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1798746 tn?1315744646 I have been try so many ways to make myself sneeze like sniff pepper,talcum and also even suck bubble from the bathing soap. As a result, it doesn't work. Then every morning i hitting my face and my nose with the bolster. is it cause that I cannot sneeze that damage the sensing of the nose. I really scare now. For now my nose feels ticklings but cannot sneeze out.
8128718 tn?1397049074 Morning... This has happened to me with all my children I'm on #3 I'm 24 weeks and every time I cough or sneeze I pee a little...
Avatar m tn Every morning I wake up and one of my nostrils is completely blocked. Once I start taking shower or brushing my teeth my nose starts running and I start sneezing too. I sneeze 20 times at least back to back with my nose running. Every morning I use at least 40 napkins to blow my nose. Towards the afternoon I am ok, but it sort of kicks back in and my nose starts running again. Now it sort of affecting my left eye, which i can barely open when i wake up.
1582136 tn?1296573997 I appear sluggish and tired in the morning and it leads my friends and family to conclude that I'm just really lazy, but they don't know the struggles I deal with every morning just to get out of bed and stay alert! I've also been having sinus troubles all my life in addition to having allergies to a lot of things (especially dust and dust mites).
4430052 tn?1355006842 This is an ultra tmi, but I'm just curious. Right now I'm 25 weeks. Almost every time I sneeze I leak out very white goo from my vagina, and its not just a little but a lot. On top of that when this happens, my sides hurt and my cervix feels like its being poke with needles. Its just when I sneeze. I know some discharge is normal, however I'm wondering if being that there is often a lot and it hurts if that's normal. If I don't sneeze, there is no discharge, and I don't hurt.
Avatar f tn Lying in bed reading this because i cant stand up or ill sneeze. I sleep with a box of kleenex next to me and usually run out by morning. Sometimes i barely sleep because i keep waking up sneezing. Its crazy! I was told i am allergic to yeast...could this be the problem? Its hard to tell because they say symptoms don't alerts appear right away and could take days to come out.
Avatar m tn I go to bed most of the time feeling fine, and sleep very very sound. I then awake every morning with what I think is a tension type headache-like a band the base of my head. When I stand up or sneeze, it will help for a moment. I sleep on a cervical pillow on my back, with a small wedge pillow under the back of my knees. I sleep with a NTE device on my teeth, so that I don't clench. I do various stretching exercises and those for the neck muscles.
214607 tn?1287681159 lol The sneezing I do not mind as much - wayyyyy better then the other withdrawal ****! Although - it does make my make-up look bad. I have to fix my face after every sneeze seems like! lol Waterproof mascare is a must - thats all I am saying.
Avatar m tn when I wake up in the morning it starts as a very strong sneeze tickle but always culminates into a full blown sneeze attack. my average morning sneeze attack is always at least 100 sneezes but usually it's closer to 150 or 160 sneezes. about an hour and a half to two hours later theysneeze tickle comes back. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the sneezes going and I find myself looking at bright lights to try and get it to come off because it's so annoying.
Avatar n tn Every morning when I wake up I start sneezing. I have to clear my sinuses and it stops after about an hour. Recently it started happening when I get ready for bed. When I'm sleeping I have no problems. If allergies then why doesn't it happen while i'm sleeping?
Avatar f tn Peppermint... Like candy canes...
Avatar f tn Almost every morning I wake up with a very stuffy nose. It began since i've started working in Air Conditioned environment. When the situation get worse, I used to get an Antibiotic under doctor supervision, but that doesn't help me to stay much longer. Also my father side relatives have sinusitis. Later I got treats from an Aurvedic doctor as well. It helped me to stay away from the problem couple of months. Then the problem still occurs.
Avatar n tn I have had hay fever symptoms every single day for over two years. The odd part is that they tend to be worse when I wake up, no matter when I wake up. If I wake up when my alarm goes off, then I suffer until the medicine kicks in. If the puppy barks at three in the morning, like last night, my allergies will start usually only if I have to actually get up, walk downstairs, and tell him to stop barking.
1656565 tn?1302175481 I wake up every morning with a runny nose, i sneeze many times. I am suffering from this for a year now. What is this condition? Is this dangerous?
Avatar n tn exact same symptoms (severe sore throat then coughing at night and green phlegm in the morning and throughout the day) and time frame (every two weeks starting in Nov.) I had this last winter for about 4 months then when it got warmer I thought I was cured. has anyone else had this previous winters?
1666034 tn?1316914853 Hey its me again, ughh so I have been peeing everytime I sneeze or cough etc. It really makes me mad. I read that that's cause I have to do my kegel excersises but I don't get how to do them. I looked up videos on youtube but its still a blur. has any1 else experienced this as well . And if so have you tried doing kegels and has it helped??
Avatar f tn That was several months ago; just this week I've had severe nausea every morning which seems to get better when eating, no matter what kind of food or how little or how much. I think your answer is also my answer: the gastroparesis has either gotten worse, or an empty stomach is no longer my friend. Thank you so much for sharing, as your idea has probably prevented some wasted medical inquiries and tests. I'm going to start on the 5-small-meals-a-day plan today and see if it doesn't help.
Avatar n tn I went online to find some answers today--- I have excruciating pain in my lower back when I wake in the morning. It's every morning no matter what bed I sleep on. I always sleep on my back. The pain will dissipate after about 45 minutes. The pain seems to travel through my lower back and in towards my [kidneys?] I am a 28 year old female. The pain has been there since I was 21. I have been taking opiate meds for several years and I am currently coming off from them (through Dr.
Avatar m tn for about a year i took cocaine every few weeks then for about 3-4 four months i went heavy on it and then stopped for about three months then done a line in a party and the next morning found a small indent inside my nose that had not been there before and it bleeds most days when i sneeze or blow my nose. sometimes what looks to be a scab has came out. its been like this for a month now.
Avatar n tn I have sinus problems when I run, especially in the morning. Lately, they have been so bad that I would repeatedly gag....and obviously others running with me ask what is wrong -- I sound terrible. This gagging problem occurs in the morning and not at other parts of the day. At other times when I run, I do have to spit mucus, but the coughing and gagging occur in the morning only.
Avatar n tn it was on going didnt find the right medicine to cure it. since a year back i have been sneezing every time i wake up in the morning. i always rush to drink a piriton its for allergies. my doctor told to stay away from my dog, but i cant do that. so, anything i could do t get rid of sneezing and coughing? i have allergies for dust and pollen too.
Avatar n tn Seems to only happen when my eyes are swollen in the morning. If I look far right, I will get a small black dot to appear in my right side vision, and if I look far left I will get a bigger, but more vague blob towards the center of vision. Could this just be the same effect you get when pressing on your eye with your fingers (with your eyes closed)? You know, the one where if you press hard enough on your eye you will see a block blob appear (maybe with a ring of white light around it)?
Avatar m tn Hi, Every morning, i normally wake up with stuffy running nose. It makes me breath hard, forcing me to breath through my mouth. At the same time, i sneeze and feel completely congested at the nosal cavity. This dissappear at midday. This has been running for the last 3 months. I live in dust free environment. Please help me find proper medications on this.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am in my week 6 and having lots of allergies, specially in the morning when I wake up. I Sneeze a lot and my nose is always congested. When I blow my nose I get some mucus but only in the morning. I am not taking any medication for the same and I hope this won't have any bad effect on the baby. I use vicks vaporub for this. Anybosy has any solution to this? I don't want to take claritin or zyrtec or anything like that. Something natural would be great.
Avatar m tn it feels more like a small area. This sensation comes on every morning between 4-5am and is irritating enough to wake me up from my sleep, and persists till I wake up. Thereafter, the sensation disappears the whole day. I can resume normal activities without any pain but I am suffering from lack of quality sleep. I did CT scan to rule out kidney/liver problems, and these were ruled out. Then, I did a lumber and thoracic MRI.
Avatar f tn I have been sneezing like crazy!! Every morning and every night I am 4 weeks and 3 days! Does this happen to anyone else?!
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks every morning I wake up sneezing and it hurts my lower belly. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I get the same cramps when I sneeze or do my morning stretch. I was the same way in the beginning.I'm now approaching 12 weeks so I'm used to all the weird things that happen now lol.
Avatar f tn I usually have one giant loud sneeze but lately its been more..haha im sneezing while i type this !