To be exact, her poops are yellowish in color and looks like tiny stones. 4. She has heavy breathing while sleeping. 5. Sometimes when she breaths, we hear sounds. 6. Chronic sneezing. Her pedia said that her vitals are all normal. She advised us to have our baby burped every after her feeding.
Avatar f tn I pass soooooo much gas when I have milk uhhh it's so annoying.. but I love my cereal an milk n cookies..
Avatar n tn Ive recently been hit in the face about 4 days ago, I was at a concert and got hit on the outer side of my eye, blood has been draining out my nose and throat when I didnt even get hit in the nose,also under my eye everytime i sneeze fills up with air and it hurts insanely bad. Can anyone please tell me if this is really bad? I want to go to the doctor but have no medical insurance.