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Avatar f tn There are few people who've posted videos on utube regarding their experience and even a tv show showcasing the same. I'm a photographer/videographer/techie geek and was thinking of creating a video that i could share in different groups regarding our disorder. Most of us viewing this forum wouldnt step forward since "some" would want to keep their identities private.
Avatar m tn Dont feel bad, I have the same issue with my eyes, when I walk by a pointy object it makes my eyes feel like the object is actually poking my eyes, its a really uncomfortable, better yet irritating feeling, and sometimes I cant sleep because of it, but ive found that when I dont have enough sleep this happens mostly but should I consult a physician or is it sleep related?
Avatar m tn Hi, saw your video. Except coughing, anyone rub their nose or sneeze sometimes when you're around them? What's your physical feeling when their react that way? Eg. do yourself feel itch too?
1742220 tn?1331360327 and even though he is this easy guy he is this blue collar young guy you know, he can make convo he talks to everyone, he is so sweet, and cute, but he is stll a little unsure of himself, you can tell by how he talks and looking into his eyes that he is unsure of himself and he does not know how you will take him and that he does not totally believe in himself and this vulnerability is very fetching and he has these huge intense blue eyes.
Avatar m tn So I’m guess the pain I’m feeling is a mixture of a lot of tissues removed and a broken nose probably doesn’t help. I can’t even open my eyes, I’m so puffy and it hurts way too much to look at anything. Right now since I’m on meds I’d say the pain was similar to someone smacking you in the head with a hammer and getting kicked in the face. 5:00 p.m. A few instructions and some medication, I’m sent home. There is gauze under my nose to catch some of the blood and oozing from my stitches.
1565297 tn?1295755843 then their immune system is reacting to us. When we cough, sneeze, and scratch our immune system is often rejecting an unwanted stimulus. I believe that I produce something in the air that many other immune systems don't like. I’m not an authority and I have no proof of anything above, but I know that we all have different symptoms and different manifestations that we have to figure out for ourselves or collectively. Good Luck and God’s Luck to all.
Avatar f tn I have also noticed particles in the air around me, which may be causing the allergic reactions from people. The craziest part of my PATM is that it affects people over the phone and video chat. That sounds crazy and two years ago, I would have never believed this to be possible, but it is undeniable at this point. People cough and sneeze when on the phone with me, often mentioning that they suddenly feel allergies coming on.
Avatar m tn DO NOT RUB THE WATER OUT OF YOUR EYES WITH YOUR HANDS, OR YOUR EYES MAY GET INFECTED! Use the top of one of your wrists to wipe the water out of your eyes. DO NOT TURN AROUND TO FACE THE SHOWERHEAD, UNTIL YOU HAVE STOOD UP STRAIGHT. IF YOU TWIST WHILE YOU ARE STANDING UP, IT WILL INCREASE THE POSSIBILITY OF GETTING DIZZY. Step Two: Tilt your head back and fill both nostrils with saline solution for the second time.
Avatar f tn I went from smelling fine and had a normal happy life to seeing people make comments behind my back or just open windows when I was around. It was confusing to say the least. Everyone would cough and sneeze and scratch their nose and eyes when I was around. At the same time I developed pretty severe acne and was taken to a doctor who administered the drug Acutane. I believe this had a very adverse effect on my kidneys and intestines as I developed Crohn’s disease later on in my teenage years.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with this for two years and at this point I can without a doubt that I make people scratch their noses, sneeze, cough in other rooms, via phone or video conference. It's truly unbelievable and yet, it is true.
Avatar m tn She says she makes people rub their noses, their eyes water, they cough, they sneeze! As we all know very well, in the eyes of 99.999% of doctors anyone with PATM has ever seen - that's just crazy talk. :) But hey - we got some mainstream TV exposure in English! I think that's a first!
Avatar m tn Noticed that began to scratch his head, hair, face, eyes, ears, nose. At this time next to me, almost all began to cough, to sneeze, to itch. The deterioration has started may be due to the oil vitaon, have ceased to smear. Maybe because of the pills famciclovir, although it took them like summer. Even in a rented apartment it was cold, turned on the heat fan and raised a lot of dust. And most importantly, the past six months began to get up early for work. Slept 4-5 hours.
233488 tn?1310696703 (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries). Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had). Almost all retina surgeons allowed full activity after a variable period of time (with the more extensive surgery generally several months).
Avatar f tn though there were no external injuries, geckos pupils were dilated, his eyes and mouth left open. he is not responding to anything. his vitals are perfect, an x-ray shows no skeletal injuries, but he is just not responding! he is unable to hold his head, but moves the tails and limbs slightly now and then. his one arm has stiffened and gotten immovable. since last night there has been the minutest of changes that his pupils contract very very slightly.
Avatar n tn itching around the eyes and nose, acne (on face and neck), sores on the outer lips, and fatigue. I feel alone and am making myself an outcast from society. This feels like an airborn virus but besides the dermatological aspect, I do not feel sick at all. I wish someone could help me. Any suggestions would help.
Avatar n tn Are your tear ducts open? I was born with closed ones. Things that help... Make yourself sneeze...tweezing nose hairs works great. Take hot bath..submerge ears and sinus underwater to make them pop.. Press on tear ducts time to time to get trapped bubbles out Drink water Tilt your head back when the pressure and pop is coming on...u might surprise yourself with a relieving sneeze!
Avatar m tn I have to live with that choice I made and it ain't easy. I am left with the image of my cat, eyes still open and awake, being in a towel and carried away by a vet assistant to be euthanized. This is the point in my message where I am breaking down with tears just rolling down my face. I knew my cat would not live forever but I thought I had more years. I always thought that perhaps my cat would be one of those who lived to be over 20. I am sure I am rambling and my thoughts are disjointed.
1035252 tn?1427231433 i change his diaper and give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep until 8am when mommy can open her eyes wide enough to not trip on her own feet :) He also holds his bottle all on his own every time now...its so fun to just be able to hand it to him and watch him go. He sits unsupported and plays with toys (he loves to bang stuff) he chatters like crazy and says "mama" and "daddy" he skipped "dada" and just went straight to "daddy" ...
620923 tn?1452919248 Head stuff - brain shaking feeling - ear pain and fullness - Pain in scalp and can actually feel like your hair hurts - Facial pain!! Everywhere, cheeks, jaw, temples, around eyes, under jaw - Pressure and pain behind eyes, burning eyes!
148691 tn?1260198503 I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes and my makeup got all smeared all over my face! i ended up looking like a damn racoon!!! lol.... it's in youtube, search dog in 0 gravity plane or something... and the picture is of two guys in the front (in a plane) and in the back you can see the back seat of it.... duh right!?? lol oh shoot, it's tuesday! i'm still sleeping! Bring on the ideas and suggestions to get my bubs in my arms within a week please!!!
436516 tn?1382388265 I am a 33 year female and since Sept, I have been having the itchy throat sensation which inevitably leads to coughing for at least a minute, running eyes, running nose, incontenance and throwing up. I once threw up on myself at the Humane Society and today I had to stop my car because I thought I was going to throw up! It's a very embarassing disorder, whatever it is. When it starts to come on, I start to feel panicked and want to run.
Avatar f tn Sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle sneeze. That's where I'm at now. Is it really only 10AM? I shoulda walked longer and harder, I guess, 'cause now I'm climbing the walls going crazy. The hubby is playing a video game - maybe I'll go join him to waste some time. I'm biding my time before I go swim... trying not to fixate on the time. Maybe I should paint the house, but I'm afraid soon I'll be fatigued and lethargic. Oh, the uncertainty.
Avatar f tn You can hear the secretions of saliva start in their mouths 2. They will act as if a fly is landing on their face and angerly swat away 3. Rub eyes When I come close and they are awake. 1. Ask for water instantly 2. Rub eyes 3. Get itchy 4. Complain about being stuffy and hot 5. Confusion... if they are doing bookwork their mind gets lost and uninstrested when I come close or talk 6. Fingers and joints start to bother them I don’t know what it all shows.
Avatar m tn I think I'll go sneeze in public, see if I can get the mall shut down! kerchoo!!!
419792 tn?1208274426 I thought she was choking on something from the toy so I immediately checked her air way, her jaw was hard to open but i got it open pulled her tongue (it was jammed against the back so u had to pull it down to see) so we could check her airway and it was clear. I checked her toy and there was no parts off of it. So it seems like it just randomly started this time it lasted about an hour.
Avatar m tn She said I have to continue using my corticosteroid since it cleared my nose for like anotehr few weeks and come back, then she will refer me to opthalmologist for my eyes whichj will be useless because I did taht and my eyes are is sinusis. My eyes also water and itch like urs guys. Both vision and phlegm are worse after eating, not sure if it is the food or generally eating. Also weather and stress make them worse. My upper right jaw cracks from time to time also.
Avatar m tn I wanted to add that I have to "bites" really. As far as visible symptoms I have no open cuts or wounds, except one that I've just discovered on my penis.