Sneeze and pee

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Avatar f tn I'm 20wks and 4 days and I sneeze so hard I nearly pee, quite often. I have bad allergies this time of year. Anybody else having this problem?
Avatar f tn The muscles are automatically programmed to contract and squeeze BEFORE a sneeze, but in pregnancy everything loosens up... so consciously squeeze BEFORE you sneeze, when u feel that little tingle in your nose!!! Definitely helps!
Avatar f tn Ugh everytime I sneeze I pee a little this time it gushed out: / tmi why is that?
Avatar f tn I am 38 weeks and I pee myself a little when I sneeze or cough as well. I feel like there is something between my My legs. My son sits so low on my bladder I pee all the time. Definently cross your legs it helps some.
4136449 tn?1354734465 im 32 weeks now and only pee when i sneeze if i really have to pee bad or sometimes if it was an unexpected sneeze. It helps if you tighten up down there before you sneeze, or if you kind of bend over and hold your belly. thats what worked for me anyway.
Avatar f tn i can't control my bladder at all for the last two weeks? I am now 33.5 weeks and every time I sneeze or cough or breath I tend to pee a little bit and sometimes I just don't make it to the bathroom in time and go on the floor, is this normal or should I say it to a doctor?
Avatar f tn So ladies I'm not sure if to be worried i don't want to be paranoid or anything but I'm almost 11 weeks and today i sneezed and water came out i thought maybe i pee a little but i checked and it was more like water it didn't have any smell or anything. Has this happened to anybody??
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 20+4 weeks pregnant and for the past week everytime I sneeze u wee a little, why is this happening ? Is it normal ? How do I prevent this from continuing to happen ?
Avatar f tn I get those all the time when i sneeze just wait iam 31 weeks aand now when i sneeze i pee myself most of the time lol
1343283 tn?1300898264 i feel like my first and second trimesters got switched around! Now that im in my second trimester, i have to go to the bathroom ALL the time; much more than i did in my 1st tri. Morning sickness still hasnt left me; its still quite bothersome. And now i am so darn moody! i feel bad for my man lol geez! things that are supposed to go away in 2nd tri, are either still here or shown up entirely!
Avatar f tn Ha! Lol, I'm 23 wks and it just began happening to me (and I'm suffering from allergies right now). Every time I sneeze I'll cross my legs if I'm standing and tighten my muscles if I'm sitting. One of the many joys of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Why do i have to pee on myself every time i sneeze, cough, or laugh. Sorry its not a question but it is driving me crazy. Little rant.
6674791 tn?1396215150 I HATE that whenever my bladder has the slightest bit of pee in it and I sneeze, I pee a little. . It is getting soooo obnoxious. I know many of you other ladies are dealing with this too. I would just like to say-- IT S U C K S!!!!
Avatar f tn Well at least we arent alone!! not that it makes it any better lol do u guys ever get frustrated like "seriously u cant hold in pee" typa stuff? Every time i sneeze my hubby says did u pee baby -.- he thinks its cute it's not!!!
Avatar f tn Girl I sneeze and pee, laugh and pee, cough and pee, vomit and pee, Fart and pee....
10913038 tn?1424227711 You are not alone!! It's like I can get done going potty then come out and sneeze and STILL freaking pee a little. Soo fun!! Lol not.
Avatar f tn m 27wks, I was sitting/laying on the lounge and all of a sudden I sneezed and as I sneezed a felt a fair bit of water or pee come out. I checked and my undies had a massive wet patch. I smelt it and smelt odorless. I did just go to the toilet like 2mins before I sneezed. I'm just not sure if I peed myself or was it my waters?
Avatar f tn I can pee myself if I happen to sneeze or cough.or even laugh....
Avatar f tn You are not alone lol my allergies are sooo bad right now, and everytime I sneeze I pee!! Thank God for panty liners!
Avatar f tn Im 30 weeks pregnant. And every single time that I sneeze or cough I pee a taaddd bit on myself! Does anyone else have this problem??? && how did you solvee it??? Or at least made it non embarrassing on your self?
10391713 tn?1417827668 That's pee I do it every time I sneeze lol its just cause of all your organs being squashed and baby on your bladder ....some times I will get pains in my side when I sneeze as well but I don't think its bad....but if your really worried call ur doctor .....
Avatar n tn Uuuh it's so annoying. I already have 1 child who is now 18 months old and this pregnancy is defo not helping , the bigger I get the more I can't control my bladder. Nearly everything I cough it sneeze I pee myself a bit . LoL anyone els having this ? It's driving me mad!! And is only going to get worse.
5787494 tn?1387148684 Lol! I pee a little when I sneeze! It totally ***** and I have to wear a panty liner alllll the time and a pad if I'm traveling.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 weeks and I know it's normal to sometimes pee a bit if you sneeze or cough, which has only happened to me once. But TWICE now, I've peed a little in my sleep! Not a lot, but still, it wakes me up and I have to change my underwear! Does this happen to anyone else?
Avatar n tn Ain't nothin like not realizing you gotta pee until you sneeze and you pee on yourself a little! Oh pregnancy! Lol you are funny! 30days til my due date! Wooohoooo!
Avatar f tn Its only my second and if I don't clench before I sneeze I wee a little! I don't know what's happening I hope it goes back to normal after birth!
Avatar f tn Yes it is I cough I pee I sneeze I pee I laugh I pee lol its normal