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Avatar f tn I was reading a lot of posts but they were from 2006 so I am wondering if there is anyone out there that absolutely cannot keep their eyes open???? I don't believe it is from any sleep issue and my eye exams are fine so my thought is that it is because something might be wrong with my sinuses. I have had this problem since I was a kid but it has so dramatically gotten worse that I am scared to drive, and I am even having hard time writing this now.
Avatar f tn I was reading a lot of posts but they were from 2006 so I am wondering if there is anyone out there that absolutely cannot keep their eyes open???? I don't believe it is from any sleep issue and my eye exams are fine so my thought is that it is because something might be wrong with my sinuses. I have had this problem since I was a kid but it has so dramatically gotten worse that I am scared to drive, and I am even having hard time writing this now.
1530342 tn?1405020090 Okay, how many tried to sneeze with eyes open, just to see if you could do it? Gotta admit, I did it...... I can/do, sometimes, sneeze with my eyes open; it all depends on what's causing my sneeze and how violent it is.
Avatar m tn The most common phosphenes are pressure phosphenes, caused by rubbing the closed eyes. Another common phosphene is “seeing stars,” from a sneeze, a heavy and deep cough, blow on the head or low blood pressure. If you are having pollen allergy,avoid rubbing the eyes as it will lead to phosphenes.
Avatar m tn is it a side-effect of alergies? can allergies either make it wide open, or closed? or is it wide open due to some kind of allerges.. and my eye itches (left) i do plan on seeing an alergy specialist to figure out what exactly i am alergic to. thank you This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/635725'>Tear duct sprays water into my eye, when I blow my nose</a>.
Avatar n tn But I too used to have the energy of a toddler when I was preg with DD up until my 9th month. Now I can barely keep my eyes open! Shari-Good for you for getting aundry done at all! My house is a wreck! Everyone that asks me what I want for my baby shower, I tell them one day of maid service...and I am not kidding!!! LOL On Lori Hacking-I just don't get it. What is with this husbands losing their minds and killing their wives when they are expecting? It just breaks my heart! Why?
Avatar f tn I ended up spending 2 weeks in hospital most of which I couldn’t see due to the emphysema which closed my eyes. Still don’t know what I have got on both my lungs yet as the consultant is disputing the results. They thought it was sarcoidosis as I’ve had that before. I was told I would be okay to work after a few weeks, I went back two weeks after being discharged luckily I don’t have a physical demanding job cos I wouldn’t be able to do anything physical.
Avatar m tn ) I used to wake up in the middle of the night with the sensation of 1000 little spikes 'poking' inches away from my eyes. If I closed my eyes I could 'see' them. I covered my eyes with my arm and waited it out. They would eventually go away in 30 seconds, or a few minutes.
242588 tn?1224275300 D While most people gratefully welcome the longer days and warmer weather of spring, more than 35 million Americans dread the itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing that comes with the season’s pollens and mold spores. Seasonal allergies can be especially difficult for those people who also suffer from asthma, COPD, or other respiratory diseases. Fortunately, there are more treatments than ever to help relieve allergy symptoms and make breathing as easy and comfortable as possible.
Avatar n tn The blocked ears can be opened up by the valsalva maneuver, where air is blown into the cheeks against a closed nostrils, this sometimes helps to open up the tubes. Steam inhalations and warm salt water gargles can help clear the tube. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have to agree with you but my ENT Doctor didnt think is was anything bad. He blammed it on allergies. I kept telling him i think I have some wax build-up in my ear and he should go deep in there and look around, yet he peeked in with his scope and said nope nothing. How lame huh. I know its not allergies Hope next time I go in he can flush it or somthing.....and Im going to bring up the whole PET or ETD thing to him.
Avatar n tn This is not the sort of sneezing I get from allergies, just a small breeze or my own breath sets me off! From the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I fall asleep I sneeze uncontrollably and my nose is constantly tingling. It's draining trying not to sneeze, otherwise I would sneeze none stop - It's so embarressing and I can no longer function. I recently used my usual miracle nasal spray and this made my sneezing 10 times worse! Antihistamines don't even touch it.
Avatar f tn So, everyone really needs to be careful and wash and wash their hands and not touch their nose, mouth or eyes! Honey, be careful with the COPD that you don't get it!
Avatar n tn Even with my eyes closed, I could see the line. I freaked out and started walking home, and within about 10 to 15 minutes, everything was back to normal. Now I can predict them. I work on the computer a lot, and when I notice the inability to see a small part of whatever I'm looking at, I know it's starting, and sure enough, within about 10 minutes, the flickering line shows up. 10 to 15 minutes later, it is gone, and everything is back to normal. I wonder what triggers it.
Avatar n tn As we rose above 1,000 ft a headache started with a sneeze. The higher we climbed, the more the left side of my face and head hurt. I grabbed my usual ibuprophen and expected to soon feel better. This was a 12 hour flight which climbed to 39,000 feet, so the climb went on forever.
Avatar m tn The best is a 4-ounce plastic travel bottle with a spout that folds open and shut. You may or may not find them in a local outdoors store, or a luggage store, and you can definitely find them at R.E.I., online if you have to, or at a Container Store. You may possibly find a 3 oz. bottle, which is fine, in the travel-size section of a drugstore or department store. They are becoming easier to find, because these bottles are what you have to put liquids in when you fly on an airplane.
Avatar n tn Now whenever I run I get an allergy fit of sneezing for about 10 minutes after I run. Then I get a sharp stinging feeling in my upper right nostril that constantly causes me to sneeze. I have this feeling for 2-3 days and I can't stand it anymore. I have another 2 weeks before I go into get my next shot so I'm asking for advice here. I love running but I can't stand having to constantly sneeze for at least two DAYS after I run.
Avatar f tn My ex still laughs at me for this one: the first time I had an emotional breakdown, it was because I was convinced he wouldn't help me change diapers. He just dried my tears, told me of course he would, and handed me some ice cream.
Avatar n tn Or is he more along the lines of gasping and coughing? A short, sharp snorting sound is called a reverse sneeze. It's not, however, related to sneezing, it just sounds like a sneeze that's going inward instead of outward, that's why it's called that. Reverse sneezing is caused by a spasm of the soft palate. You can usually get them to stop it by massaging their throat and getting them to swallow. It happens in cats as well as in dogs.
Avatar n tn I've been having this problem for 10 years. People sneeze, cough, have runny nose, have allergic reactions near/around me. In a closed room, people would start to become allergic by me within an hour or so. (In fact, I think I am allergic to myself too) It sounds very weird indeed. Doctors think it's psychological or just say to go home...because it's probably an extremely rare disease/condition... or they can't just do anything about it/they don't understand it.
Avatar f tn During exam, doc made me do the 'closed eyes/open eyes' walk a straight line and the marching in place as well. During all-esp. when eyes were closed, I felt like I was falling to the left side-doc noted this as well, as it was apparant to her, and she asked me which way I 'felt' like I was falling-and it was always mostly to the left.
Avatar f tn I also sleep with my door closed and vents closed, to prevent PATM from affecting others in the household. Its possible the ambient pressure is being affected as a result of this "hotbox" ive created out of my bedroom.
1268921 tn?1288922656 I am trying to figure out how to identify mine (since I am new to these vision changes), but the constant right now is as if I have rubbed my eyes (while closed)--you know how you get the wavy brighter/darker spots/shadows? It's like that all the time--even when I close my eyes (and am not rubbing them). The 'fogginess' comes and goes--almost like there is a curtain covering my eye--like if you blinked a few times it'd go away, but doesn't?
Avatar f tn causes more reactions for sure but heres what os obvious to me. If I lay in bed and keep my eyes closed for a while reactions (people and enviorment) will cease but at the exact instant I open them I will hear the popping sounds around the room and the kids will start to stir. I have dedicated most of my research lately to frequencies but the black mold has always been on the probability list. Also has anyone received a brain scan?
Avatar m tn If I siting in a room with a closed window, getting hot, there is pain in the eyes, confusion; 32. At the open window, at least a small gap, the feeling becomes better; 33. The window has to be slightly open even in winter and at night; 34. Flat feet, varicose bumps on the top of the foot near the ankle; 35. If the seat one foot throw on a chair with his knee up around can coughing (probably, increased blood pressure in the legs, compressed by the abdomen); 36.
Avatar n tn There are special chin-straps available to help keep your mouth closed while sleeping. Also, there are full-face masks available. I am not particularly fond of using these in the home setting however. Especially if you have a history of GERD. Reflux can actually be aspirated into the lung while you sleep, and that would be bad.... Try elevating the back of your head a bit. Try and tuck your chin twards your chest just a tad to keep your mouth closed while sleeping.
Avatar n tn But, I am struggling with the turbunate reduction. I have dryness, burning, and feeling of the nose being too open. Is there any support in Colorado?
233488 tn?1310696703 (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries). Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had). Almost all retina surgeons allowed full activity after a variable period of time (with the more extensive surgery generally several months).